Top 3 Ways to Create Engaging Carousel Posts: Best Types of Instagram Posts Ranked

Friends, this is the type of posts you can share on your Instagram feed, and with that they have evolved over the years – from single images to carousel posts to videos.

But when it comes to engagement, what type of post does that post on Instagram perform best?

Friends, we analyzed over 81M Instagram feed posts (excluding reel) to find the answer, and here are the results.
What is Carousel Post?
Tell me what is this Instagram carousel post? An Instagram carousel is a post with multiple prints or vids and one that can be viewed by swiping or left-clicking Up to 10 pictures or all videos can be added and played as a single post on the feed.
Why should you use Carousel?
That’s why Carousel actually gives the content generator more space to display quality content. And with that, the druggies can uncover up to 10 images and videos in a single post. Not only does it open the door to being more creative but using it can display encouraging communication, reviews as well as much more in a single post.
How many prints are stylish in a carousel?
Friends, that’s because while a carousel with two slides brings a higher average engagement rate (1.90), a carousel with eight or more slides actually performs better, and with that, when using all ten slides, the average engagement rate is 2 becomes more than The four-slide carousel feels at a disadvantage, with normally 1.70 engagement rates.
So which type of Instagram feed posts get the most engagement?
So using data collected from January 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022, we anatomized over 44M Instagram feed posts (banning roles) and found
Carousels are post’s have The highest averages engagements rates of all feeds post type
Images have a slightly improved average engagement rate compared to videotape feed posts (banning roles)
Does print or video get more engagement on Instagram?
Multiple studies have found that prints tend to drive more overall engagement (i.e. likes and commentary) on Instagram than vids. At first glance, it might seem like prints are better than vids for engagement – ​​and that’s good can be like.
So but has it always been like this?
So we elaborated further and anatomized a fresh 37M Instagram feed posts – this time in 2020. including the post of
So you can See, there’s Two main concept’s
Average engagement rate for all feed post types has dropped over time
So carousel posts consistently have the highest average engagement rate of all feed post types.
So why is Instagram engagement for feed posts declining?
The data is clear that Instagram engagement is falling year-over-year for feed posts (print, carousel and videotape).
The Reason? Instagram reels
Instagram has made no secret that reels are a major priority for the app, and likewise, other post types have taken a back seat (for now).
Good News? you’re not alone! We’re all in the same boat, so try not to take it too much.
With a streamlined algorithm, new Instagram feeds, competition from TikTok, and drugs setting limits with their social media operation, it’s understandable what is changing what “works” on Instagram.
Which means it’s pivot time
So in 2022, it’s all about testing! So that’s Right time to trying
Rolls! If you haven’t been making rolls yet, now’s the time to consider how you can restore your normal content to this format – it’s like moving multiple images or stories to time a trending audio track. can be easy.
Stoner-generated material However, let’s say you know how to work in your community if you’re not ready to jump on the camera Just remember to always get authorization before taking part.
Investing in Gettings Special and Liars. Traditional feed posts may not perform as well as before, but they’re not completely out of the picture. Use your captions to make connections and encourage engagement – an abundance of generators are still seeing success by participating in related print, carousel and videotape posts.
Top 3 Ways to Create Engaging Carousel Posts: Best Types of Instagram Posts Ranked
Why does Instagram post the stylish type of feed for carousel engagement?
Based on Laterally’s study, carousel posts have consistently outperformed image and videotape posts over time.
Which isn’t too surprising considering how effective they are at increasing engagement.
First, time spent is an index to Instagram’s algorithm, and you spend more time scrolling through a carousel post than a print one.
So alternative, carousel posts surface more often in drugfeed than before, doubling (or triple) the chance of likes, commentary, and shares.
The format lends itself to participating in more authentic and eye-catching shots — hello, the print dump trend — that can be more appealing than a still image or aesthetic videotape.
So, if you want to increase your engagement on Instagram, it is a good idea to get creative with carousel posts.
3 Ways to Create an Attractive Carousel Post
Tip #1 Prepare a Round-up of Stoner-Generated Materials (UGC)
Using UGC on Instagram is an effective way to increase brand loyalty, promote your products and increase engagement.
So by creating a round-up of recently tagged posts, you can spotlight your community and sell your products in a low-cost way. It’s a palm-palm.
The Tech Golde Who Attended a Round-up of Guests Wearing Her Distinctive Sweatshirt
Your community will appreciate being accepted and appearing on your feed. And it will encourage them to keep sharing!
Tip #2 Curate Photo Dumps
This is your opportunity to showcase a less filtered or edited interpretation of yourself or your brand.
These print dumps can be perfect for showing off a recap of an event, your brand’s moodboard, or a before-the-scenes (BTS) print journal.
Tip #3 Be respectful behind the scenes (BTS)
Your community is eager to see how your business is run!
How do you launch new products and juggle? How exactly did you patch your new living space? So What’s does day in yours Life looks like?
In line with print dumps, these BTS carousel posts come across as a less filtered interpretation of you or your brand – to further humanize you and build a connection.
Top 3 Ways to Create Engaging Carousel Posts: Best Types of Instagram Posts Ranked
Top 8 Ways to Use Instagram Carousel’s Post’s on The Instagram
  1.  Product Disclosure
  2.  print dump
  3.  reveal before and after
  4.  brand liar
  5.  custom recommendations
  6.  customer review
  7.  stoner material
  8.  behind the scenes content
So how do I promote a carousel post on Instagram?
Can you promote an Instagram carousel post in a stylish way?
  1. Tap the carousel post you want to promote.
  2. Choose your thing from the menu and Valve Next.
  3. Define your followership using menu options.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Choose your budget and next valve.
  6. Tap on Produce Promotion.
Best ways to increase my engagement on Instagram?
how to increase instagram engagement in 2022
  1. Connect with your followers through Instagram Stories stickers.
  2. Creating and participating in related memes.
  3. Create saveable graphics.
  4. Share valuable information in the carousel post.
  5. Include the call to conduct in your caption.
  6. So Let’s yours personality shiner And through on The Instagram Stories.
So what are the stylish types of Instagram posts?
And it’s undeniable that traditional feed posts are taking a hit in terms of engagement due to Instagram’s focus on roles.

