Top 20 Best Free Online Movie Websites (July 2022)

Watching movies online for free is a convenient and economical way for you to watch the movies of your choice right at your home. Yes, there are many such sites and the one where you can get movies “for free”, but the sites listed below, although ad-supported, are free of viruses and they are completely legal to use.

Friends, there was a time when I was forced to go to the cinema, either to watch the cinema or to buy it at the store. Not saying that and that I regretted that time, but I’m certainly grateful that I have so many more options now, and that’s all thanks to the convenience of The watching Movie’s from comfort of My couch.

And there are many streaming websites for watching TV shows, movies and documentaries, but not all of them are capable of handing over your data. And that some of them are illegal sites too.

Friends, today’s article presents you a list of the most reliable online sources for streaming movies and TV shows in different qualities. And the best of them all offer subtitles in different languages, light/dark mode, account registration and a beautiful user interface.

Our Top Picks
Best Overall: Crackle

Crackle has hundreds of all that mainstream movies and original content. Content is regularly cycled, so it’s always something that’s new just to check out.

It’s the Best for Variety of Movies: Popcornflix

With Popcornflix, you can watch free movies on your TV, computer or mobile device without having to open an account.

Best for Finding Movies on the Web: Yidio

Yidio doesn’t host any content, and that but it does have a robust search feature that finds where you can watch movies and shows online for free.

Best for High Quality Films: Vudu

Vudu itself has organized these free high-definition movies so you can see all of that content in one genre on one page, including this new free list.

Best for Movie Info: Freevee

Friends watch this commercials as well as free movies and get that comprehensive information about the director, cast and production itself.

Best for and TV Experience: Pluto TV

This apart from on-demand movies as well as MyTV, you can also watch live TV channels and listen to that radio station.

From comedy and drama to horror and action movies, there is a huge variety of movies freely available on these sites. And these are movies from the big name studios, but there are also many older and independent movies that you’ll love to watch over and over again.


It is the only mobile app for watching his movies in most of these sites. Just take a look at our list of the best free apps to stream movies so you can take movies with you wherever you go.

what we like

  1. That’s a big selection including recent movies.
  2. And it good video quality.
  3. Saves progress, and that’s why you can start it again later.
  4. Really very nice mobile app.

what we don’t like

  1. They cannot sort films on the basis of popularity only.
  2. it’s Only available in the US (united state) and its regions.

Crackle is at the top of our list and the best place to watch free movies online because it offers hundreds of full-length movies that you can watch at any time, including original programming. And then these are big name movies and the ones whose stars you know.

Plus these high-quality movies look just as great on any size monitor or screen you’re watching them on. You’ll only have to sit through a few It commercials every now and then, but they’re short and so are only a few commercial breaks during a feature-length film.

There’s a closed captioning toggle available to all users directly from the video player, but if you only sign up for that account (it’s free), you can also enable parental controls that very can.

Some of the most recently added movies to the Friends This site include Sheena, Peggy Sue Got Married, Anacondas: Trail of Blood, Law Abiding Citizen, Dead Man’s Shoes, Serena, as well as I’m All the King’s Men.


what we like

  1. Clean, smooth website layout.
  2. Subtitles are included.
  3. That one page list of each movie is available.

what we don’t like

  1. It can’t be sorted by date and it’s popularity either.
  2. Weird site navigation.

Popcornflix is ​​another great place to watch all those movies online for free. Her constant influx of new titles from Screen Media Ventures (the same company that runs Crackle) means she has pretty much all those movies being added to her all the time.

The site itself has hundreds of movies that include comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, family, documentary movies and foreign movies. And they also show web and film school originals, and that’s just a few titles. Let’s list based on a common theme, such as this Cops and Robbers and the Sci-Fi Sanctuary.

  1. The Leaving Soon category helps you catch all the movies that are about to leave the site.
  2. This does not require an account; Just choose any movie and enjoy. It supports resume playback, so you can watch these movies in chunks only if you want.

Some of the latest additions include Trollhunter, Artifice, Embedded, The Island, Wolf Warrior, Brotherhood of Blades, and Gundala.


what we like

  1. That makes it easy to find free movies on the web itself.
  2. Lots of unique filtering options.
  3. Sort by popularity and then by date it was added.
  4. It can also be very helpful when renting and buying.

what we don’t like

  1. And not all of those movies are streamed directly from Yidio; You have been taken somewhere else.
  2. Movies are of DVD quality.
  3. And it even wrongly labels some paid movies as free.

