Top 22 New Ways to Get Free 10k Instagram Followers in 2022 without buying

Friends, let us tell you that these Instagram followers are more than just numbers – they are members of your online community.

That said, growing on Instagram can help you drive traffic to your site, drive more sales, or even turn you into a trendsetting influencer.

Let us tell you that in this guide, we are sharing 22 ways to get 10k Instagram followers – without spam accounts or bots.
how to get more instagram followers on instagram in 2022
If you want to get more Instagram followers this year, here are 22 proven strategies for you to try on your account:

    1. choose the right handle
    2. Curate your profile for a strong first impression
    3. Tap into Instagram Reels
    4. Optimize your post captions for search
    5. Invest in your hashtag strategy
    6. Host an Instagram Giveaway
    7. Partner with Influential People and Brands
    8. Create highly shareable content (including memes)
    9. Have a Clear Value Proposition
    10. Cross-promote your account on different channels
    11. Create an Instagram Challenge
    12. Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC) with Branded Hashtags
    13. Make your content accessible to all audiences
    14. post continuously
    15. give people a reason to follow you
    16. Add keywords to the name field of your biography
    17. Collaborate on Feed Posts
    18. Make sure it’s a business profile
    19. Focus on Quality Followers
    20. Define the tone and personality of your brand
    21. Putting together a social media marketing strategy
    22. Understand your entire audience
1. Choose the Right Handle
So that first of all, make sure your Instagram handle is as close as possible to your business name and your other social media handles This ensures that your account will be easy to remember, find and retrieve.
2. Curate Your Profile for a Strong First Print
Having a well-planned Instagram feed that easily reflects your niche is key to converting profile callers into followers.
When someone visits your profile, you want them to constantly understand what your account is about.
Use a visual diary tool to curate your Instagram grid before you post, to produce a cohesive aesthetic that supports your brand.
Consider how your posts look put together overall, and what print they give when someone first visits your profile.
3. Tap into Instagram Reels
Nevertheless, if you are not participating in Instagram reels yet, you may miss out on a huge opportunity to increase your number of followers.
Roles, Instagram’s short-form, looping videotape point of view, are still one of the most effective ways to reach a new cult following on the app.
Unlike most of the Instagram experience, the Rolls feed serves up high-interest content to observers from both drug and non-drug followers they follow.
This means that the roles you produce can reach fluently far beyond your follower list – helping to increase your visibility and increase your number of followers.
For stylish results
Use keywords and hashtags in your roles captions that directly describe your videotape content.
Use trending voices
Keep your rolls short and fast to encourage repeat viewings.
Produce original content
Add an on-screen textbook for observers watching without sound
Aim for high quality videotape footage (instead of uploading content with TikTok watermarks)
In fact if your brand or business doesn’t seem to fit the roles, there are still ways to see success.
Testing with popular trends, driving followers behind the scenes, or actually participating in the front and behind of your product.
4. Optimize Your Post Captions for Hunt
Optimizing your Instagram posts for hunting is a major Instagram hack to increase your following.
Following the recent update of Instagram, English speaking druggists in 6 countries are now eligible to search on Instagram using keywords.
According to an Instagram prophet via The Verge, Platoon considers a number of factors, including “the type of content, the caption, when it was posted,” and more to face the consequences applicable.
It also uses machine literacy to “find the highest quality content that applies to you.” For now, only grid posts will be visible.
Tips Pre-compose your post captions on desktop with Laterly’s free social media scheduling platform.
You can compose all of your post captions in one focused power hour, and even set them to go live at your stylish time to post.
Plus, you can save multiple caption templates with Laterally’s Saved Caption Point – which you can add to your post in two gates. It makes it easier than ever to create great Instagram captions.
5. Invest in a Hashtag Strategy
Instagram Hashtags are one of the biggest growth tools at your disposal, and should not be overlooked.
After viewing over 18 million Instagram feed posts, we found that increasing the number of hashtags from one to 30 increases the reach rate by 11 (from 24 to 35).
To put this in perspective, for an account with 20K followers, a refresh reached 2.2K accounts per post.

