Instagram Guides: How to make Instagram Guides Best 6 example to inspire you in 2022

How important time do you spend creating your Instagram posts? 

So that’s We know. A lot goes into casting successful posts You map, draft, design and edit — while still leaving yourself enough time to get your post approved and listed in advance. And we know how frustrating it can be when the post doesn’t perform as well as you hoped or if the engagement is short-lived. 
So that’s, how can you maximize the impact of your posts and unleash their full engagement eventuality? That’s where Instagram Guides come in. 
And that’s Attendants are a collection of published posts featured on your Instagram profile. Guides can help you give new precious content and gain further likes, commentary and shares long after you originally produce your post. 
What are Instagram attendants good for? 
So you Using Instagram Attendants to punctuate your products is a great way to curate and organize content for your followers You can organize your products grounded on bestsellers, new releases, orders, or demographics 
So that’s In 2020, Instagram introduced Guides as a way to more fluently discover recommendations, tips and other content from your favorite generators, public numbers, associations and publishers on Instagram.
So Likely Stories Highlights, Attendants let you repurpose and curate content from your brand, your mates and your community. But rather of using Stories, Attendants only use published posts. 
So that’s Let’s dive into the different types of Attendants and how you can produce your own to drive fresh engagement with being content. 

That’s The 3 types of attendants on Instagram 
And There are three different types of Instagram Attendants — post, product and place Attendants. Each type breathes new life into being posts and can help you reach people in new ways. 
Can you boost Instagram attendants? 
And Still, give Instagram Attendants a pass, If your organic engagement on Instagram needs a boost. Businesses of any size can snappily produce Instagram attendants filled with precious content centered around posts, products, or places 
So Below are crucial benefits of each Companion and the stylish ways to use them. 
1. Post Instagram Attendants 
So These Attendants allow you to curate your posts — and posts from other accounts — around themes and events. You can use them to introduce the people behind your brand and share content from generators. They ’re also an excellent way to partake helpful coffers like how-to attendants and curated listicles. Some popular motifs include how to celebrate Black History Month and ways to take care of your internal health. 
That’s Note when creating post Attendants, you must choose from your saved posts. 
2. Product Instagram Attendants 
That Product Attendants feature ecommerce products vended on Instagram You can use them to punctuate your products or products from a brand or creator you mate with Holiday product Attendants are excellent exemplifications of how you can place your products around an instigative moment So products Guide inspires by the pop culture a topically event drive excitements so just makes sure they are right fit for you’re brand. 
Or For illustration, you can produce product Attendants like a “ Clean skincare routine starter tackle” or a “ What to bring camping roster.” 
3. Place Instagram Attendants 
That’s Use place Attendants to spotlight specific locales important to your community. They make it easy to curate a Companion using posts from certain geotags. You can punctuate multiple places at a time, but make sure they partake a common theme. Place Attendants are ideal if you want to partake content captured by your followership, like on your university’s lot or from your slipup-and-mortar store. 
So that’s How to make Guides on Instagram Your digital design 

At After you decide which Guide is right for your brand, it’s time to start creating. Follow these way to bring your Companion to life 

Instagram Guides: How to make Instagram Guides Best 6 example to inspire you in 2022

And From your profile, click the else sign in the top right corner and elect Guide. 
  1. Choose posts, products or places. 
  2. Elect a companion type from the menu 
  3. saved posts add Instagram to Shop product posts from the placed.
  4. Exemplifications of saved posts, products or places 
  5. Name your Companion and add a description. To use a different cover print, valve “ Change cover print.” 
  6. So Exemplifications of post, product and place Instagram Attendants with unique names and cover prints 
  7. At Continue adding places, products or posts until your Companion is complete. 
  8. Tap “ Coming” in the upper right corner and also valve “ Share.” Now your Companion will appear on your profile. 
6 Instagram Guide exemplifications to elevate your brand 
That Ready to produce a Companion for your brand? We plant six, stand-out Instagram Guide exemplifications to help inspire you. Each company or creator’s approach is different, but they all use creativity to transfigure being content into a new community touchpoint. Review these exemplifications to find ways your brand could use each Companion type. 
Post Guide exemplifications 
1. Indiana University 
That Indiana University’s Guide, Hoosier Hype Team, introduces you to the university’s 2020-2021 ministers. This is an excellent illustration of how you can use a post Companion to draw attention to the people behind your brand. 

