What is Armor Thyroid:Armour Thyroid Side Effects

Friends, let us tell you that Kavach Thyroid (thyroid tablet) is a natural product made from animal thyroid glands and the one whose use it is to treat hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone), and also to treat goiter (enlarged) so It’s also given as a part of medical test for thyroid disorders. Also, Kavach Thyroid is available in generic form.

Friends, tell that this armor is used for the treatment of thyroid hypothyroidism. And at the same time, it can cause hypothyroidism, depression, constipation, weight gain, dry skin and much more.
Be aware that this thyroid medication, such as Armor Thyroid, can also cause side effects, which include:

  1. such as irregular menstruation
  2. worry you
  3. take that light breath
What is Armor Thyroid?
If you don’t know, Armor Thyroid is the brand name for a natural desiccated thyroid extract used to treat hypothyroidism. Along with this, hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland is also underactive.

Plus it contains a natural desiccated thyroid extract made from dried animal thyroid glands.

So that’s usually a made from the pig’s thyroid gland, Armor Thyroid works by changing the hormones that your thyroid gland is unable to produce.

Please tell that this is the side effect of Kavach Thyroid medicine.
And those hormone levels can affect many different body functions and that can lead to this potential imbalance. And friends, if you are taking Armor Thyroid, and only if you experience any of the following symptoms, see your doctor:

    1. you lack appetite
    2. your increased appetite
    3. tremors
    4. you feel that sudden feverish heat
    5. Insomnia
    6. take that light breath of yours
    7. you lose weight fast
    8. and that cramp in your legs
    9. you have a headache
    10. your nausea
    11. to vomit
    12. Worry
    13. change your mood that fast

Muscle weakness

and that changes in the menstrual cycle
These side effects are not common. And that’s usually what they mean, that your dosage is too high and that it needs to be reduced.

Friends, if you are taking Armor Thyroid and are experiencing this along with it and that is only then seek immediate professional medical help:

  1. And that’s a serious rash
  2. you have chest pain and tightness either
  3. fast heartbeat
  4. visit
  5. and it’s so worrying
  6. and swelling of your organs.
Drug interactions
Please tell that this thyroid medicine along with some other medicines
It can react negatively.

And also if your doctor is considering starting you on Armor Thyroid for your hypothyroidism, and only if he or she tells them about any prescription and either over-the-counter medications or supplements you take on a regular basis. forms, which include the following:

    1. and this testosterone
    2. estrogen and either this birth control
    3. as well as sucralfate and either antacids
    4. omeprazole
    5. blood thinners (warfarin)
    6. as well as this tricyclic antidepressant
    7. oral diabetes medication (metformin)
    8. and this insulin
    9. digoxin
    10. as well as cholestyramine
    11. oral steroids (prednisone, dexamethasone)
    12. and this iron.
Why was Armor Thyroid discontinued?
Please be informed that those products are being recalled and that because the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration itself found these samples to be sub-potent in only six (6) lots of samples tested. And it can be as little as 87% of the labeled amount of liothyronine (T3) or levothyroxine (T4) in the product itself.
Other Precautions
Note that this is the case if you start using Armor Thyroid, and that’s only other precautions you should take, which include:

And that’s if you are pregnant, and expect to become pregnant as well, and are either breastfeeding, and only then you should tell your doctor. And you may need a change in dosage during pregnancy and either breast-feeding.
And also if you are elderly, have diabetes and either heart disease, and that only then you can put yourself at risk of heart attack and other adverse effects of either.
And that is, unless your doctor says so, and that is, you will not need to make any dietary changes while taking Armor Thyroid.
How should I take it?
As well as that Armor Thyroid is usually taken orally once a day. And with that said dosage requirements are usually individualized based on the needs of the patient. And that the dosage is usually low at the beginning of treatment and that is so that your body can get used to it.

And tell him that if you have accidentally missed a pill, and only then do not take two pills at a time. Just continue with your medicine as you normally would.
Armor Thyroid Alternatives
Let us tell you that this natural desiccated thyroid is the original treatment for hypothyroidism. And it has been used for more than a century.

In the mid-1900s, a synthetic version of thyroxine (T4) was developed – as well as one of the two primary hormones produced by the thyroid gland. And it is this synthetic form of thyroxine that is called levothyroxine or L-thyroxine.

So that’s even though a natural and desiccated thyroid contains or two major thyroid hormones – thyroxine (T4) and the triiodothyronine (T3) – as well as a another compound found in the a same organic thyroid gland, levothyroxine has become the preferred treatment. . And also they are included in the brand names of levothyroxine:

  1. and that levoxyl
  2. Synthroid
  3. And that Tirosint
  4. and that unithroid

And as well as with Armor Thyroid, natural desiccated thyroid drug brand names include:
  1. and this nature-thyroid
  2. WP Thyroid
  3. and that np thyroid
Friends, although Armor Thyroid helps with the effects of hypothyroidism, and at the same time, the side effects caused by it can be equally troubling.

And let him know if you are concerned about side effects, and that is if you discuss them with your doctor when considering Armor Thyroid. And also ask your doctor about your doctor’s preference for natural desiccated thyroid medications versus levothyroxine.

Friends, if you are experiencing any side effects while taking Armor Thyroid (mentioned in this article), and then only you should contact your doctor. And that if your side effects are severe, such as shortness of breath or seizures, and only then seek emergency medical attention immediately.

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