Yidio is a website that has many categories and the one that shows you where you can watch movies online. And it is one such category that has been specially designed for free movies.

And what sets Yidio apart from the rest is that it’s actually more of a search engine for free movies; It helps you a lot to find all the free places to watch movies online.

It’s very easy to sort movies by the site they’re hosted on, as well as genre, when they were released, MPAA ratings, decade, IMDb ratings, and more. Beyond the regular genres like Action and Drama, there are interesting ones like Art House & International, Special Interest, Indie, Faith & Spirituality, Disaster and even Neo-Noir.

Some of the free streams she’s recently added here include American Hustler, Vampires Are Real, Robo, Armageddon Gospel, as well as Impossible Crimes.


what we like

  1. The movie itself is rated by it’s actual audience.
  2. And that you can leave a comment.
  3. Single, easy-to-scroll-through list.
  4. Most of the movies only have these subtitles.

what we don’t like

  1. And many of these are not in HD.
  2. Movies are often removed without notice.
  3. Can’t filter results by genre.

YouTube isn’t just the place to watch the latest movie trailers or all that videos of skateboarding dogs. He also has dozens of movies that you can watch for free.

YouTube has its own curated list of new as well as popular movies, which are easily accessible from the Movies & Shows section via the link below. Beyond that list are profiles of movie companies like Popcornflix and those that are 100% free and legal to watch.

And as well as you in our last meeting, we have featured titles such as The Secret, My Girl, Secret Window, The Inherited, Joe Dirt 2, The Girl Who Believes in Miracle, Eternal Beauty, Who We Are Now and The Mask of Zorro. He was only able to stream.

what we like

  1. And this high quality, popular movies.
  2. And so many categories.
  3. This subtitles can only be enabled for most movies.
  4. This is a section just for kids.

what we don’t like

  1. This doesn’t separate the movies from the shows.

There are thousands of free movies and TV shows on Tubi and those you can stream right now. And also that some of them can only be rented and not watched for free, but many of them are at no cost to stream.

It’s not on Netflix and it’s even funnier and unique, with dozens of genres and collections to choose from like Black Cinema, Movie Night, Cult Classics, K-Drama+ and Bollywood Dreams. We especially love Leaving Soon as well as the trending now section.

It should be noted that Hotel Transylvania, The Angry Birds Movie, Pixel, Jumanji, Apollo 13, Now You See Me, Sherlock Holmes, The Sandlot and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective are just some of the movies listed as the most recent additions to the site. are included.

Friends, Tubi Kids is a part of this site which is perfect to stream only movies related to kids. It’s available right from the top of the website and has categories just for preschoolers and other kids, and ones that include Toon TV, Lego, Anime, and Friendly Monsters movies.

lms are included. There are also parental controls and those you can set through the normal website itself.

what we like

  1. That’s a lot of high quality movies.
  2. And it’s just that many useful ways to find free movies.
  3. Most Popular and That Famous, and that includes subtitles.
  4. The movies themselves can also be filtered and sorted in a number of ways.
  5. Supports buying and renting movies as well.

what we don’t like

  1. Friends, that is the price of some movies here.
  2. And that requires you to log in (registration is free).

Vudu might not be your first choice when looking for free sites just for movie streaming, and that but there are actually thousands of movies here that you can watch right now. All you have to do is present it to only a few advertisements.

Friends, you can filter these movies by genre and sort them by most viewed or release date. The genres are pretty basic, and guys that’s why your options include action, comedy, crime, romance and so on.

One of the unique things about this movie site is that you can not only browse new releases, but you can do this for every genre on a single page. The New to Free page lists each genre to make finding newly added movies really that easy.

What’s more, other fun areas of the site include the most-watched movies you can find, the critically acclaimed, hidden gems, and the Big Time Movie Stars. And that’s a few hundred videos in each section.

Well, some of the newly added movies you can watch here include Canal Street, Come Undone, Crazy on the Outside, Knowing, Awaken, and So This Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds.

what we like

  1. It then provides high quality movies.
  2. New movies are included.
  3. And it works on computers, mobile devices and TVs.
  4. Customizable captions he provides.
  5. And it’s no user account required.
  6. Just this to see, so many ways to find something.

what we don’t like

  1. And at the same time, this may not work in most countries.
  2. It cannot filter or sort any of that genre list itself.
  3. That doesn’t separate the movies from the shows in the category lists.

