Toenail Fungus:These 17 Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

Friends, let us tell you that this toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a common fungal infection of your toenail And the most noticeable symptom is one or more of your toenails being white, brown, and either yellow in color. And at the same time it can spread and cause the nails to thicken or crack.

Let me tell you that whether it is sandalwood season or not, this fungus in the toes itself is usually not what you want to see while looking at your feet. Luckily, and friends, there are many such remedies that you can try.

In addition, prescription oral antifungals, such as terbinafine (Lamisil) or fluconazole (Diflucan), have traditionally been used to treat toenail fungus. These treatments are often effective, but they can cause serious side effects ranging from upset stomach and dizziness to more serious skin problems as well as jaundice.
Friends, tell that this is probably the reason why many people try home remedies instead. And with that, here are 17 of these popular home remedies.
1. Vicks VapoRub
As such, Vicks VapoRub is a topical ointment. And friends, although it is designed to reduce cough, its active ingredients (camphor and eucalyptus oil) may also help treat toenail fungus.

That same 2011 study found that Vicks VapoRub had this “positive clinical effect” in the treatment of toenail fungus itself.

To use, apply a small amount of Vicks VapoRub to the affected area at least once a day.
2. Hydrogen Peroxide
Friends, tell that this hydrogen peroxide can kill the fungus growing on the toe nails. And along with this, you can wipe this hydrogen peroxide directly on your infected toes or toes with a clean cloth and either cotton swab. The same hydrogen peroxide can also be used in foot soak. And with this, I mix 1/8 cup of hydrogen peroxide (or several capfuls) in four cups of cold water and with that I soak the feet for 10 to 20 minutes. And that is, you wash your feet with warm water and dry it.
3. Black Tea
Friends, let us tell you that soaking your feet in plain tea can also be beneficial in treating all those nails of the foot and either it is your foot fungus. Black tea itself contains tannic acid which dries the feet, and at the same time it kills the bacteria and to reduce sweating, it is very helpful in closing the pores of the feet. helps. Boil two quarts of water and at the same time add five to six tea bags to it. And that is, let the tea cool down and soak the feet for 30 minutes. And if he wants, then soak this foot only daily.
4. Snakeroot Extract
Let us tell you that the extract of snakeroot (Egeratina pichinensis) is an antifungal made from all plants of the sunflower family.

A 2008 study found this remedy to be just as effective against toenail fungus as the prescription antifungal drug ciclopirox.

For this study, every third day for the first month, twice a week for the second month, and either once a week for the third month, applied this very same extract of snakeroot to the affected area. went.
5. Tea Tree Oil
Let us tell you that tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca, is the only essential oil with antifungal and antiseptic abilities.

And at the same time, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, only a few small-scale clinical studies have shown that tea tree oil is very effective against toenail fungus. can be effective.

To use, it is only tea tree oil and then directly paint it on the affected nail twice a day with a cotton swab.
6. Oregano Oil
Please tell that oregano oil contains thymol. According to a 2016 review, thymol has antifungal as well as antibacterial properties.

Tell that to treat this toenail fungus, he should apply oregano oil on the affected nail twice daily with a cotton swab. Only a few people use oregano oil and along with it, I use tea tree oil together.

Note that both these products are powerful and can cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Mixing them together can increase this risk.
7. Olive Leaf Extract
It is believed that an active substance in olive leaf extract, as well as oleuropein, has antifungal, antimicrobial and immune-boosting abilities.

Let us tell you that you can apply this olive leaf salve directly on the nail fungus and either it can be swallowed in the form of capsules.

According to that 2012 review, it is more effective than olive leaf salve in the treatment of toenail fungus, even taking three olive leaf capsules twice a day with meals. Is. And along with this I recommend and that is that you drink plenty of water during this treatment
8. Ozonized Oil
Friends, let us tell you that ozonized oil is olive oil as well as sunflower oil and those that are “injected” with ozone gas.

According to a 2011 study, it is only in very low concentrations that this type of ozone exposure is short for that period, it inactivates many organisms such as fungi, yeast as well as bacteria Can do.

And in addition, another study found that ozonized sunflower oil, a prescription topical antifungal in the treatment of toenail fungus, was more effective than ketoconazole (Xolegel).

And along with this, to treat toenail fungus with ozonized oil, he should apply oil to the affected toenail only twice a day.
9. Vinegar
Note that there is only anecdotal evidence to support the use of vinegar as a treatment for toenail fungus. And at the same time, it is still a very safe home remedy to try.

Tell that to use this, only he should soak the affected leg in one part vinegar, then in two parts warm water for 20 minutes every day.
10. Listerine Mouthwash
This Listerine mouthwash contains ingredients like menthol, thymol, as well as eucalyptus, which have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Tell friends that this is the reason why it is a popular folk remedy for toenail fungus.

Let us tell you that the proponents of this treatment also recommend soaking the affected foot in a basin of amber colored Listerine for 30 minutes every day.
11. Apple Cider Vinegar
Let me tell you that this is another remedy for the treatment of toenail fungus and along with this, home remedies include the use of apple cider vinegar. And this vinegar is an antifungal ingredient and can be mixed with water to make a foot soak. This along with it has acetic acid component and that helps to whiten discolored toenails as well as prevent the spread of infection to other toes. 

