What is Memorial Day And Why do We Celebrate in USA

No, this Memorial Day isn’t all about selling Day and long weekend road trip and or backyard barbecue either, and the real meaning of this national holiday is much, much sadder than that.

So let us tell you that it is basically also called Decoration Day, and along with that Monday holiday, it honors all those soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the country while serving the nation. .

So according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, this Memorial Day was declared a national holiday in about 1971 through that very same Act of Congress, and it traces its roots back to the Civil War. They are from the time it is very important.

So now, unlike Veterans Day, this Memorial Day honors all those military members and those who have already died or were martyred while serving in the US military.

So now that’s before this year’s holiday season, here are a few Memorial Day facts and ones you probably didn’t know:

What is Memorial Day & Why do we Celebrate it? USA

What is Memorial Day And Why do We Celebrate in USA,Memorial Day And Why do We Celebrate in USA,Memorial Day
In case you didn’t know, the origins of this holiday can be traced back to very local rituals, neglected during the Civil War.

By the way, only a few historians also believe that what will become of this Memorial Day, then tell you that its first event was held in Charleston, SC. It took place on the site of a horse-racing track in Washington, D.C. And was also converted into the same prison that housed Confederate Union prisoners.

And at the same time, it was written by Yale historian David Blight in The New York Times in 2011, and that blacks in the city had organized the burial of all the dead Union prisoners as well as around its site. The same forest had also built the same fence.

And then again on May 1st, 1865, they held the same event over there with the same parade – and it was attended by all the blacks who fought in the Civil War – and that’s it. Spiritual recitation and accompanying songs, and then or a picnic. Then in the year 2010, the same memorial marker was also made there.

So it was one of the very first decoration days that was held on April 25th, 1866, in Columbus, Mississippi, by all of those women, and also by all of the flowers that they put in Shiloh. He also decorated the graves of Confederate soldiers who nearly died in the battle itself.

It was only on May 5, 1868, about three years later, during the end of the Civil War, that the same tradition of laying flowers on the graves of all former soldiers was also adopted by an organization of Union veterans, and its It was continued by the Grand Army of the Republic itself by the establishment of its decoration day.

So beyond that General Ulysses S. Grant also presided over a large ceremony on May 30, 1873, before a crowd of about 5,000 at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

So then all those soldiers who died during the war, and all those orphaned children of all sailors, they put that flower over almost the entire cemetery, both the Union and the Confederate graves, and also the little American flag. were planted.

And this tradition continues to flourish almost all over the country in cemeteries of all sizes.

Then it was not until the First World War that all soldiers of the Civil War were honored only on this holiday. And with that now, all those Americans who serve are given that tremendous attention.

At least 25 places in the North as well as in the South claim the birthplace of Memorial Day. Only a few states have it, including Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, and even Pennsylvania.

And despite all the claims to the contrary, it was only on May 30, 1966, that the US Congress as well as President Lyndon Johnson declared it the “birthplace” of Memorial Day, after Governor Nelson Rockefeller announced it that same year.

Same as he declared Waterloo New York. And at the same time, on May 5, 1866, the New York community honored all local veterans by formally closing their businesses and lowering their flags to half-staff.

Memorial Day in May Why?What is Memorial Day And Why do We Celebrate in USA,Memorial Day And Why do We Celebrate in USA,Memorial DayFirst of all, it is believed that the day we celebrate this Memorial Day, it is believed to be influenced by the same Illinois US Representative John A. Logan, and with this, whatever he did in November 1858 as a Democrat. He was elected to the US House of Representatives in the same year, and also served as an HK officer during the Mexican War.

Then it is also said that the U.S. According to the National Museum of the Army, this Logan, and a staunch defender of his union, also believed that this Memorial Day should be when flowers are blooming across the country.

So now according to this US Congressional Research Service, Congress had passed an act in the year 1888 itself to celebrate its holiday on May 30 in the District of Columbia itself.

So now Memorial Day is celebrated as that last day or Monday of May.

And it’s the National Moment of Remembrance Act in 2000 and the one that created that White House Commission on National Moment of Remembrance and with that he encouraged everybody to stop around 3 p.m.

It was also signed into law by Congress and its President – on this Memorial Day itself, that local time – for the minute’s silence.

The Difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?What is Memorial Day And Why do We Celebrate in USA,Memorial Day And Why do We Celebrate in USA,Memorial DayThis Memorial Day and or Veterans Day, both of them greatly respect their sacrifices made by American veterans, but along with this, they also serve different purposes.

And this Veterans Day, and the one that was originally called “Armistice Day,” was first established in 1926, or during World War I, for those who served in the United States Armed Forces. It is only a small holiday to celebrate all the people as well.

And on this Memorial Day, he also greatly honors all of them and those who have died.

That Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 only to show all the armistices that ended this war first in the year 1918 itself or in the First World War itself.

And it was only after World War II that the purpose of Armistice Day broadened, and in 1954 it changed to recognize all those people, and those who served in all American wars.

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