Instagram content: 1 video And 47+ Using Maximizing your Instagram content

Friends, tell me that when it comes to social media, the video king, queen and with it I am a complete royal court After all, who hasn’t wasted two hours just scrolling through the infinite feed!

So this video has only exploded in popularity on social media. And with that, people on other content types are twice as likely to share that Videos and I know that Instagram. So that’s Within this platforms doubling down on the videos contents in 2022 so it goes withouts say that video should be part of your Instagram content strategy.

And with that, but behind every 15 seconds of video is hours of unseen work. And friends, that’s why it’s worth using and reusing your Instagram videos as much as possible.

And we tell you, by the end of this article, you should have a good understanding of how you can rearrange your Instagram content—new and old—in a way that maximizes your reach and all that impact. Will do.
What makes video successful on Instagram?
Let us tell you that with the recent changes made by Instagram itself (RIP, IGTV…), let’s review the video formats available on the platform:

  1. Reels: And this vertical, full-screen video that can be up to 60 seconds long with great effect.
  2. Instagram Videos: And with this I replace the IGTV tab on your profile, all videos that are not reels, and friends, fall into this category. Contains live and pre-branded IGTV videos posted by you. And with this, it can be from seconds to an hour (for some accounts).
  3. Stories: And let’s say, this momentary vertical content that appears in a 15-second clip.
  4. Lives: And let’s say, this is a live video that you can share in your feed after the fact as a regular video.
So what does that work best?
“And they have been our top video reels on Instagram over the past year. And with that comes the particular reel that inspires viewers and delivers instant value,” said Olivia Jepson, social media strategist at Sprout Social. Let us tell you. But it depends on what you want to show and also what suits your brand.” The shorter the video, the better, but sacrifice good storytelling. Don’t. And friends, consider that what is necessary for the audience to get out of the video you are making.
So how do you know which videos to reuse?
Friends, not every video is worthy of your re-purposed efforts. Identify your most popular Instagram videos. And with this, it will help you choose videos that resonate with your audience and have the potential to perform well on other platforms.

Friends, for example, by using a tool like this Sprout Social, and friends, they can quickly find this data in the Instagram Business Profile report (pictured below) or this post performance report.
So why should you reproduce Instagram videos?
Friends, reusing videos in new formats and on new channels can expand your audience, and with that you can get more content and increase your chances of engagement.

And that you may have even more success with a video on a new channel. And that just for example, take this sea otter video. It did extremely well on Instagram, garnering over 300,000 views and 18,000 likes.

But when reproduced on TikTok, the video made a splash, garnering over 1 million views and tens of thousands of followers on its Shed Aquarium account itself.

And on that note, let’s dive into 47 ways you can reuse Instagram content to get the most out of your video itself.
So That’s 47+ Ways You Reuse Your Instagram Video Content

Recreate that Instagram video within Instagram
So that’s what we know, super meta (not that kind of meta) Simply converting an existing video to a new format enhances its impact and helps fill up your Instagram content calendar.

So here’s are some way to do that:
1. Improve the look of a reel
It should be noted that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that it has become the main driver of engagement growth on Reels Instagram itself.

And this is what Olivia tells us, and that “Reel is and will be king for discovery and awareness of it.” With Instagram prioritizing reels in 2022 and reels appearing in multiple feeds as well, now is a great time to add them to your strategy. Reorder long videos into snackable reels to make them more shareable and searchable.

Pro Tip: And so on. That’s if you have a horizontal video that you want to convert to a vertical reel, and that’s only to crop your video to a reel-ready aspect ratio like this Canva Use this editing app.
2. Create Carousel
Friends, this bannersnack found that the carousel (the one that you can swipe on the post with multiple photos or videos) has the highest engagement rate of all types of Instagram posts, and also I That’s especially when they feature a mix of videos and photos. Carousels usually appear multiple times in the feed and require a lot of engagement from the audience itself.

Friends, here are all the creative ways to reimagine that Instagram video as a carousel and present it:
3. Quote Post
So it lets you turn shareable quotes into graphics in your videos.
4. Facts or Figures
And that you convert the data in your video itself into that carousel “Data Report”.
5. Tips or How-Tos
Friends, is that your video “how to” guide? Clip each step, and split it into a carousel of either screenshots and graphics.
6. Featured Clips
So this feature “best” clip.
7. Use Stories
And with 500+ million people using you stories every day, they put your content in front of an active audience and with that beat algorithmic feeds Split your long videos into Stories And it’s then a step-by-step story guide, and that’s a list viewer can tap into, display the top five moments, and they can be either quote-creative from a long video.