Use that two parts vinegar in one part warm water and with this, soak the feet for 20 minutes daily. And with that, for a more powerful foot soak, the ratio might as well be one part vinegar and one part water. And at the same time, if the smell is too much, essential oils can be added to make the experience more pleasant as well. And along with this, white vinegar can be used as a substitute as both are equally effective.
12. Baking Soda
And along with this, I mix baking soda in the feet only to cure the affected nail. You can also make a paste of baking soda with minimal water and apply it directly on the feet. And with this, leave this paste on the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes, then wash it with warm water and dry the feet thoroughly.

And it can be sprinkled with baking soda on the feet or it can also be sprinkled in shoes like foot powder. Once I have applied this on my dry feet, only then do I wear these clean socks; Baking soda can strip away moisture and at the same time, while its healing properties do a great job of reducing toenail fungus.
13. Epsom Salt
Let us tell you that soaking the feet in Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) bath can be very beneficial in getting that relief from the fungus of your feet. You can mix a cup of Epsom salt in two to quarts of warm water and soak your feet for 10 to 20 minutes. And friends, you can also try a more elaborate Epsom salt mixture that includes:

  1. For example, 4 cups of hot to hot water
  2. 1/2 cup Epsom salt
  3. And that 1/2 cup baking soda
  4. and that 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
  5. 1/4 cup vinegar
  6. And then mix all the ingredients and soak the feet for 15 to 20 minutes. 

And these essential oils are a great addition to the foot bath itself. Below is a list of essential oils with healing properties for the treatment of foot fungus. And at the same time, after soaking your feet, wash your feet with clean water and at the same time pat them dry with a clean towel. And to avoid contamination of clean feet, wear clean socks and breathable shoes after bathing your own feet.
14. Essential Oils
And let us tell you that essential oils are gaining popularity in homeopathic remedies only to cure a variety of common ailments. In addition, many essential oils have natural antibacterial as well as antifungal properties. Some essential oils that may help reduce toenail fungus include:

    1. And that’s like tea tree oil
    2. and that clove oil
    3. and with it Clary Sage Oil
    4. And with this I use jasmine oil
    5. and lavender oil
    6. and that ylang-ylang oil
    7. and that eucalyptus oil
    8. and that cinnamon oil
    9. and that lemon oil
    10. And it’s that lemongrass oil
    11. thieves oil
    12. and oil of wild oregano
    13. and that jojoba oil
    14. manuka tree oil

Dilute essential oils with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, or either olive oil, before applying it to the skin itself. Mix this desired oil or combination of oils with the carrier oil of your choice and also apply a few drops on the affected nail As mentioned earlier, you can also add two to three drops of essential oils to your footbath as well.
15. Ozonated Oil
It should be noted that only ozonated oils like olive and sunflower oil contain ozone gas. And the idea is that ozone delivers oxygen to the affected areas, which kills bacteria and stimulates skin cells for faster healing. 

And in addition, a study has found that ozonated oil is an effective home remedy for toenail fungus. The researchers tested ozonized sunflower oil on 101 samples of yeast. And at the same time, my oil was an effective treatment against many fungal strains. 

To do this remedy, first of all clean and dry your feet. And at the same time, I gently massage a small amount of ozonated oil into the skin itself, and work it into the affected nails, as well as around the entire toe.
16. Garlic
Let us tell you that in a 2009 review it was found that garlic has some antifungal and antimicrobial abilities.

You can also treat toenail fungus along with garlic by placing chopped or crushed garlic cloves on the affected area for 30 minutes daily.

Tell that it can be better than this, and less smelly, it should be treated with garlic capsules from inside to outside And take it as directed by the manufacturer.
17. Adjust Your Diet
The link between diet and health is clear: the more healthy foods you eat, the better chance your body has of fighting off conditions like toenail fungus.

Give your body essential nutrients by eating:

  1. Tell that this is yogurt rich in probiotics
  2. plus enough protein to support your nail regrowth
  3. And that’s enough iron to prevent brittle nails
  4. And this is a diet rich in essential fatty acids.
  5. Foods rich in calcium as well as vitamin D, such as low-fat dairy products
When to see a doctor
Friends, in most cases, toenail fungus is considered a cosmetic problem. And at the same time, it can also cause serious complications for some people.

Along with this, if you have diabetes, and that is only because your nail fungus can cause ulcers in the foot or all those other types of foot problems. In fact, chronic toenail fungus is a significant risk factor for bacterial cellulitis of your foot, according to a 2012 study.

Friends, that is if you have diabetes or a weak immune system, and that is why you should not use this home remedy for toenail fungus. Just contact your doctor for proper action.
Let us tell you that in the treatment of mild to moderate toenail fungus, these home remedies can be much more effective than prescription medicines. And in addition, although home remedies generally have fewer side effects, there is less scientific evidence or evidence that they work.

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to treating your nail fungus, such as the penetration of the nail, the severity of the infection as well as overall health.

Note that this home remedy can take much longer to eradicate toenail fungus than prescription topical medications or oral systemic antifungals. Plus, you may not see results for several months. can. And that reinfection is common.

Tell that once the infection is over, and keep the nails of your feet dry, clean and at the same time, keep them well cut.

And with this, severe cases of toenail fungus can cause pain as well as irreversible toenail damage. And with that, if you try these home remedies to treat the infection and they don’t work and either they cause a lot of side effects, and that’s you then you should consult with your doctor. consult with.

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