Those very free movies, TV shows as well as live TV are available from The Roku channel itself. And that’s if you have a Roku TV or streaming player, and you can add a Roku channel just like you would add a channel to a Roku device. Plus, even if you don’t have that Roku device, you can still stream all those Roku Channel movies right from your computer or mobile device for free.

There are only a few commercials in these movies, but the trade-off is the really high quality videos and those famous movies of it. It’s just a countdown of the titles to be removed, and that’s why you can plan accordingly.

And that’s with it that while there are specific genre lists you can browse through, any of them allow you to filter by popularity and that or that rating and that or that year does not give However, you can also search for actors and directors to find the movies they’re associated with, as well as browse all of the trending videos and titles I added this month.

On the home page it’s just simple categories that you won’t find anywhere else, like this Dad’s Favorite, Family Night, Characters, Hardwood Hits, Bing Worth and the accompanying Summer Streaming.

Some of the latest movies added this past month include Goosebumps, Cast Away, Fifty Shades of Grey, Juno, Final Destination, Can’t Buy Me Love and Also Me This Speed.

what we like

  1. This is why most, if not all, movies have these subtitles.
  2. This user account is not required.
  3. There are so many ways to browse the movies themselves.
  4. Make it a single queue only for easy idle viewing.

what we don’t like

  1. And so, seamless styles.
  2. Along with the movies, I show those lists.

Plex is an interesting service and I’m at the same time because it’s actually a much bigger package than it used to be. In addition to full-length free movies, it also has TV shows, podcasts, live TV and related software, and it acts as a home media server.

Friends, currently there are more than 20,000 free movies and shows. They’re divided into more traditional genres like action and crime, but you can also browse them by actor or channel like BBC, Crackle, Popeye, Lionsgate and Maverick Black Cinema. Plex also has all its own unique categories, including crime time and cheap adventure.

Movie watch-only This page has matching titles and additional details that help build a more complete picture of the movie, such as the full cast list, reviews and trailers. See what movies are coming soon to this Plex just to catch them before they go!

And those are just some of the most popular free movies that you can watch here: Mixed, Season of the Witch, The Magic of Ordinary Days, and 1408.

what we like

  1. And then the cluttered video player.
  2. Free Movies and TV Shows.
  3. It’s easy to browse for movies only.
  4. Original video included.
  5. Find movies with that subtitle in your own language.

what we don’t like

  1. And it requires this user account.
  2. Most of those in-video ads are long.
  3. And that collection is relatively small.
  4. Useless search tool.
  5. For US users only.

IMDb is known for its extensive database of movie information and its trailers, but it also has this selection of free movies and TV shows as well. Accessible through Amazon’s Prime Video website, and you can browse FreeV (formerly IMDb TV as it was) by recently added, most popular, channels, genre, and more.

The video player lets you turn on subtitles, adjust the way this caption appears on the screen itself, change the quality of the video, and go into full-screen mode. You can stream Amazon’s content from different devices as well.

Some examples of the most popular free movies here include Logan, Deadpool 1 and 2, Shark Tale, Shrek 1 and 2, Dolittle, Zero Dark Thirty, The Hunt as well as Mae the Invisible Man.

what we like

  1. It feels like the channel guide of TV.
  2. See what happens later in the day.
  3. And it lets you start the movie from an earlier time and either he or she watch it live.
  4. Contains thousands of on-demand movies.
  5. Streams TV shows, news, music and much more.

what we don’t like

  1. It’s just a dozen or so channels just for movies.
  2. Those movies that are live-streamed cannot be watched again on demand.

Pluto TV works in two ways, both an on-demand movie streaming website and one where you can choose from a list of movies, and a live TV service that lets you watch movies and TV shows whenever they become available. gives. No user account is required, and you can still create a watchlist without even having to enter your email or name.

Friends, just by downloading the appropriate software, you can watch Live TV and Movies from your web browser or mobile or desktop app. In many other devices, it is available as an app for iOS and Android.
It is only available.

And find it here in Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror and other movie types, both on-demand and live. And with that, if you’re streaming live TV, the movie channels range from 51 to 115; And that others have it live sports, music and news.

If you’re tired of the traditional genres, and that’s why most movie sites let you choose, then you’ll be happy with Pluto TV. Science Docs, PGA Tour, World Cinema, Sports Movies, LGBTQ Cinema, Comfort Movies as well as those ’90s throwbacks are just a few examples of the creative categories she offers here.