And this pro tip: Olivia says, “Sharing the reels/videos on Stories almost always gives it and that much more life and thought. Consider sharing it more than once a week or so in a few weeks or so to capture different people within your audience.”
8. Make Story Content into Highlights
Let us tell you that by turning stories new and old into highlights, only your momentary content gets that new life. Use highlights as areas to tell different stories, and choose a highlight cover that brings your brand’s colors and graphics to life.
9. Convert Long Videos to Short-Form
In the 2021 data, it has been found that 58% of the viewers will watch the entire video less than a minute, but only 24% of the viewers will watch the entire video for more than 20 minutes. And with that, you can rearrange long videos—like former IGTV and either this live content—as short clips.

Friends, tell us that this is what Sprout did with our Always on Instagram series. And with this, we shared 3-4 minute videos on Instagram, then 30 seconds for our feed and its stories. Make a cut. Olivia herself tells us, “The cutdown creates intrigue and provides that immediate value, while the lengthy video with many takeaways shares a complete story and one that our viewers can digest.”
10. Decorate Your Videos With Branding
Refresh old videos with this Canva app by posting them with branded frames, logos, title cards, graphics etc.
11. Get New Life Out of Your Life
Then you can just share it from your collection to your Instagram Live—both new and old—as this Instagram video in your feed. Share your entire live, and either break it down into short, shareable chunks.
12. Make your old videos more accessible
Note that it is best practice to add captions to your videos in terms of accessibility. And with that, but did you know that 79% of videos online are watched without sound? Friends, if you have uncapped videos that you are reposting in reel or stories and they are either reusing, and only then make sure to add this caption.
13. Refresh Your Ads
Well, with organic engagement on Instagram decreasing lately, now is a good time to start using Instagram ads. And with that, they are doing particularly well for Instagram Story advertising brands only, with low CPM and overall high performance.
Instagram content: 1 video And 47+ Using Maximizing your Instagram content
14. Create Instagram Guide
Friends, as defined by Instagram, and its Guides is “a curated flow of posts with comments – great for step-by-step guides, tips, and recommendations.” These curated posts can be yours or they can be from other accounts. Include this existing video post in a guide to just how to use this relatively new feature.
15. Re-Share Your Greatest Hits
So friends, if enough time has passed—about six months or more, ideally that’s you—reshare old, successful content as a throwback, reminder, or culturally relevant piece. Do it. This will please existing fans who recognize the video, as well as new fans and those watching it for the first time.

So this is reusing Instagram content on other social media platforms.

And this is everyone is not on the gram. And with this, this reuse of your Instagram content on other social media platforms only increases your reach, and it helps you fill your content calendar and at the same time it will be the life of your videos. expands.
16. Turn to TikTok
And with that, this is the world of TikTok – we just post in it. And friends, if you are using Tiktok to increase your business, and that is only by posting your reels on Tiktok, you can increase the reach of your Instagram content. Be sure to add captions and text to TikTok’s editor—the more original a video it feels on a platform, the better it performs. And with that, take a look at our Instagram Reels Vs Tiktok account.

Pro Tip: Beware of sharing your TikTok as a reel – Instagram will not promote reels and those that have this TikTok watermark.
17. Share your video on Facebook
Well that’s before we all dive into the Facebook Metaverse, and friends, there are just so many video formats on the platform to get creative with right now.
18. Share as Post
It should be noted that this is for in-feed posts, Facebook verticals and it is either that it recommends Square Video.
19. Build a Short-Form Reel
Note that, with Facebook prioritizing short-form videos in News Feed, you can also please the algorithm itself by reintroducing your own short-form videos and reels from Instagram to Facebook. .

This can be seen in the reels in a new, dedicated News Feed section, or at the very top of the regular News Feed where the stories and the accompanying rooms are displayed.

Friend, he’ll automatically save your Instagram reels when you publish it, automatically share that on Facebook, and either save them after publishing to re-share them on Facebook . (Keep in mind—you may need to add this music back to Facebook itself.)
20. Create a Facebook Story
Let us tell you that Facebook Stories gives you prime real estate at the top of the news feed. And with that, with 500 million people using them every day, they’re a feature worth trying.
21. So Creates Ads on that’s You’re Social Media Channel’s
The video campaign itself can increase conversion rates by up to 34%, and 87% of video marketers say they see a positive return on investment for the video itself.

