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Friends, the word health refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being and that healthcare exists to help people maintain this optimal state of health.

And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the cost of health care in the United States in 2017 alone was $3.5 trillion, and that’s a huge number.

And this although, despite this expense, the U.S. The life expectancy of people in the U.S. is also lower than that of people in other developed countries and this is due to a number of factors including access to health care as well as lifestyle choices.

And its that good health is important to deal with stress and live a long and very active life and that in this article itself we explain the meaning of good.

health and what kind of health a person should consider and with it How should he maintain good health and it is very important.

And friends, there are more problems in determining the definition of human health and that a person can be physically strong and he can be.

resistant to infection as well as able to cope with physical hardship and other characteristics of his physical environment. 

Mental health itself can be defined in a variety of ways, and that person may still be considered unwell if their mental state, as measured by behavior, is considered unhealthy. 

Some say and that a person is mentally healthy if he is able to function properly and is emotionally and behaviorally stable and others define it as the absence of mental disorder.

what is health

Let me tell you that in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health with a phrase that modern officials still apply.
and that is a “health is a state of complete physical or mental and social and well-being and not a merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

And let us tell you that in 1986, WHOTrusted Source has given further explanation such as:

It is “a resource for everyday life, not the purpose of living, and that health is a positive concept and one that emphasizes social and personal resources as well as physical abilities.”

And that is means a health in itself is a resource to support an a individual’s work in the widers society rather than as an end and that a healthy lifestyle is the meaning and purpose that he wants to live life to the fullest and a also provides tools.

In addition, it was in 2009 that researchers published in The Lancet that health was defined as the body’s ability to adapt to new threats and infirmities.

And he bases this definition on the idea that modern science has taken this important step in the last few decades in awareness of diseases and understanding how they work and how they can slow or prevent them.

and at the same time recognize that even the absence of pathology cannot be possible.
Type of health 
Let us tell you that this mental as well as physical health are probably the two most talked about types of health such as:

And it is a spiritual, emotional as well as financial health that contribute to overall health and that medical experts have linked these to lower levels of stress as well as better mental and physical health.

And those who are in better financial health and they can worry less about finances for example as well as have the means to buy fresh food regularly.

and these people with good spiritual health are calm and that Can feel a sense of purpose which promotes good mental health.
physical health
Friends, a person who has good physical health and is likely to perform his bodily functions and processes at their peak.

And it is not only because of the absence of disease and that regular exercise or that balanced nutrition and adequate rest all contribute to good health and that people get medical treatment to maintain that balance when needed.

And it is a physical well-being that it is involves following healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of disease and a such as maintaining physical or fitness for example.

and that can improve a person’s breathing and is heart function and/or muscle strength, can protect and develop flexibility and endurance of body composition.

It is also includes looking a after physical health and that wellness to reduce the risk of injury or health problem such as:
  1. All of that is to reduce hazards in the workplace.
  2. And that means using contraception while having sex.
  3. And that is to practice effective hygiene.
  4. As well as avoiding the use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.
  5. That is to take the recommended vaccines for a specific situation or country while traveling.
And with that a good physical health can work together with mental health to improve the overall quality of life of a person.
mental health
According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, mental health refers to a person’s emotional, social, and psychological well-being, and that mental health is as important as being part of a full, active lifestyle. As is physical health.

And it is harder to define mental health than physical health, and that’s because many psychological diagnoses depend on a person’s perception of their own experience.

And this however, with improvements in testing, doctors are now able to identify some physical symptoms of certain types of mental illness in CT scans and genetic tests.

And that a good mental health is not only classified by that absence of depression and anxiety, or any other disorder and it also depends on the ability of the person such as:
  1. Enjoy life person.
  2. And let him bounce back after tough experiences and adapt to adversity.
  3. And he balances the various elements of life such as family and finances etc.
  4. And feel safe and secure.
  5. You achieve your full potential.
And there is a deep connection between physical and mental health and that, for example, if a chronic illness affects a person’s ability to carry out their routine tasks and that.

can lead to depression and that stress and that Emotions can be caused by financial problems or mobility issues.

environmental factors
And that is a environmental factors play a role in the health and that sometimes, the environment is alone is enough to affect health and that other times it is a an environmental.

the trigger that can cause disease in a person and one in whom The genetic risk of a particular disease increases.

And it is that access to healthcare plays a role and this but the WHO suggests that the following factors may have a more significant impact on health such as:

  1. and where a person lives.
  2. and that of the surrounding environment.
  3. that genetics
  4. their income
  5. their level of education
  6. Employment Status

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