Some of the new on-demand movies from Pluto include titles such as Zoolander, Life, Django Unchained, Resident Evil: Extinction, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and, in addition, Cloud Atlas.

what we like

  1. And this unique movies.
  2. It’s easy to see what that isn’t free.
  3. And it categorizes movies into fun categories.
  4. And that includes captions.
  5. There is news as well as live TV.

what we don’t like

  1. And some of these titles are not free.
  2. Only a few traditional styles to choose from.
  3. This user account will also have to be created to watch free movies.

This is a Peacock service from NBCUniversal, and one that includes thousands of hours of movies and TV shows, including some originals that you won’t find on any of these sites. The movies are from studios like Universal, DreamWorks Animation as well as Focus Features.

Friends, we have seen movies organized into categories like 90s Movies, Pride Is Undeniable, Comic Relief, Rom-Coms, Serious Movies, Celebrating Black-Led Movies, Fright Night as well as Controversial Movies. And it’s just a fun way to discover those movies through a new lens.

Friends, if you’re not sure where to start looking for your next free stream, try this list of Selected Peacock Movies.

If you want more features like extra titles and access to ad-free videos, that’s all you can pay for. Movies that cost, have that purple feather right in the corner of the thumbnail, and one that makes it easy to differentiate from the free ones.

what we like

  1. And it includes thousands of free videos.
  2. And it often adds new movies.
  3. He does not show any advertisements within the movies.
  4. So many styles to choose from.
  5. Unique movies.

what we don’t like

  1. And it must be a supported library card.

Note that this canopy is different from these other free movie streaming websites because you need a valid library card before you can watch anything. And that though, there are zero commercials in the movies itself, and with that, I add new movies every month.

And that you use the kanopy signup page to find your library, whether it’s a public library or a school attached. And once you are approved, you can start watching those movies on their website itself.

And this Kanopy has thousands of movies. Just a few of the categories you can watch include this short film, history – ancient, LGBTQ movies, war and
Its works include sociology, the performing arts, human rights, and a daily health and K-12 lesson.

Please note that this is a completely separate section for Kanopy Kids Movies. You can also set parental controls to force only age-appropriate content.

And some of the popular movies she makes here include Moonlight, What We Do in the Shadows, Hereditary, Souvenirs, and The Bookshop.

Like this Canopy, users of this digital media service will only need a library card to “borrow” movies and TV shows to watch them on your computer, tablet, phone or TV. With thousands of titles to choose from, including 13 Going on 30, Made in Manhattan, Sweet Home Alabama, as well as Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hoopla “Puts your public library at your fingertips. And that at any time. everywhere!”

tell that This ad supported streaming site provides free live and on-demand entertainment. Users can choose from over 190 different channels and are able to pause and rewind. The XUMO channels and this XUMO-powered application are free and available on Amazon Fire devices, Android mobiles, Android TVs, Hisense, iOS, Roku, Xfinity X1 devices, and more.

This free app acts like a TV guide for the streaming platform. What’s more, Reelgood pulls in from various streaming giants such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Prime Video, plus free services so that viewers can watch and have what’s available all in one place.




  1. And that’s not a legal streaming platform

FlixTor is one of the most popular free streaming sites out there. We’ve actually written about it before, how Flixter works and whether it’s illegal (it is). It has the same intuitive interface, high quality movies and TV shows, and the same huge library. It’s basically guaranteed that if you search for a title on FlixTor, and only then you will find it in high definition. And these ads are not too intrusive either.

And contrary to popular belief, Flixtor is not a legitimate streaming platform. Watching your favorite media on it is considered piracy, and that’s why we recommend using one of the legitimate alternatives from this list instead.



  1. interesting take it for free
  2. no ads


  1. and online streaming
  2. vintage visual style
  3. not a legal forum

This is as close as you can get to a real TV experience on the web. USTV Go basically just offers cable-exclusive content from all US channels. It’s all completely free, and so while you enjoy TV on your computer, the platform itself has no ads just to bother you.

Unfortunately this, USTV Go’s visual style is very outdated. It doesn’t even have a logo. It’s very clumsy to navigate, and you’re more than likely to encounter errors. In addition, it does not have the right to distribute cable content online, so viewing that content on USTV Go itself is considered piracy.



