Top 20 latest Instagram trends to pay attention to in 2022

Friends, let us tell you that this social media is constantly evolving – and with it Instagram, with over 2 billion monthly active users, is no exception And that’s why keep up with the latest trends so that it’s most important to stay up to date.

So read on to know much more about the Instagram trend in 2022 that you need to keep up with it.

Instagram reels continue to grow in popularity

Let us tell you that Instagram Reels was launched in 2020 and at the same time it was gradually rolled out to all users in 2021. And that’s exactly what this Instagram micro-video was made of as a competitor to TikTok, and the one that has exploded in popularity.

Friends, let us tell you that this reel which initially started as a 15-second clip can now be as long as 60-seconds. Also this reel is very much in comparison to the regular videos on Instagram. generate more engagement, prove their popularity and that’s why you should add this content type to your Instagram strategy.

So many users will easily reproduce TikTok on this platform as well, but there are many ways and means that you can take advantage of the popularity of those reels.
Guys tell you how he took a look at, for example, how Smile Direct Club worked with content creator Kelly Erdman to create this fun reel, and that:
1. How to Use Instagram Reels
  1. Put together quick how-to guides so that you can use your products or services
  2. And so find a trending meme and add your own spin on it
  3. Share with an influencer how they use your products and/or their services
  4. And this link gives full access to the link of the sticker story
  5. Instagram dealt a big blow to those of us who worked so hard just to cross the 10,000 followers limit with their new link sticker. Now, links to stories are available to any Instagram user—even individual accounts.

Friends, just create your Instagram story, then just tap on the “stickers” icon on the screen to access the sticker options. There are, of course, questions, polls, surveys, GIFs, music and so many other stickers as well, but you’ll want to click on the “Links” option. From there, you’ll paste in the target link as well as place the sticker wherever you want it.
2. Ways to Use Link Stickers
  1. Be sure to promote products and services by sending followers directly to your sales pages.
  2. tease an upcoming event and either webinar and link it to its event detail page
  3. And share that information about this blog post itself and also you add link to read more on your blog
  4. And that influencers connect directly with the products they’re promoting
  5. And That Instagram Stories Get Even More Fascinating
  6. And in addition to this link sticker, Instagram Stories has tons of other stickers to help you connect with your audience.

Friends, one of the recent options is the “Add Yourself” feature, as well as the one where you create a sign and your followers add their own pictures to the sign by sharing that on their stories. can.

Friends, besides that, those stories can be even longer. Around the end of 2021, it was only then that Instagram began testing 60-second stories. And with that, although it is currently possible to create longer stories, they must be broken up into 15-second chunks. This new feature will allow you to record and upload up to 60 seconds of continuous video into your story.
3. Ways to Use Instagram Stories
  1. Be sure to share behind-the-scenes photos and videos that may not fit in with the content of your Instagram feed.
  2. So Created Stories that’s you’re can be added to the highlights on yours Instagram profile
  3. Use story stickers to engage with your audience, like polls and either create a quiz, link to a fundraiser, ask questions, and more
  4. and also this instagram story ad run promo show

And friends, if you are looking for the best place to run promotions on Instagram, and that’s why look at this story like nothing more than ads. Story ads are the ones most often seen in the middle of user stories, making it more likely that users will see and engage with your ads.

And also you can choose a few different objectives for your Instagram story ads, such as brand awareness, traffic, engagement, video views and conversions. And that you make sure you create full-size, 1080 x 1920 pixel creative assets for your ads, as well as this otherwise they will not be full screen and may not have the desired effect as well.

Friends, here is an example of one such advertisement and the one which is not full-screen. although this is I still have a good design, if they keep the dimensions of the stories in mind and that might even have a better effect:

So instead, let’s take a look at this example, and also the one where the brand has chosen a full-screen ad creative. And it’s super compelling and it seems to fit in well with the rest of the stories and what users are seeing.