Friends, that’s if you only have this budget for paid ads, and that’s only if you turn your own videos into ads and stay competitive against Facebook’s organic reach and its paid content from other brands.
22. Share your video on Twitter
Guys it’s basically just that on twitter Tweet this horizontal and that square video of it you just made for Instagram—as long as it’s 2 minutes and 20 seconds and it’s either way shorter than that. And with that just make sure you have resized to the ideal aspect ratio-square, portrait and either it’s horizontal.

So make that effort to post your videos on Twitter as such.
23. Share a Short-Form Video
Not only is it in the race to compete with Tiktok, Twitter has also announced that they are testing a short-form video “explore” page feature. And also, although this feature is not yet available to everyone, and that but it is now a good time to get used to the best practices of video post and also recognize that you are in this new vertical. What top-performing short-form Instagram videos he intends to reuse for the video Twitter feed itself.
24. Break up tips in the form of a Twitter thread
Friends, this is similar to the carousel ideas above, and that sharing the tips from your videos into an informative thread is a great way to encourage engagement and also to educate your audience.
And at the same time breaking it down into smaller snippets to share as a series of Tweets of yours is a great way to get posts from more than just one piece of content.

Pro Tip: Scheduling your content with a tool like Sprout Social can only help you stay on track and ensure that your posts stand out. – are different.
26. Lead with a Question
And that is, to encourage its engagement, only tweet this question or poll, then tweet this video as an answer later.
27. Share your video on LinkedIn
Friends, let us tell you that this LinkedIn is no longer a place to share job postings and tell us that nothing more The platform has recently gone through changes and with this it has become a hub for high-end content.
28. Share Data Points
So that you share the statistics and discoveries mentioned in your own video as graphics and either it’s screenshot so As a professionals networking and the learnings tools and this LinkedIn is a greatly homes for the thoughtful leadership’s and industry insights.
29. Create a Live Stream
Not to mention, using LinkedIn Live is also a great way to reach new audiences with your previous live-streamed content—just be transparent that it’s a re-telecast of the event.
30. Rearrange short-form video posts
Let me tell you, LinkedIn will be one of the next social media platforms to focus on short-form videos – feeling it yet?

Be aware that this educational, and whether product-focused, company culture or thought-leading, can be a great fit for repurposing your Instagram videos. All that recent data shows that 68% of video marketers are planning to include LinkedIn in their video marketing strategy by 2022—a 5% increase from last year. And that’s your own. Just give it an audit to LinkedIn to see where the video might fit.
31. Use Video to Build Useful Product Pages
Friends, these LinkedIn product pages are the ones where brands with multiple products share information about each offering, its features and even what it is.Can also be shown to customers. Friends, if you have any case study videos, product demos or tip videos, then use them to improve your product pages.
32. Share Quotes
Friends, if you have Instagram videos with inspirational thought leadership ideas or quotes, and that’s it, just turn them into content that you can share on LinkedIn, just as text posts or graphics.

33. Create Thought Leading Content
Friends, let us tell you that this is a video shareable thought leadership post or LinkedIn article itself by translating these tips and its ideas and rearrange it.

And that’s either split this video’s highlights into text posts and also share this video to give viewers multiple ways to consume that content.
34. Share PDF or Slides
Friends, if you have a long, informative Instagram video, turn it into a PDF or set of slides that you can share. It’s one-of-a-kind content and one that you can share on LinkedIn and it fits well with this professional network.
35. Upload Your Video to YouTube
Friends that you can always upload your content as a single video and with that I can call it a day. But here are just a few ways to take it a step further.
36. Use YouTube Shorts
Tell friends, you know where this is going, right? In an appeal to creators, YouTube introduced Shotcut as a place to share short and often very funny videos that can be monetized. Shorts recently reached five trillion views, and let’s say, it’s a proven tool to repurpose your reels and other things just to consider using it again. has gone.
37. Build a Playlist Around Short Video Clips
Friends, if your video is long and has many concepts or how-tos in it, and only then consider splitting it into clips, and also the ones that can be shared together in a playlist. What’s more, it can boost SEO for multiple topics, and it can make each section shareable on its own.