  1. no ads in


  1. and this little library

Streamm4U also deserves a spot on our list of the best free online movie streaming sites thanks to its ad-free library. Not only does it have the largest selection of free movies, it isn’t the prettiest, and not all of the files are of high quality. Suffice it to say, this is not the first option anyone makes when looking for free movie streaming sites. But it’s free, so people still use it.

Streamm4U is a great free streaming option just for people who hate it just because of ads. However, keep in mind that Streamm4U is not a valid platform. It is illegal to access the site and then consume the copyrighted material on it and may only get you into trouble.

Music HQ


  1. It’s a great user experience


  1. And it’s not a legal streaming platform

Despite what’s the name might suggestions Music HQ is not a Music streamings website It is a free movie and TV show streaming site that has a very strong search engine, as well as a night mode if that is something you value.

The best part is that there are no pop-up ads, just the occasional banner. And that’s what makes Music HQ stand out among free streaming sites only for a great user experience, as long as you add it all up.

However, these ads are still prevalent on the platform, and since Music Headquarters does not own the distribution rights to the content it displays, it is illegal to stream the content on it. We recommend this one as one of the legitimate options on this list.

Yes movie


  1. so this great navigation


  1. it’s full of ads

So that if YesMovies were a legitimate site, and that would be a treat. It has a friendly interface, good navigation and a huge library of thousands of free movies and TV series as well. It’s a popular site for free movie streaming only, and it has the same personalization features as a favorites list.

Besides that, it’s easy to find titles. And You will just get a search bar to finding what you’re looking for. Compared to the market standard itself – a page full of different titles itself – it’s refreshing to see.

Friends, the only downside is that YesMovies is very intrusive with its advertisements. Before you can enjoy your favorite show or movie, you’ll have to close the pop-up on the left and then on the right. Also, this is an illegal platform, so that’s why we don’t recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
So on which website can I watch free movies?

  1. Roku Channel.
  2. youtube.
  3. Vudu.
  4. IMDb TV.
  5. Crackle.
  6. Popcornflix.
  7. Pluto TV.

So is there any better site than 123movies?

Primewire. Let us tell you that this is the third in our list of top websites like 123Movies Primewire. Like 123Movies, the site offers its users a great selection of the best movies and TV shows, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest entertainment.

What is the new site of 123movies?

123movies itself had several iterations and name changes before it was shut down in the year 2018; The name of the last 123movies new site was GoMovies.

So where can I watch illegal movies?

And here is the list of sites blocked through TorrentFreak:


So how can I watch free movies on Google?

So This How To Watch Online Free Movies On Google. Next time, instead of doing this Google search at random and hoping for the best, log into your Google Drive account and then find the movie you’re looking for. Locate the movie from another user who has already uploaded it and proceed to download it. Its as simple as that.

So is YesMovies safe?

Decision. This high tech society recommends that you avoid YesMovies and do not sign up for an account. While Yes Movies allows you to request movies and receive alerts for anything new, they don’t own the rights to anything they stream and the site is clearly illegal. .

So is Soap2Day safe?

Soap2Day prides itself as “one of the safest free movie streaming platforms out there like YouTube, Google, and Netflix“, but that may not be the case. While the average person is unlikely to encounter the virus the moment they land on this site, the chances of walking into one are much higher.

What happened to GoMovies?

Just a week ago, 123movies, also known as 123movieshub and GoMovies, suddenly announced a shutdown. After being labeled as the world’s biggest piracy site by the MPAA itself, it has now disappeared from the internet.

So does 123 Movies still work?

In March of 2018 she shut down the official 123Movies website, with a note on their homepage that read “Honor filmmakers by paying for movies and TV-shows”. And that means that after 2018 every site hosted by others is a copy of this original website.

So are free movie sites safe?

Friends, there are dozens of websites that offer free movie and television streaming. And that though, not every site can be trusted. And Some site’s are stream pirates Content and are The full of viruses a malware. And that’s what I earn from qualified purchases as an Amazon affiliate.

So are free movie sites illegal?

Friends, please note that watching free movies on Youtube and Dailymotion is considered illegal. However, you are unlikely to be prosecuted for using them, and so as long as you don’t follow any of the links, they are perfectly safe.

Which is the best pirate movie site?

These are the best torrent sites

  1. The Pirate Bay – Best Overall Torrent Site.
  2. RARBG – This a great torrent site with an active community.
  3. 1337X – Awesome torrent site for movies, TV series and music.
  4. Torrentz2 – This is the best alternative for music torrents only.
  5. YTS – Our recommended torrent website for HD movie downloads.

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