And yet, check out Laterly’s hashtag suggestion tool – it offers 30 affiliate hashtags sorted by usability for You can add captions to your posts, if you need a mitigation on which hashtags to use.
Use Laterally’s Saved Caption feature to curate and save lists of TIP top-performing hashtags that you can add to your captions in two gates.
6. Host an Instagram Giveaway
Still, hosting an Instagram comp can be one of the most effective tips if you want to increase the reputation of your following.
With the right strategy, you can reach thousands of rooted new followers, building a strong sense of community around your brand.
Make sure you set clear entry conditions that support your developmental pretense, such as tagging a friend in commentary, participating in Instagram Stories, and following your account.
That’s why Instagram comp can be especially beneficial when hosted in collaboration with a creator or brand that shares your target follower.
Which further brings us to our upcoming strategy to get Instagram followers.
7. Partner with Influencers and Brands
Partnering with like-minded influencers and brands is a key palm. You’ll be apt to profit from brand association and a new pool of followers rooted in Valve.
Stylish news? Hookups don’t have to break the bank. Some of the most effective bones are simple and mutually beneficial.
For example, beauty retailer SpaceNK partnered with a luxury retreat destination to offer its community the opportunity to win a special flight.
Plus, you don’t have to work with supersize influencers to make an impact.
Nano and micro influencers usually have higher engagement rates than macro influencers, and generally cards with lower rates for protected positions.
So even then, you will have to work with nano or micro influencers further to reach the same follower size as a macro influencer – so the right strategy will depend on your bandwidth and budget situations.
8. Build mass shareable content (including memes)
When it comes to organically reaching new cults, creating shareable content is a great place to start.

Motivational quotes, instructional carousel posts and on-trend memes are all tried-and-tested formats—and it only takes one viral post to reach thousands of people.
Memes in particular are huge for generating viral reach—especially when they tap into the commodity that’s trending in popular culture.

So they are often funny or clever, and they usually feature a combination of textbook and imagery (a print, GIF, or videotape).
To create a super successful meme, try to find a balance between the trending illustration you’re working with, the spirit of your target followership and the niche of your brand.

For example on Laterly’s Instagram account, we typically create memes that are applicable to social media directors
So the more your meme resonates with members of your community, the more likely it is to be attended by far and wide.
9. Have a Clear Value Proposition
Would you walk into a store if you didn’t know what it was? Probably not, isn’t it?

The exact same principle applies to your Instagram account.
Having a clear value proposition (whether it’s styling tips, inspirational quotes, or life stuff) is essential to converting callers into followers on your profile.

Still, that doesn’t mean that all your content has to be exactly the same.
Content creator Christina Galbato recommends fastening on 3-5 content pillars that are related to your niche—so you can add variety to your content plan without building up on your core value.
10. Cross-promote your Instagram account on different channels
Nevertheless, cross-promoting your account on other platforms is a great place to start if you are looking for redundant ways to increase your Instagram following.
Tiktok is a major platform to cross-promote your Instagram account.
On TikTok, one of the first impressions you can do is to insure Instagram business by connecting your Instagram account to your TikTok.
that you can also create multiple tiktok which encourage observers to click on your instagram profile.

Still, you can send people to your Instagram via your website, Dispatch newsletter, if TikTok is not part of your marketing strategy.
11. Create an Instagram Challenge
That’s why Instagram challenges have always been popular (remember the Ice Pale Challenge in 2014?), and now they’re appearing more consistently on the Instagram reels.

Creating a successful Instagram challenge can launch your account into an enthusiast – reaching thousands, or indeed millions, of vested followers.

