Spotify Web Player: How to Navigate Your Way Around the Spotify Web Player

What is the Web player on spotify – There is a way to listen to Spotify without downloading the web player app, no matter where you are. It is essentially a website.

Prefer to use Spotify’s web player more than it does on the desktop app? Here’s a guide to using Spotify Web so you can find out what it has to offer as well as what’s missing.

Let us tell you that Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music- and podcast-platforms around. A big part of that success is the ubiquity of the Spotify app. And it’s available on every phone, tablet, and computer you can imagine, including web browsers.

And with that, while Spotify has native apps for almost every platform, it’s easy to forget that the service also offers a web player. This is only useful when using Spotify on a Chromebook, when working with a computer where you can’t install the software, or if the Spotify desktop app isn’t working.

Friends, the best thing about Spotify web player is that it works just like the desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux. The only thing he can’t really replicate is music playing in the background—you have to keep the tab open.
And now we’re going to show you how to browse the Spotify web player and make the most of it if you’re new to it.

How to Access Spotify Web Player

So that Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platform in the market right now. And that but if you think that too many apps are installed in your smartphone or your Windows or Mac system itself.
And with this you can open Spotify’s web player in any modern browser. To access it simply go to in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and either in any other browser. You’ll see a preview of the web player if you haven’t signed in or don’t have an account yet, but you won’t actually play the music until you’re signed in Can.

And with that you can sign in to your Spotify account and click on Log in at the top-right side of the window to start listening. And that if you’re new to Spotify, click Sign Up instead and you can create a new account using your Facebook account and either this email.

And it’s from there, you’re ready to listen with Spotify. As it turns out, it’s more similar to the desktop apps after the March 2021 update to streamline the modern Spotify web player interface. As a result, anyone familiar with desktop apps will feel at home in a web player.

Let me tell you that if you are new to Spotify as a whole, we will go over the main points. Much of the advice in our guide to Spotify’s desktop app would also apply.

How to Find Music in Spotify Web

To find this one great playlist, view your favorite artist, or browse genres, click the Search tab at the top of the left sidebar. Here, you’ll see the Browse All section with dozens of styles along with their top styles at the top. And just select this one to see that featured playlist, new releases, related podcasts, and sub-genres.

And otherwise, use the top search bar to look for anything in Spotify’s library. As you type, it’ll show you similar songs, artists, albums, playlists, and more. Click anything to go to the relevant page.

Friends, as you use Spotify, the Home tab will fill up with handy links personalized to your taste. You’ll see recently played albums, and Spotify playlist mixes it’s created for you, recommended albums, similar to the artists you listen to the most, and more. Watch it when you’re not sure what you want to hear.

Artists and Albums Pages in Spotify Web

Click on an artist’s name anywhere in Spotify, and with that you’ll be taken to their page. The most popular tracks appear at the top, which is a great start if you’re new to the band.

Plus it below that, you’ll see all of its albums, with popular releases first. Only after that list are standard albums, singles/EPs, and compilations. Just click View discography on the right to expand any of these lists and see them all.

Plus, you’ll find much more about the artist, including playlists featuring him, bands that fan favorites, biographical information, and merchants.

You open an Albums page on Spotify (by searching for one on an artist’s page and clicking either) to see all of its tracks. And that’s where you’ll see the length of each track to the right.

Save Music to Your Library in The Spotify Web Player

So the Your Library feature lets you save your very favorite music and makes it easy to access in one place.
Spotify Web Player: How to Navigate Your Way Around the Spotify Web Player
Also, to save an album or another user’s playlist to your library, you click the heart icon that appears above the tracklist on the Albums or Playlists page. When you want to save a single track, just mouse over it and it will appear next to the length of the track for the song.Click on the given heart.

And finally, to save it to an artist, go to their page and click on the follow button above. Since Spotify also has podcasts, you can add shows to your library just like that.

And that’s again, in the Your Library tab at the top-left of the Spotify web, you can use the tabs at the top to see your saved playlists, podcasts, artists, and albums from it.

Plus there’s a separate entry for the songs you’ve liked in the top left sidebar of your playlist. You can save individual songs to your library without saving the entire album, and vice versa.

Manage Playlists in Spotify Web

Let me tell you, playlists are at the heart of any music service, and it is also very easy to manage them in Spotify’s web player.

And click Create Playlist on the left sidebar to create this empty sidebar, and you can then add songs from anywhere else in Spotify by dragging and dropping them onto the playlist name. Alternatively, right-click an item and choose Add to Playlist > [Playlist Name]. You can add individual songs and or even entire albums to the playlist itself.

Plus, every playlist you’ve created or followed appears on the left sidebar. If they get messy, and that’s only right-click in the list and choose Create Folder to help it organize them into groups.

Right-click on the playlist and choose Share > Copy Link to Playlist with If you want to send it to a friend. We’ve also included tons of other Spotify playlist tips and ones you need to know too.