Pro Tip: Friends, tell me why SEO matters for this video? YouTube is a video sharing platform, but it is one of the most popular search engines in the world and with it. Videos hosted by you on YouTube can also appear in Google search, and friends, make sure that you think about SEO while preparing the title and description of your video.
38. Pin to Pinterest
Friends, if you want to grow your own Pinterest account, then videos are a great way for you to start using it. It is investing in platform videos and creators only. According to Pinterest, video views on the platform grew 100% year-on-year in Q4 2020, and so did the younger population.
So the platform is only growing in popularity.
39. Idea Pin
Friends, it is made for creators to be more active on Pinterest and this video feature is somewhere between Stories and Tiktok. And with this, I see this Pin getting 9x the average comment rate than a normal Pin and have him wear your creator hat and recreate your vertical reels and stories on Pinterest.
40. Video Pin
Friends, if you have added your Instagram video to YouTube, and only then pin this video directly from YouTube Or, just upload the video as a video pin You can also include a head-turning cover image that emphasizes your brand.
41. Share on Snapchat
Friends that if your brand itself has this young Gen Z and millennial audience, and that this for business only this is another place to take your vertical video content by leveraging Snapchat to reach your target audience can.
42. Keep an eye on new opportunities
Friends, even Reddit has recently rolled out a short-form video button. Platforms are rapidly evolving and it is bound to keep up with the popularity of short-form videos, not only to have more and more new features coming into the social space.

So you can reuse your Instagram videos outside this social media platform
43. Add Instagram Videos to Your Website or Portfolio
Let this video bring to life the story of your brand. Recent data shows and that 68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services and this versus reading articles, presentations, infographics and that or either this eBook.

And so you can use Instagram videos showcasing your own product, telling you the story of the brand or (if you’re a filmmaker or videographer) and that you want to highlight your work on your website and that Either can add a dynamic element to the portfolio.
44. Use Your Videos in Email Campaigns and Newsletters
Friends, if there is one important conclusion that can be drawn from this article, it is that this video is powerful. And with this, according to Vidyard, igloo software increased its own email click-through rate by up to 189% by using only more videos.

Friends, embedding videos in your own email newsletter, like in the example below, is a great way to revitalize your own content and bring all its viewers to your website, YouTube, and either it’s social channels is the way.
45. Create GIF or Screenshot
Remember this GIF responsibly – it could easily be shoddy. But creating informative, shareable or funny GIFs from your content can create visual elements that can be used in everything from emails to Tweet responses.
46. ​​Write a Blog Post
Remember that we live in a video-centric social world, and this blog post is an important tool for SEO, education and all that thought leadership Create a blog post from the content of your video, and add that video to your blog post so that readers can interact with your content and integrate your content marketing efforts.
47. Create an Infographic
Let this infographics share educational information, data points, guides and more.

It’s a shareable and visually creative way of doing things. And with that they are highly shareable, and they can build your backlinks and it’s classically effective, especially on this highly visible platform like Pinterest.

  1. Stay Organized: Create an Instagram Content Calendar to Track Your Recreated Content
  2. Repurposing just one Instagram video can give you dozens of content. And you make sure that you are presenting that content strategically across your channel and over time and not all at once.

Friends, scheduling your own posts ahead of time keeps you organized and also helps you reach your audience when they are ready to engage. And with you going back to Instagram’s chronological feed, it’s important to make sure that’s when your audience is most active and that’s when you’re publishing content.

So you create an Instagram content calendar to keep it organized yourself. And to take it a step further, save time by using a publishing tool to schedule your content at peak posting times.

So this Sprout’s publishing calendar could serve as a way to see and see how your content is going to be delivered over time, as well as a way to schedule that ahead of time. and that only gives you that much time to think strategically.

  1. And that you give new life to your Instagram content
  2. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, and then a video is worth millions—why let that stuff go to waste?

So it’s easy to stress how to create that content for Instagram itself and that or how you create enough content for all of your social channels. And it’s just starting with what you have and maximizing the impact of a video it can go a long way.
So does video content perform better on Instagram?
When it comes to generating engagement, all this math tells us is that on Instagram itself, videos perform better on average than other types of content. The bottom line is this: and give it a try and invest some time and money in creating high quality videos for Instagram, whether it’s permanent video, and whether it’s Instagram stories and or video ads

Let us tell you that to make a strong start to the year, make your Instagram video only that part of that social media marketing strategy of 2022.

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