Smoking Weed The While Pregnancy: That’s Dangerous

Friends, let us tell you that this weed is a medicine obtained from the Cannabis sativa plant and at the same time he uses it for entertainment and also
 It is done for medicinal purposes.

Let it be said that whatever a mother puts on her skin, eats and smokes, and that affects her child Weed is a substance that can potentially affect the health of the developing baby.
What is weed?
Explain that it is a weed (also known as marijuana, pot or bud) and it is the dried part of the Cannabis sativa plant. People smoke or eat weed only for its effect on the body. And at the same time it can lead to euphoria, relaxation and increased sensory perception. In most states, that recreational use is illegal.

Let us tell you that the active compound of this weed is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This compound can only cross the mother’s placenta during pregnancy to receive your baby.
However, it can be difficult to determine the effects of weeds during pregnancy. And friends, that is because and that is because many women who smoke or eat weed, they also use these substances like alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicants. As a result, it is difficult to tell and who is causing the problem.
What is the prevalence of weed use in pregnancy?
Let us tell you that weed is the most commonly used illegal drug during pregnancy. It should be noted that studies have tried to estimate the exact number of pregnant women who use the grass, as well as that, but results have varied.

So that’s Accordingly to The American Congress of the Obstetrician’s or Gynecologist’s and (ACOG) 2 to 5% of women use that weeds during pregnancy. This number rises for some groups of women. For example, it is only those young, urban and socio-economically disadvantaged women who report high rates of use and reach as high as 28 percent.
So what are the possible effects of using weed while pregnant?
Let us tell you that doctors have linked the use of weed during pregnancy with an increased risk of complications. In addition, they may include:

  1. as she was low birth weight
  2. and she was born prematurely
  3. and that little head circumference
  4. as well as short length
  5. and steelberth
What are the possible effects of weed use after childbirth?
Let us tell you that most of these researchers study the effects of weed use during pregnancy on most animals. Experts say that exposure to THC can affect the development of the child’s brain itself.

It should be noted that only babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy do not have severe withdrawal symptoms. And friends though this, and at the same time that other kind of changes can be noted.

Let us tell you that this research is going on, but the child whose mother and she uses weed during pregnancy, and with it, it may be a problem for him as he grows up. And that research isn’t clear: Some older research reports no longer-term developmental differences, and with that, but newer research shows some problems for these children only.

Let us tell you that THC is considered by some to be a developmental neurotoxin. In addition, a child whose mother uses weed during pregnancy may have problems with memory, attention, impulse control, and school performance. And this requires more research.
So those misconceptions about weed use and pregnancy?
The growing popularity of vape pens has prompted weed users to switch from smoking that drug to “vaping”. And at the same time, vape pens use water vapor instead of smoke.

Let us tell you that many pregnant women mistakenly think that inhaling steam or eating weed does not harm their baby. And with that but the active ingredient in these preparations is still THC. As a result, they can harm a child. And let’s say we don’t know if it’s safe, and that’s why it’s not worth the risk.
What about medical marijuana?
Let us tell you that many states have legalized that grass for medical use only. And at the same time, it is often referred to as medical marijuana. And let us tell you that expectant mothers who wish to become pregnant and either women should use that weed only for medical purposes such as relief from nausea.

It should be noted that it is difficult to regulate medical marijuana during pregnancy.

According to ACOG, there are no:

  1. such as this standard dosage
  2. and that standard formulation
  3. and standard delivery system
  4. and Food and Drug Administration-approved recommendations regarding its use in pregnancy
  5. For these reasons, she is advised not to use weed for women hoping to become pregnant or if they are pregnant.

As such, women can work with their doctors to find alternative treatments.
Take Away
Please tell that these doctors recommend not to use weed during pregnancy And also because weed types can vary and chemicals can be added to this medicine, and it’s hard to say what’s safe. Furthermore, weed use is associated with an increased risk of problems during pregnancy, in the newborn, as well as later in life.

Tell that if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, and only then you should be honest with your doctor. Tell them about your weed and tobacco use as well as any other drug use, including alcohol.

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