4. Ways to Use Instagram Story Ads
  1. Friends, just to prevent users from tapping on the next story, make that catchy video and the one that grabs attention in the first few seconds.
  2. Add a clear call-to-action and one that prompts your audience to take the desired action after viewing your ad
  3. And test a variety of different story ads and objectives to reach users at each stage of the sales funnel
  4. Cross-promotion of Twitter as well as Instagram content

If you have any kind of presence on Twitter, that’s only if you’ve seen link previews in Tweets. However, Twitter stopped previewing the Instagram link. And thankfully, the platform also recently released that ability to preview similar links for Instagram photos.

And with this, you can now share those new Instagram pictures with your Twitter followers as well as me so that they can increase your following on both platforms.

So that’s you can be Also shared yours tweet’s and directly on your Instagram Stories And with this, go to the tweet you want to share, click on the share icon and with this then choose that Instagram Stories from the options. And it would look something like this:

  1. And the Ways to Take Advantage of Cross-Promotion
  2. and seamlessly interact with your audience across multiple platforms
  3. Just share your Instagram photos on Twitter to get more reach and engagement
  4. And that’s when you want to get that much information from followers and that’s only when you post your tweets to your Instagram story
5. Share Tweets and Memes
Tell friends that if it fits with your brand personality, then only you can have some fun with your Instagram account. Share these relevant memes for your business, and either cross-promote your Tweets on your feed. (We’ve already talked about how to share them in stories, and that but sharing screenshots of Tweets is also a popular Instagram feed trend.)

So here’s what you might consider sharing, and just to give you an idea of ​​it, here’s a meme from Chipotle itself:

Tell friends that now let’s see how you would like to share the tweets. And with that said, while you can always screenshot and crop the Tweet, even better—and—even more so—the trend is to share your Tweets on a colored background as well.
6. Ways to Share Tweets and Memes
  1. Tell friends that this is a funny tweet that you have posted or posted by a customer and also use that screenshot in the post.
  2. So Finding an trendings memes on that’s fits your brand voice.
  3. And that’s it you create your own memes just to show off your brand personality
  4. And that you let your audience buy on Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has made it easier for e-commerce brands to generate revenue through this do-it-yourself platform 70% of shoppers and also you look to Instagram for their purchases, and friends, they do this because brands want to make sure their products are as accessible as possible.

And with the Instagram shopping features, brands can create an entire store that it breaks down into collections, new arrivals, sale items, and more.
7. Ways to Use Instagram Shopping
  1. Friends, let me tell you that different collections and with this I create categories that make it easy to find your products.
  2. And that you share photos with your products and tag the listing in each photo to make them instantly purchasable
  3. And that you add these new products immediately in your shop so that they are available to buyers only
  4. Working with creators has never been easier

And at the same time, I think that since influencer marketing is so popular on Instagram, the network is making it easier for brands and creators to collaborate and at the same time make it easier.

Friends, let us tell you that one of the most important new features was announced in late 2021—the ability to find and communicate with creators within the Instagram app.
8. Influencer-Brand Streamlining
Friends, it helps in attracting more brands as well as creators to use Instagram for their campaigns.

In addition, Instagram is testing a local affiliate platform that helps creators earn even more revenue by promoting products and earning that affiliate income.
9. Ways to Work with Creators
  1. Friends tell you that these partners start searching for creators with similar target audience in the search list
  2. To make an effective UGC, do this work only with influential people, so that both of you can share it with your audience as well.
  3. as well as make it an affiliate option for creators to use when promoting your products (or promote)
  4. IGTV is no more – but Instagram video is already that much better
  5. And that was Instagram’s foray into IGTV long videos, and this but that idea never really caught on. And it did so instead of continuing to support a platform that wasn’t taking off, and that’s why Instagram got rid of IGTV and instead extended its existing in-feed video features.

And with that now, Instagram feed videos can be up to 60 minutes in length, and brands that were taking advantage of IGTV can still share that long video content with their followers.
10. How to Use Instagram Videos
  1. Tell friends that you should interview your industry leaders only to provide value to your audience as well as this educational information.
  2. and also make this an educational video series
  3. Make sure to select the cover that matches your feed before posting your video itself
  4. And what Instagram trends are you excited about in 2022 itself?

