What are cavities:Tooth Cavities

What are cavities?
Friends, if you do not know, then let me tell you that this cavity, which is also known as tooth decay, is a hole and the one that forms in your tooth. And these cavities start out small and gradually get bigger when they are not treated. And let’s say that since many cavities don’t cause pain in the beginning, and friends, it can be difficult to realize that there is a problem. And this so regular dental appointments can detect tooth decay early.

So that’s note according to Mayo Clinic and cavities as well as a tooth decay are some of the most commons health problems in the world. And with that, anyone with those teeth can develop a cavity, including children.
Let it be known that finding out that you have a cavity, as well as me, can be very surprising and that’s especially true and if you think you have a good oral hygiene and However, and friends, even if your dentist reports this, there are ways to treat a cavity as well as prevent a new one from forming.
Symptoms of cavity in teeth
Explain that the symptoms of a cavity depend on the severity of the caries And also they include:

  1. like that tooth sensitivity.
  2. teeth pain.
  3. And with that he’s a visible hole in your teeth.
  4. and also this black on your teeth and either this white staining.
  5. And also I because of having cavity in the teeth.
  6. And at the same time, that cavity in the teeth is caused by plaque, and this is a sticky substance that binds the teeth.
The plaque is a combination of:

  1. like this bacterium
  2. Sliva
  3. as well as i acid
  4. food particles
And with that, everyone has bacteria in their mouth. And with that, the bacteria in your mouth turn the sugar into acid after you eat foods that contain sugar and either drink it. And with this, soon after eating or drinking anything sweet, plaque starts forming on your teeth so That’s why it most important to brush regularly.

And tell that this plaque sticks to your teeth, and along with this the acid present in the plaque can slowly destroy the tooth enamel. And it’s that enamel is a hard, protective coating on your teeth and that’s what it takes to protect you from tooth decay. And with this, as the enamel of your teeth weakens, the risk of decay increases greatly.

Everyone has that risk of getting that cavity, and at the same time, but some people are most or more prone to it. Risk factors include:
  1. Like it’s too sweet and either this acidic foods as well as this drink
  2. And that’s a poor oral hygiene routine, and that’s like failing to brush or floss daily
  3. Plus he’s not getting enough fluoride
  4. dry mouth
  5. So that well eating disorders and such as anorexia or bulimia
  6. And with that comes acid reflux disease, which results in stomach acid that can erode your tooth enamel.
  7. And with that comes that cavity, according to the Mayo Clinic, and that cavity more often develops in the back teeth. And it is these teeth that have grooves and these are the holes and that they can trap food particles. And friends, at the same time, it is sometimes difficult to reach these teeth while brushing and flossing as well.
Treatment options for dental cavities
If you don’t know, tell your doctor about uncomfortable symptoms like tooth sensitivity or pain. And this is how your dentist can identify tooth decay after an oral exam. And with that, if you don’t already have a dentist and he or she can offer equipment options in your area. However, and some of these cavities are not visible on oral examination. And that’s your own. This dentist can use this dental X-ray to diagnose caries.

It should be noted that the treatment options depend on the severity. As well as this there are many ways to treat a cavity.
Tooth filling
As in this a dentist uses a drill and with it he removes the rotten material from a tooth. And with that, your dentist, then it fills your tooth itself with that silver, gold, or either this compound resin-like substance.
Be aware that it is not only for more severe caries, but it is your dentist that they can put a custom-fitted cap on your tooth to replace its natural crown. And so your dentist will remove the decayed material from the teeth before he even starts this process.
Root canal
Explain that this is when tooth decay causes the death of your nerves, and then your dentist will do a root canal to save your tooth. In addition, they remove nerve tissue, blood vessel tissue, as well as any decayed areas of your tooth. And with that then your dentist checks for the infection and with that it applies medicine to the roots as needed. And in the end, they fill in the tooth, and at the same time they may even put a crown on it.
Early stage treatment
Explain that if your dentist detects this tooth cavity in its early stages, only then this fluoride treatment can restore your tooth enamel as well as prevent further decay.
Deal with pain
Be aware that this cavity as well as tooth decay can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. And note that you may want to find ways to soothe the irritation while you wait for your dentist appointment. And at the same time, according to the Mayo Clinic, there are a few things that he can do to help you temporarily deal with the discomfort:

  1. This is so that you maintain your oral hygiene routine. And the one that continues to brush all parts of your mouth including any sensitive areas as you clean.
  2. Try over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers as well. And then you check with your doctor whether you can use OTC anesthetics.
  3. And with that you watch what you eat. While eating and drinking it, he should stay away from very very hot or cold foods.
  4. as well as complications from dental cavities.

And at the same time, if your dental cavity is not treated, it can lead to many complications. This includes:
Ongoing toothache
  1. Explain that this is a tooth abscess, and with it one that can become infected, as well as trigger life-threatening complications, such as an infection that can spread through the bloodstream or sepsis. enters into
  2. as well as the development of pus around the infected tooth
  3. Also, it increases the risk of breaking or chipping teeth.
  4. you have difficulty chewing food
  5. And with that you can damage your teeth which prevent you from seeing the dentist and that cannot be reversed. And with that said, at this point, the only way to fix the cavity is for your dentist to remove the tooth and then replace it with an implant and either it’s a bridge.
Prevent cavities of teeth
Let us tell you that having a cavity in this tooth is a common dental problem, and that but you can reduce your risk very much by doing the following:

  1. Tell that, brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day.
  2. And at the same time, according to the recommendation of the American Dental Association, he should floss at least once daily.
  3. And at the same time, eat less sweet and acidic foods like sweets, candy, juice, soda as well as those refined carbohydrates.
  4. And also limit snacking between meals.
  5. Also, consider applying dental sealant to your teeth.
These following foods can go a long way in fighting tooth decay:
  1. Please tell that this is fiber rich fruits and vegetables.
  2. And at the same time these calcium-rich foods
  3. xylitol sugarless chewing gum
  4. unsweetened black and or ti this green tea
  5. as well as this fluoridated water
  6. And friends, in addition to this, he should not forget to visit his dentist at least twice a year only for cleaning his teeth regularly. Plus it allows you to get treatment for any problems you find at your dentist, and at the same time it will go a long way in preventing dental problems in the future.
Friends, can that cavity of the teeth be cured on its own?
Friends this however, is not unless a cavity is in the early stages of formation, and with that it cannot heal naturally, and that is especially for a person who has broken through the dentin. And with that, when you start to feel pain in the localized tooth, and that is a sign that the damage is very significant, and also I would recommend that you refer to that same dentist for professional cavity treatment Must see.
Friends, can that cavity of the teeth be cured?
Let it be said that this enamel can heal itself by using minerals and toothpaste from saliva and either it can use fluoride from other sources. And with that, but if the process of tooth decay continues, and that’s when more minerals get destroyed. And over time, the enamel weakens and erodes as well, making it a single cavity. A cavity is a permanent damage and one that a dentist has to heal as soon as it fills up.
So what happens if this is a cavity left untreated?
Tell friends that this cavity does not go away on its own. If you ignore one cavity, and that’s it, it will keep growing in size. And at the same time, this one bad cavity can lead to another cavity much earlier. Also it will widen and deepen the tooth decay and that will make you more prone to brittle teeth and that that it will likely break them as well as they break.

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