At Attendants like this make your brand’s Instagram presence feel personable, warm and authentic You can use this same tactic when promoting workers, generators you work with or active members of your community. 
2. Sow Social 
And At Sprout Social, we use Attendants to help our community navigate leaves devoted to diversity, equity and addition. Our Companion, How Brands Can Celebrate Pride in 2021, combined findings from our social media harkening data, the gests of our LGBTQIA platoon members and exemplifications of brands who made a positive impact last time. 
So This is Companion is a successful illustration of how you can address constantly asked questions or enterprises from your community. 
So that’s Pro tip when creating Attendants or other content about a specific community, be sure to include different perspectives from members of that community to join the discussion courteously. 
Product Companion exemplifications 
3. Petco 
So that’s Petco knows bringing a new pet into your life can be inviting And so can getting everything you need to enter pet parenting That’s what inspired the New Pet Guide Dogs and Puppies and other rosters for new pet parents. 

That’s In their Attendants, Petco shares lovable stoner-generated posts created by their community members to spotlight trending products. 
So They also partake explanations of how to use their products and the benefits they offer faves. When creating product Guides, limelight real people who use your products to make them more relatable and inspirational. 
4. Grove Collaborative 
So Plastic-Free Products at Grove is a product Companion from Grove Collaborative As a part of their#BeyondPlastic crusade, this Companion is a resource for all their plastic-free products and updates on their thing to be plastic-free by 2025. The Guide is an emotional illustration of how you can start with a value that matters to your brand and community, like sustainability, and use it to draw attention to a particular product line or crusade launch. 
So The Plastic-Free Products Guide is an approachable starter tackle that will help Grove Cooperative followers imagine new possibilities in their homes What’s value a yours follower try a abide by in theirs everyday live? Consider using this model to produce a Companion with your products. 
Place Guide exemplifications 
5. Hotel Whisperer 
So Danielle’s Pointdujour is an award- winning trip intelligencer and editor who shares trip recommendations on her account@hotelwhisperer In her Attendants, including 8 Luxurious South African Lams, she curates elegant hospices using her trip moxie. 
And Her Attendants include highlights and must- see rudiments from each position. When creating your own place Guide, look to Danielle for alleviation. Share special tips or fun data to give your followers a before-the- scenes look. This will produce an interesting, immersive experience. 
6. Explore Uptown Chi 
And In Chicago, the Uptown neighborhood Chamber of Commerce creates Attendants to showcase original caffs, entertainment and events So Argyle Lunar New Year Guide take this community’s on trip Argyle’s Street. 
So Argyle’s Street is a major quarter known for its South Asian, East Asian and Vietnamese businesses In this Companion, Explore Uptown Chi features original caffs and images of their mouth- soddening cookery so This is images description included the Lunar New Year’s tradition’s, custom’s And stories from Argyle Street restaurateurs. 
So Take a cue from the Argyle Lunar New Year Guide and mate with other businesses, generators and community members Work with them to weave education and stoner-generated content together. 
So How to make Instagram Attendants for your business 
And Now that you know why and how to produce Instagram Attendants, there’s only one thing left to do. It’s time to make your own. 

Instagram Guides: How to make Instagram Guides Best 6 example to inspire you in 2022

So Launch by figuring out what kind of Guide would reverberate with your community Are they having exchanges on Instagram about an forthcoming event or popular show? Or are they preparing to start traveling again and in need of a roster? It’s important to meet your followership where they are. 
So that’s After you determine what your followership is looking for, take stock of your brand’s Instagram pretensions and being posts. Which type of Guide could you produce that would integrate your pretensions and your community’s requirements? Relate back to the digital design above once you ’re ready to get started.

Attendants make it possible to repurpose being posts into a meaningful new experience for your Instagram community Numerous brands have n’t yet discovered the benefits of using Guides. There’s a ton of room to produce commodity unique and innovative without overfilling yourself or your platoon.

For further ideas to help you optimize your Instagram presence, check out these 10 Best tips to growing a real followership.

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