Instagram Story: How to add a link to your Instagram Story in 2022

Friends, let us tell you that as Instagram Stories maintain its popularity, many brands have used all those features like swipe up links as part of their Instagram marketing strategy.

And that adding a link to your Instagram story allows you to be very strategic with your stories as well, which can lead to even more clicks and those conversions.

And also as of August 2021, Instagram has discontinued the swipe up feature and has added a new link sticker for Stories only.
Let us tell you that you read on to know a lot more about the current state of linking on Instagram Stories and how to use it effectively in its strategy itself.
What was Instagram Swipe Up Feature?
Friends, this Instagram feature is fast moving, so it’s no surprise and that if you think so and that you’re missing out on some details when it comes to stories linking updates. Since it doesn’t offer much in the way of adding links to Instagram posts, and your link in bio is best used for top landing pages only, Stories swipe up links to different pages and so on. It only became popular as a way of linking more freely to pieces over time. of material.

And most IG power users are probably still adjusting to the difference, and with that, but when a swipe up link was added to a story, that audience could so just tap in The arrows and at The bottoms of theirs screening And swipe the link to the right on the story to access it. and this application.
What does the link sticker now look like in Instagram Stories
Friends, with the update to add this link sticker, you can forget the swipe up motion and either this or that screen tap at the bottom, and its creator can be till add a links anywhere in story spaces And that’s an updated Sprout story here and the one that’s showing this very visible placement.

And friends then link this to use stickers, you have access to the facility so that
Will need a lot. If you’re not sure if you have it, read on to the next section to learn more about the criteria itself. If you have a link sticker, and that’s it, you can add them to your Instagram story along with the rest of your unique sticker options.
So available.
how to access instagram stories link stickers
Friends, let us tell you that like the previous stories swipe up link feature, there are still some limitations and that is that you can add that link to your Instagram stories only.

Friends, as of now, the parameters have not changed with Swipe Up. In order to guarantee this access to the Instagram link sticker, only this your account:

  1. And it must be an Instagram business profile and
  2. And he must have over 10,000 followers
Must have a verified account
In addition to these criteria, Instagram is testing allowing these stickers for other types of users from the summer of 2021. It’s not entirely clear how the accounts are selected for testing, or whether it will be a full rollout of the Link Stickers for all users only.
How’s to the add a links to yours Instagram Story
Friends, let us tell you that if you have access to Instagram link stickers, then only you can start creating your story and tap on the sticker icon to access the tray of sticker options. And with this, you will see the link option only as one of the stickers that you can use.

So this is once you tap it, and then the window that allows you to add a link to your story pops up with it. Add any link to your website, whether it’s a blog post, and a landing page or a piece of curated content that you’re sharing with your audience.

From here, you can finish your story with any other design details and just publish it as usual to include a link to your Instagram story!
Friends, Ways to Use Instagram Story Links Effectively
So you know, and that’s how you get access and with that you add link stickers to your Instagram stories.

Friends, let us tell you that now let’s talk about the different ways in which you can take advantage of this new feature to increase that engagement with your Instagram account itself.

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How to use Instagram Stories Analytics
So that you promote blog posts and content Tell friends that you want to promote your recent blog post? graphics and accompanying I think sharing it on your Instagram Story is a great way for your content to get even more social traction! And with that, just make sure you’re on top of Instagram’s story dimensions when you create your views. Remember that not all mobile devices have the same dimensions, so it’s important to create graphics within the right guidelines.

Friends, when you create your graphics, make sure to include relevant visuals in your blog content and with that you keep your imagery on the brand Here, America’s Test Kitchen highlights recent content with both a poll sticker and its That To link sticker to drive engagement

And so using the same fonts and colors for your entire brand helps build brand strength and identity, especially when users are aimlessly scrolling through Instagram Stories.

So that you can keep track of your story swipe ups in your Instagram Insights.
Promote products
Let me tell you that this is another great way to use the Instagram link sticker feature and with this you can promote your products And it’s after all, Instagram is a visual platform, so use it and you to share stunning, professional photos of your products with a direct link to their product page as well as you.
Instagram Story: How to add a link to your Instagram Story in 2022
So take a look at how Equinox+ prominently highlighted links to its own service, along with the new sticker option, in its Stories. Compared to swiping up, it’s easier to center the sticker and highlight all of its design elements organically.
Promote virtual events
Friends, if you are doing a virtual event and with this then you are trying to generate a huge vote for it, and only then use the swipe up feature to attract this registrant You probably already have these promotional graphics for just that, and friends, it’s so you can share your graphics in your stories and include a link to the registration landing page.

And with that you can easily share your Instagram posts to your story by tapping on the share icon and selecting your story. It can also be a great way to add links to Instagram posts and get people who see your story to click through to your feed.
Promote landing pages
And friends, whether you’re building a sales or service page or an informational landing page, it’s incredibly important to get it right in front of your potential customers’ eyes.

And it’s these types of webpages are transaction pages, and that’s what it means and that their purpose is to get visitors to revisit and with that I want them to sign up and either make that purchase. is to receive.

Friends, just take a look at this Instagram story that promotes and links online course sales and landing pages.

And it’s Instagram story graphics to link to the landing page (and either it’s video about a service, and it’s even if it’s using videos from other users as social proof). Sharing in) that should be a big part of your Instagram Stories strategy.

And by the way, she can still refer to Swipe Up as we can see with this example, past stories, such as those saved in Highlights. And don’t worry too much about it – Instagram has preserved the ‘see more’ clickable link at the bottom of previous highlight stories and so that your viewers can still access the link the same way The way you originally wanted it.
Promote video
Friends, whether you recently posted a new video on IGTV, YouTube, Facebook or directly on your website, you can easily increase views by sharing a link on your Instagram story.

Friends, here is an example of a user sharing a thumbnail of his recent YouTube video on his Instagram story And this story ties directly to the video and that so her Instagram followers can see it instantly.

Friends, once you’ve unlocked the Instagram Stories link sticker feature, that’s when you can bring your cross-platform promotional materials and fun strategies into your Stories.

And that’s all, just create a graphic in the Instagram story dimensions, upload it, add a link, and publish Voila! And with this you are now able to send these followers to any video from Instagram, any other social network and either on your own website.
Boost lead magnets
And that you are trying to grow your email list? That boost to lead magnets and email list sign-ups is another great use of Instagram story links.

And he or she, like this example below, invest in Instagram Story ads, which add this very easy-to-use signup form instead of the signup page users have to navigate through.
How’s to the gets More traffic’s Instagram story link’s
Friends, let us tell you that now that you are getting ready to take full advantage of the link in your Instagram story, it is important to pay attention to some tips and that which is your website and all the other promotions that I am going to do with it. But can help you increase story clicks.
Include call to action
First and foremost, you should include the call to action directly in your story While the link sticker is much more visible than that of Swipe Up, users can still get used to the swipe up action, and that’s why the graphics and design options as well as that of your link pay more attention. So There’s not problems in attracting him.
Post stories often
Friends, if like any platform, the more frequent you post, and this Well the more reach and engagement you are going to get. If users view your stories frequently, and only then will your brand be visible at the beginning of their Stories feed.

But if you take a long hiatus from posting Stories, you could lose your place in their feed, losing devoted observers and potentially pious guests. 

Instagram Story: How to add a link to your Instagram Story in 2022

Once you start working on an Instagram Stories strategy, try to keep up with it so you do n’t lose that hard work and viewership. 
Start adding clicks and transformations with Instagram Story links 
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