And this Instagram trend builds up with the influence of other networks and the introduction of new features. And keeping up with current trends refreshes your content and shows your audience that you’re not afraid to try new things.
11. Social Justice on Social Media
Friends, the year 2020 was a particularly dramatic turning point for social justice itself, but in 2022 itself, interest in advocacy, activism, and engagement is still bright: and it is reported by Instagram that social justice advocates are with it. He is also among the most active social users.

And for the year 2022, Gen Z plans to donate even more money to social causes than in previous years, as well as following 28 percent of additional social justice accounts on social media Let’s hope. And let’s say that if you happen to be a brand in relation to a cause, charity and that or that nonprofit, and that’s a good time to tap into that relationship and shout out your values.

12. Organic Reach Isn’t Enough
Notably, in Hootsuite’s annual Social Media Trends survey, 43 percent of respondents reported that their biggest challenge was “the decline in organic reach and the need to increase all that paid advertising budget.” Was.

It can be incredibly challenging trying to keep up with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithms, and the decline in organic reach has been well documented over the years. And with that one minute, you are on top of the charts; Next, your engagement is so low and that you’re wondering if you’re shadow-banned and that you’re only considering buying some Instagram followers.

Friends, let us tell you that if you want to maintain your Instagram reach in 2022, then only someone on your team will have to learn how to increase the basics of audience targeting and tell them to master it. Not sure where to start? Consider investing in a solution like Hootsuite Social Advertising, one that offers the ability to publish ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as track their performance in a single dashboard.
13. Live it on Instagram Live
Friends, let us tell you that during this year 2020 and 2021, the use of Instagram Live itself got a serious competition. (Thanks, pandemic.) And with this it is likely in 2022 that we will need to rest at home and also turn to our phones for comfort and connection once again, so a Brands with a strong Instagram Live content plan are going to be well positioned as well as engage with their followers.

After all, 80 percent of the viewers would rather watch the livestream than read the blog post. Give the people what they want!
14. Return of the chronological feed
Friends, let us tell you that for anyone who has ever surpassed the Instagram algorithm, 2022 may just be your year. And this is what Instagram announced in December 2021, with a possible return to the chronological feed itself, with the option for users to determine whose posts are most relevant and what they want. Either is important.

So this another tweet clarified that it won’t be forcibly changed (if and when it happens), and that it’s rather an option only for those people and what you see in your feed. Little by little he likes to have more control.
15. Add Yours” Companion Album
Friends, at the end of 2021, new “Add Yourself” stickers started appearing in people’s Instagram stories. And I also have these stickers for users to share their story with based on a specific topic: the last picture on your camera roll, the person you love, and that’s a picture and a picture. The one that represents 2021.

So, by tapping on the sticker, you’re taken to a collection of photos of all the other people who comply with the theme’s request. And also it’s a collaborative album and that thread of either, if you will.

Note that these add your stickers provide a formal structure and filing system for something that was already happening in Stories and Posts. And also this Instagram certainly didn’t invent the idea of ​​photo and video challenges either, as well as me but these new stickers codify the experience as well.
Top 20 latest Instagram trends to pay attention to in 2022
And anyone can create a new theme with these stickers, so consider this the challenge of creating a brand new theme that fans can put on their own spin and also make it your own. Share it with your own followers.
16. Answering with the Reels
This hot on the tail of TikTok’s own video-response feature, Instagram just announced a new way to comment on the reels itself: and that with another reel.

Friends, this reel visual reply allows users to respond to your own video on the reels of another person. Plus, in the comments section of any reel, you’ll see the option to create your own reel; That video reply will then appear as a sticker itself.

Friends, it’s for fans as well as creators There’s a highly visual and interactive way to engage, and vice versa, so we’re looking forward to seeing how this new tool works for brands in 2022. If the success of TikTok’s video reply function is any indication, and either though, visual replies are likely to pop off even on Insta.

Friends, of course, what happens at the beginning of 2022 can change a lot within a year. And so consider this your starting point and stay tuned to the Hootsuite blog for the latest and her expert guide to Instagram trends and new features, and more as they come out.
17. Companies Will Do More With Relatable Nano Influencers
Let us tell you that Influencer Marketing is definitely gaining popularity, and with that, gone are the days when companies only do that work with celebrities to gain customer traction.

