What is Cortisol:The Cortisol Creep Is HIIT Stressing You Out?

Friends, let us tell you that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has gained praise as an efficient way to improve not only many aspects of physical fitness.

So that’s it a should be noted this but without proper of recovery, intense exercise can increase the level of cortisol in bloodstream and increase the symptom of physical stress even when not exercising.
What is HIIT?
Let it be known that whether you’re on your Peloton bike, doing YouTube workouts, and you’re attending a class at that gym, chances are good you’ve heard of HIIT, and then probably Would have tried too.
And let’s say this is followed by short bouts of intense work lasting anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds in a HIIT workout, either that same length and either it is immediately followed by a period of active recovery.

So that’s cycle of the super hard work plus recovery is a repeated anywhere from the 3 to 10 time depending on the workouts.

Positive physical benefits from HIIT include that increase in post-exercise metabolism, this improvement in body composition itself, and that improved fasting blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

Friends, it is only because of the benefits that it achieves within a few workouts, that HIIT has gained that reputation as the “magic bullet” of exercise.

With HIIT, you can see the change in just a few weeks and feel a whole new level of productivity as well as power that he can pull off from this workout on his own.

Friends, it only takes a few intervals for your body to experience increased energy levels, and that it is affected by the fluctuations of your hormones, especially cortisol.
What is Cortisol?
Let us tell you that cortisol is one of those many hormones and the one that our body produces to deal with stress.

During HIIT, the brain feels stressed, and with it a cascade of hormones is released, and that includes cortisol. And it is only then that the release of cortisol activates the sympathetic nervous system, and that is what triggers the fight-or-flight response.

And also cortisol is the main hormone involved in stress as well as the fight-or-flight response. And that it is a natural as well as a protective reaction to a perceived threat or danger. And at the same time, the increased level of cortisol infuses new energy as well as that energy.

And it is that historically, this sympathetic nervous system response to danger was the key to our early existence, and that it provided our bodies with immediate energy as well as the power to fight or run away when it was most necessary. done.

Explain that this cortisol is responsible for physiological changes, and that as well as the rapid breakdown of carbohydrates as well as the rapid breakdown of carbohydrates and the increase in blood sugar for immediate energy, as well as the potentially life-threatening function of the body. To concentrate energy only to suppress the immune system.

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Cortisol Creep: Is HIIT Making You Stressed Out?
Please tell that this was published on 14 April 2021

Let us tell you that high intensity interval training can give amazing results. And this but, like anything, it is best done in moderation.

In addition, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has gained praise as an efficient way to improve many aspects of physical fitness.

That’s same time and but without proper recovery and that intense exercises can be increases the level of the cortisol in a bloodstream and also increase the symptom of physical stress, even when not exercising.
How HIIT Affects Cortisol Levels
that’s Part what make HIIT training so that effective at turning the body into a lean let-down, powerful machine this and that cortisol response and what generates.

Friends, as soon as this is done, your feet start pedaling as fast as possible, and at the same time I get the message to your brain that your survival depends on this interval, and that is the point at which cortisol and It releases those other hormones, and the ones that send it to you in a sympathetic nervous system response.

Friends, it improves body metabolism only after this energetic as well as hormonally demanding experience.
Symptoms of Cortisol Creeping
Explain that this is the problem with cortisol, and that when we have too much of it in our bodies – and either because of physical or psychological stress – it floats freely in the bloodstream, and that So that these negative symptoms come in your daily life.

In addition, there are some physical causes of overtraining syndrome, and one that may include increased levels of cortisol. 

So that’s addition of the symptom of the syndrome include:

  1. it’s so exhausting
  2. Fatigue in your muscles while you exercise and either a significant decrease in strength
  3. change in your mood
  4. your lack of physical and psychological motivation
  5. Changes in your sleep patterns or you are unable to sleep
  6. all that worry feeling to you
  7. suppressed immune system as well as that persistent illness
Be aware that this is when your body is highly affected by an imbalance of cortisol, and any of these symptoms may be present, even if you haven’t worked with them in the past few days.

So that Note the ideally or your body should be a able to the accurately determine and whether the fight or the flight response is a most useful and the appropriate so that but too much HIIT can be the confuse of brain into the signaling a protective response to itself so that’s even when our body is a supposed to be a either it or it’s calm.

Friends, this is everyday work, that is, like packing lunch and driving to work, and at the same time it can make you feel excited and it is because it is your body that it is the stress of everyday life. And so he is misinterpreting it as a very dangerous stress.

And it’s because HIIT demands such a powerful response from our sympathetic nervous system, and it’s because your workouts are often high-intensity and that’s why it’s critically important to prioritize recovery.
Importance of recovery
It should be noted that unlike the sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for sending the body from rest, itself into digestion and recovery mode with it.

Friends, the intervals between workouts and recovery days are the key to seeing positive physical results from your HIIT workouts.

Also important is the quality of your recovery, and this can be enhanced with a variety of practices, and those that include:

  1. as she sleeps
  2. and that good nutrition and hydration
  3. And this is meditation as well as I do slow breathing exercises.
  4. and that foam rolling or massage
  5. And that’s avoiding intense exercise
Friend’s, so that’s if your body is a constant state of the stress, and this positive a effects of the HIIT can be the reversed and then your hard work is working that against you.

Tell him to identify the state of your body’s stress, as well as both psychological and or physical, and if you feel any of these listed warning symptoms, then something extra from HIIT Take out time

Friends, it is very important to note that this type of workout should be done a maximum of 2-3 days a week, with rest days in between each HIIT session.

And let us tell you that it is a good way to prevent harmful symptoms of overtraining, and that is to leave yourself only a few days that include HIIT workouts. Not there.

Friends, that while HIIT will make your body stronger in many ways, and that is because it is the cortisol that generates the response, and it is it that is perceived by the body as stress.

So That’s recovery role is a essential to the sustaining and benefits of the HIIT workouts or as is awareness of the physical psychological sign of the chronic stress so that’s Otherwise and your efforts may backfire.

Friends, that’s why the next time you challenge yourself with a HIIT workout, make sure to plan that rest later to get the biggest benefits.

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