Now Playing and the Queue in Spotify Web

And that’s when music is playing, you’ll see the Now Playing bar at the bottom of Spotify Web. This includes standard controls such as play/pause, skipping tracks, and repeat/shuffle.

From the left side, you can click on the little arrow that appears on the album art to enlarge it. There’s also a heart icon to quickly add the current track to your favorite songs.

To the right, and that’s where you’ll see the volume slider as well as icons for this queue and Spotify Connect. And this queue icon lets you see what’s coming next; You can either rearrange the track or delete it. To next play any song in Spotify, right-click on it and select Add to Queue.

This Spotify Connect icon lets you play your Spotify music on any other device. For example, if you’re listening to Spotify with earbuds on your iPhone, you can choose to play music on your phone while still controlling it from the Spotify web. It’s an easy way to manage this playlist from any device connected to your Spotify account.

Where are the Spotify settings

Step 1. Open Spotify.
Step 2. Click the gear in The Top right corner to access the Setting’s menu.

It should then be able to access all the settings from the Spotify app. You go to his library. Press playback and it should have all these options for you

Spotify Settings On Desktop

To access your account settings, click on your name in the upper right corner. And then it will open a drop-down menu. From here click on Settings. Here you can change Spotify’s language, adjust the streaming quality and volume level, choose whether you want to share your playlist with your friends.

Difference Between Spotify Web and Desktop

The experience that you get when using the Spotify web player, the desktop player, is missing some features. No one is major, but you should know enough about them.

Let me tell you that the biggest disadvantage is that you cannot sort playlists. In Spotify for desktop, you can order any playlist by title, artist, date added, track length, and so on. And it doesn’t exist in Spotify Web.

And that apart, Spotify doesn’t support web multi-select. As such, you can’t press Ctrl+A to highlight all tracks in a playlist, or hold down Ctrl while selecting multiple tracks to move them to the playlist. And so along with the above, it means you shouldn’t rely on this web player only for heavy podcast management.

Now that Spotify’s web player also lacks the desktop version’s keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can’t tap Ctrl+L to go to the search bar, or you can’t just use Ctrl+S to turn on shuffle mode. To add to these, you can try a third-party browser extension like Spotify Web Player Hotkeys for Chrome.

That’s when using Spotify’s web player, there is no options panel to configure. And so that means there’s no tweaking setting to improve Spotify sound, like Crossfade and audio quality preferences either. You cannot download music to your computer using Spotify Web (a Spotify Premium benefit); This only works with the desktop app.

Two other minor omissions in Spotify Web are the lack of a recently played tab on the queue page, and the number of plays not showing up on the album pages. And so it’s none of these deal-breakers, but it’s a shame when the web version doesn’t seem to offer any such obvious advantages over the desktop one.

Enjoying Music Using Spotify Web

And friends now you know how to listen and manage your favorite music in Spotify web player. And if you’re able to, we’d recommend using the desktop app, as it doesn’t have some of the same limitations as the web version.

But if you prefer web apps and can’t install desktop software either, then Spotify Web does a solid job.

How to Use Spotify Web Player on Mobile

So how do I use Spotify Web Player on Android? So first of all you go to, and this will open the web player. Note that you must be logged in to the Spotify website to access or use the web player itself.
Spotify Web Player: How to Navigate Your Way Around the Spotify Web Player
And so what is the web player on Spotify. This web player is just a way to listen to Spotify without having to download the app, wherever you are. It’s essentially a website, and one that allows you to use all the features of the app once you’re logged in.

Supported web browsers

And this web player is compatible with only you choose your device to check the browsers.


Important Note: You only need to have the device running Android OS 6.0 or later to use the web player.

Chrome 69 or above
Samsung Internet 9.2 or above
Firefox 95 or above


Chrome 69 or above
Safari 11 or above


Chrome 66 or above
Firefox 60 or above
Edge 18 or above
Opera 49 or above
Safari 12.1 or above

Spotify Web Player Not Working?

  1. Make sure your browser is up to date. Check it in the help section of your browser and update.
  2. Try opening the web player itself in a private/incognito window.
  3. Some shared and either public networks (eg school/work/office) restrict access to certain services. For more information, you can contact the people responsible for managing the network.
  4. And that if it’s still not working, and that then try listening to you on the desktop app instead.

Playback of protected content is not enabled” error message

And that’s if you see this message (or similar), and only then you need to enable Widevine plugin and download either media pack.

Important Note: No download is required to enable the plugin and it does not compromise your online security.

Picked your web Browser for how to Enable the Web player


In your browser address bar, enter chrome://settings/content
Under Protected content, switch on Allow site to play protected content.


Click To Enable DRM in The yellow warnings bar at The top of the your screen.

If you don’t see the yellow bar:

In your browser address bar, enter about:preferences#content
Under DRM content, switch on Play DRM.


N editions This media feature pack is required to enable the web player only in those versions of Windows 10:

  1. First you go to Microsoft Download Center.
  2. Select your language and click on Download.
  3. And you choose your platform and click on Next.
  4. For more details and a complete installation guide, see Microsoft’s Download Center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I find the setting on Spotify Desktop?