Top 22 New Ways to Get Free 10k Instagram Followers in 2022 without buying

For stylish results, make sure participation is as easy as possible, create a built-in hashtag to drive the challenge back to your brand, and think of what people will enjoy sharing.
12. Encourage Stoner-Generated Content (UGC) with a Consolidated Hashtag
Encouraging your community to participate in stoner-generated content (UGC) is a great way to increase brand mindfulness and grow your Instagram following.
And it is very easy to participate in UGC! Followers can either use your built-in hashtags or tag your brand.
Bridesmaid dress company Birdie Gray encourages her followers to use their built-in hashtag #birdieinthewild when they part of a filmland featuring her clothing
result? Anyone who’s seen a Stoner-generated photo has an easy way to find the Birdie Gray Instagram account.
With Tip Laterally’s collect features, you can review all posts you’re tagged in, or search for posts that contain a specific hashtag.
Once you find the right post, you can save it to your media library Laterally will retain the original quality of the post and add the original manufacturer’s handle.
So take note you should also ask the original creator for authorization – in fact if they tagged it with your specific UGC-focused hashtag.
13. Make Your Content Accessible
More than 430 million people in the world are deaf or hard of hearing, while at least 2.2 B people suffer from visual impairment.
Then there are four easy ways to make your Instagram account a more accessible and inclusive moment.
Add motto or textbook overlays to videotape content (including Instagram Vids, stories and reels)
Manually Write Descriptive Alternative Textbooks for Your Instagram Posts
Pass visual details across stories and videos
Substitute each word in an Instagram hashtag. It helps to read the screen-collection methodically
TIP Instagram recently released simply-generated captions for stories in 16 languages, so it’s easier than ever to make your content more accessible.
14. Post More Frequently
When it comes to growing on Instagram, thickness is the name of the game.
Recently, over 81 million feed posts (banning roles) were compiled to find out how posting frequency affects average reach and engagement rates.
One of the important findings was that accounts that post more frequently generally have more followers.
Still, creating quality content that adds real value to your followers should always translate to quantity.
15. Give People a Reason to Follow You
Instead of (or in addition to) just putting your credentials, watchwords or value proposition in your Instagram bio, give implicit followers a clear picture of what they can anticipate if they follow you. for illustration
  1. Follow up for canine training tips; Prepare for compatibility loads.
  2. Follow me if you know how to secure your financial future and dual options.
  3. Welcome to Quick Marketing Tips and Great, Original Memes.
  4. Meal tips for the elites challenged.
16. Add Keywords to the Name Field of Your Bio
Did you know that the words you include in the name field of your Instagram memoir can be searched?
For example, if your brand specializes in custom artwork, you may want to include keywords such as “art,” or “artwork” in your name field.
“Consider what your niche is, what hard work you’re doing, who you target, and what results you deliver,” recommends Instagram expert Alice Darma. So When’s disbelief, putting that wordi in Hunting bar on the Instagram and see what appears.”
Tip Find out how to get your first 1000 followers with Alice Derma in our free course.
17. Unite on Feed Posts and Reels
Instagram Collabs With point, druggies co-authors are opening up an entirely new way to reach Instagram feed posts (and reels)—a cult following.

That way, you’ll be apt to share ideas, likes, and comments, and work in each other’s communities.
But for this to work, you have to make sure that the content works for both accounts—whether it’s an educational carousel or a roll that penetrates your niche.

Note If you don’t have the talk yet, hang on tight!
Growing your Instagram account might seem like an uphill battle, but if you follow the right methods and strategies, you can definitely get more Instagram followers.
It’s a combination of posting creative content, targeting the right cult, and tapping into Instagram’s new features and trends.
18. Make Sure It’s a Business Profile
An Instagram business profile gives you access to analytics that will show you who your followers are, what content they like stylishly, and whether you’re gaining or losing them However, go to the hamburger in the top right of your memoir, Valve Settings, if you haven’t made the switch. Select your order, enter your business details, and you’re good to go.
19. Focus on Quality Followers
There are a billion Instagram druggies (literally). But do you want those disgruntled viewers who don’t bring life to your account? The fickle followers that get snappy unfollows? Didn’t think so. you want followers who
Comment, like and share your posts.
appreciated that your content and The giving you an sense of The purpose.
Convert to Lead and Guest.

Help you get further great followers.
Still, you’re not trying to break a pinata and barrier if Instagram followers are fragile. You want to make a box of fine chocolates and cultivate a community.
20. Define Your Brand’s Tone and Personality
It may sound serious, but your brand should have a tone and a station that leaves a cohesive print You want to make sure that your online persona looks approachable and attractive.
Creating content where a hand, or better yet, a customer explains your product or service, can make your brand more trustworthy. However, you can produce an aesthetic that communicates the lives of your guests, if your brand is in the realm of living.
Regardless of your last point, all of your posts should have a cohesive brand personality and visual language so that they are as fluently linked as you are.
21. Put a all Social Media Marketing’s Strategy’s Togethers
A good social media strategy should be combined with your broader business pretensions and include your social media marketing objects.
Do You Want to Build a Brand Mindfulness? Promote deals? Or run a business on your website?
That’s knows where’s you wanted to going the first step to a Gettings there’s. Hootsuite’s Platoon has put together a useful template to guide you in creating your social media strategy – you can then download it for free.
22. Understand Your Perfect Follower
Without a good understanding of who you are targeting, you are throwing feathers in the air.
Your target followership can be defined by their age, status, occupation and the way they use Instagram They probably have common issues and enterprises, or areas of life, and your content should respond to, inspire and engage these ventures. How you approach them makes your target followers more likely to follow you, and will continue to follow you in the long run.

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