Still, image, carousel and videotape posts are not a reason to be lost With the right strategy, you can still see big results—especially from carousel posts.
That is, focus on your community, test it with your content, and the engagement will begin.
Does Carousel outperform Instagram 2021?
That’s why we often read that videotape is the format with the most impact. Still, a study by Social Insider showed that Instagram carousel posts reached advanced engagement statuses per post, ahead of one-image or one-videotape posts by 5.13, and garnered many more likes.
Top 3 Ways to Create Engaging Carousel Posts: Best Types of Instagram Posts Ranked
What is a good engagement rate?
An engagement rate between 1 and 3 is fine on Instagram This is the average result that we can see on the extremely profile However, it means that your follower is really engaged and reacts heavily to your content, if your engagement rate is more than 3%. Still, people aren’t really interested in you trying to show them if it’s below 1.
What type of post gets the most engagement on Instagram?
Instagram has verified that the most significant post engagement includes commentary, likes, re-shares and views. These criteria, calculated based on your number of followers, determine your engagement rate. Quit Calculi and establish your identity using your Wamp app. Go to your profile and voila!
What is good social media engagement?
Engagement rates are generally advanced compared to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, imperfectly due to the nature of the format With one post per screen, you are made to focus on the content, and either Attach or scroll history So that’s Around 2% seen a good all Social media engagements rates on the Instagram so that Anything 3 or further is great.
Why is my engagement on Instagram so low?
In other words, if your Instagram account primarily shares the same content over and over again or uses content taken from another stoner without presenting proper credits and original captions, it’s more likely that you’ll be less Will see the connection.
Why should you use Carousel now?
Carousels generally do not qualify as a smart element for Hunt Machine Optimization (SEO) or Content Rate Optimization (CRO). Excessive SEO and CRO experts are against carousel content because they usually present issues like multiple heads, poor performance, and will lead to smaller deals on an ecommerce website.
Does Carousel outperform Instagram 2022?
So this carousel raises the possibility of advanced access rate

It should be noted that the highest reach rate for Carousel is 1.27 for small accounts, but also for medium-sized accounts (1.20), which are between 50K-100K followers And that’s pretty much all the good debate when it comes to the optimal caption length for a post.
Do carousel posts double up?
Be aware that carousel posts appear twice as often in your feed Instagram gives them a redundant chance of engagement and one that normal posts don’t get.
So is it bad to post two pictures on Instagram?
There are a few rules that you should keep in mind, but overall, the answer is yes. Friends, according to studies, posting more than one photo on Instagram can help your business increase this much engagement.

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