If you downloaded the Spotify desktop client, it has preferences that you can access by clicking on the three dots in the top left corner and going to Edit. And that or that you can just press Ctrl + P (simultaneously). This is the only setting you can turn on for music quality. Hope that helps!

Where is the Spotify setting on the iPhone?

Tell that you tap on the Spotify app icon to open it on your iPhone. Tap the Settings cog in the top-right corner of the screen. Scroll down and select Audio Quality. And in the Streaming section itself, you’ll find a list of available quality settings for both Wi-Fi and cellular data.

Where is the setting on the Spotify browser?

To do this, click on the “gear icon” at the bottom of the toolbar. This will open your settings.

Where is the Preferences Menu in Spotify?

The preferences pane of CNET Spotify can be found under the File menu. And that’s where you can link your account, and with it you can set which files are imported from your local archive, and for stream quality, automatic volume leveling and so on. Only the settings can be changed.

How do I get the old Spotify layout back 2021?

So how to go back to Spotify’s desktop UI before this update:

  1. Open Finder Window and click on your name folder in the sidebar.
  2. Press Command+Shift+Press. ,
  3. And that now, go to Library > Application Support > Spotify.
  4. Open the Prefs text document and add the following line to it – ui.experience_override=”classic”

Where is the Spotify setting on Android?

First you open the Spotify mobile app. Select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Home screen to access Settings.

Is Spotify a browser?

So this Spotify web player is the company’s media player that you can access from your desktop’s web browser. And so with this player, you no longer need to have the Spotify app installed on your device to access your music. And all you need is a web browser, a Spotify account, and then you’re ready to listen to your favorite tracks.

Where is the setting for Spotify Desktop 2022?

How to Tweak Spotify’s Settings. Tell that to access your account settings, click on your name in the upper right corner. This will open a drop-down menu. And from here click on Settings.

Why has Spotify changed?

At Spotify, we’re testing and launching improvements and new features frequently. That means you can see something on that app and that isn’t your friend, or get a new feature to try temporarily. Keep Spotify up to date to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

So why can’t I cancel my Spotify subscription?

First of all, you can’t cancel your Spotify subscription through any of the service’s apps on iOS, Android, MacOS, or Windows. And instead of that, you’ll need to access your Spotify account through a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How do I rearrange my Spotify playlist in the web player?

It simply drag and drop them to your preferred position.

So how do I use Spotify Web Player on PC?

So just launch your favorite web browser on your computer and simultaneously you open this link using Spotify.
And that now you have to select ‘Login’ in the top right corner of the Spotify web site.
In the next screen he will ask you to enter your login details and once he fills everything it just click on login.

What’s wrong with the Spotify web player?

And there are several things that can cause Spotify’s web player to not work, which is usually a problem with your web browser. And it could be that you have enabled an ad blocker in your web browser which is why Spotify is not playing your music. Your browser’s cache files can be causing problems. And it could either be that you have the wrong playback device set in your browser.

So can you move songs around on a Spotify playlist?

To rearrange the songs in your playlist, tap and hold the three horizontal bars next to a song, then drag your finger up or down. And take your finger off the screen to drop a song in its new location. Once you are satisfied with the order, tap on Save.

So how do I search Spotify playlists in the web player?

From within the playlist, swipe down at the top to reveal the hidden search bar. Enter the name of the song, artist, and either this album to search only that playlist.

Is Spotify better than the web player app?

Friends, although both the options are very similar, yet you should note that there are some major differences. First of all, the quality of the music is different. When you’re an app user, you’ll get up to 320Kbps bitrate, but when you use that web player, you can get this 256Kbps bitrate at best for premium users only.

So how can I use Spotify without the app?

To open and run Spotify in any of the above browsers, just go to and either sign in with your current subscription details or follow the same sign-up protocol to create an account Do it.

So does the Spotify web player have ads?

This Spotify comes in two forms: Spotify Free, and one that includes occasional ads and paid-for Spotify Premium. And with the streaming service debuting an update it aims to put an end to the dishonest practice of using only this workaround to block ads.

Why is Spotify 2022 not working?

Note that the app may not work for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: Corrupted local files. Problems with operating systems such as Windows and either Android. And it’s a bad internet connection.

Why won’t Spotify work on Chromebook?

And that if you’re using Chrome, go to chrome://settings/content and that, then scroll down to “Protected Content” and enable “Allow Sites to Play Protected Content”. If you’re using Firefox, go to the Spotify web player site, click the shield icon to the left of the URL bar, then click “Stop blocking for this site only”.

Is Spotify Desktop a Web App?

The Spotify Desktop client it’s Windows as well as Mac native All applications that’s uses CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) to display a web-based user interface as well. This is still true today, and that is, but for previous versions of the desktop, each “page” in the client was designed to be a standalone “app” for you to run inside your own iframe.

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