And that but there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on influencer advertising, and with that, because today’s customers rely on nano influencers – and those of whom they have small but loyal followers – from big Instagram stars. He is very much, because of the close relationship he has with his audience. And with that, in other words, doing that work with Nano Influencers on Instagram is where it is and where it is in 2022.

Consider these facts:

  1. This is what 76% of marketers say and that they have done that work only with nano influencers.
  2. And that’s what 69% of the respondents claim and that nano influencers have increased consumer engagement with your brand as well.
  3. And the Nano influencers usually have it in less than 10K and often around 5K, so they’re only able to interact with their audience.
  4. And this is why nano influencers have an average engagement rate of 7-10%, and with that I see influencers around 2%.
  5. Case in point: and that when Dunkin’ Donuts decided to target a younger as well as digital-focused generation, the company teamed up with nano influencers to reach out to an authentic audience and with that. Only he could help produce the high engagement rate: 5.2%. And the campaign also helped Dunkin’ Donuts reach just 1.1 million Instagram followers and generated 21,975 likes and 965 comments in the combined results from 25 posts. And it’s not bad, huh?

Additionally, Dunkin’ Donuts continues to build relationships with Nano influencers, and friends. This is how the company interacts with its audience and also displays their fan-created content on their profiles. .
18. Followers want to communicate via direct messages
It should be noted that Instagram Business claims that 90% of users follow at least one brand in-app, and that two out of three people say that they follow Instagram brands as well. Enables participation:

Friends, this means that customers are choosing Instagram as the most preferred channel for brand communication, and friends, it is not surprising that when they have some questions or concerns and they Only then do they reach brands on the platform: Instagram Direct has 375 million monthly active users. (Instagram Direct was introduced in 2013, but it has since introduced more features. Its growing popularity shows that customers are more likely to use Instagram for personal communication with brands. That’s why it’s curious, and friends. That’s why companies should be ready for it.)

Friends, as brands get more and more direct messages, they can also use the quick reply feature that allows them to send saved answers to all the frequently asked questions:

Friends, for all brands, this means and this is the opportunity to respond quickly and thus to deal with customer concerns as well as complaints at a personal level.
19. People Crave Instagram Customer Care
Not only do these customers send direct messages on Instagram, and they also share their customer experiences on the platform as well as those customer requests.

And this is really

And 70% of customers plan to send more customer service messages to businesses in the future. And let’s say he means it and that that demand for Instagram customer care is only going to increase.

As a result, it is important to train your customer service team to monitor customer requests as well as provide accurate and prompt answers to users. And why this? If you don’t provide in-app customer service, and that’s only what Instagrammers expect to receive answers from your company – and friends, as with Ryanair.

If you don’t have the money and either budget to provide this Instagram customer service, then it is important to tell your followers as well as this visitors about alternative ways to get customer support. For example, in the bio section itself you can add a link to your live chat and either this FAQ Instagram story highlight album. And friends, to put it simply, customers should feel that and that you will take care of them.
20. Instagram Guides – A New Way to Provide Information to Users
Between the ease of Instagram users finding information on the platform and the popularity of storytelling, they crave curated as well as scrollable content. And friends this is the result Well, Instagram has introduced Instagram Guides, and this one-of-a-kind new feature that allows creators to keep all the important posts in one place and friends, so they do it step-by-step.

Tell friends that you want your followers to get useful information from you, and friends, that’s why this feature provides a great opportunity to achieve Instagram growth, and friends, whether you want to make a gift guide, ranked list Either that or those easy-to-follow instructions you want to make.

As Instagram explains:

  1. “So this Instagram guide will share with you on Instagram with your favorite creators, public figures, organizations, and more.”
  2. It’s also a way for publishers to find recommendations, tips, and, let’s say, other types of content more easily.”

Friends. This means and that businesses can create catalog-like collections of content on Instagram and also so that they can provide their followers as well as visitors on a given topic about their products, services and either He provides useful information regarding tips. Besides that, using Instagram is also one of the best content marketing strategies for small businesses.

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