Instagram Audit: The 10 Best Easy Steps To Do performing successful Your Instagram Audit

Friends, tell us that nothing remains the same on Instagram, so why should your strategy be? And with that you can see that your growth rate is stabilizing. And that or this, your post is getting less engagement than before And with that, before I try that new strategy, let’s just take a step back and do an Instagram audit.

Note that this is an Instagram audit that takes a holistic view of your brand’s account. And that’s rather than wondering whether it’s the captions or the visual branding that needs work, and that’s all, complete a single audit. These areas can only appear to do this work in part through your IG account.
Prepare for Instagram Audit
Friends, before diving straight into the Instagram audit, there are a few things that you need to do Take a copy of your Instagram marketing strategy and note down your goals with it. Your goals and KPIs should guide your strategy and determine whether or not they are the change you need after an audit.

Friends, tell me what will happen if you do not know what your goals are? And that makes you think about your overall business goals and how you can use Instagram to accomplish them. Without setting a goal, you won’t know what to do with your own audit results.
  1. An Instagram audit may sound daunting, but it’s actually a straightforward process. just to focus it
  2. So take some time and follow these ten steps along with it.
1. Audit Your IG Branding
Tell that when people come to your Instagram account page, what is their first impression? Start by taking a holistic look at your profile page itself trying imagine your self a First time visitors Where’s do you look first and which links do I click on with it? Does it give you a good idea and what your brand does?

Don’t forget to check your profile on both web and mobile.
2. Update your IG Profile and Bio
Note that this profile includes the highlights on your account and everything above And with this my bio is one of the first parts that people read when they come to your profile page.

First of all, make sure that your username and name match your branding. And with that, both of these fields are used in Instagram’s search results. So if your username is just this shortened version of your company name, make sure you have all that necessary information in the name field itself.

After that, that’s you review your category (if you have entered one) and website. Since that’s the only hyperlinked field available in Instagram itself, make the most of it by using a feature like SproutLink in Bio.

Friends that’s now, the bio part. Does it clearly state your brand? So that you have put your branded hashtags? Unless you have a highly recognized brand, aim for it to be minimalistic. Why? Because what you write in your bio itself, it is counted as social media SEO.

And it’s the call-to-action buttons and highlights to complete this step. And check that the buttons are up-to-date and that the highlights are still relevant. And with that, refresh your highlights and covers as needed.

Tips: And that you’re struggling to fix your bio? Learn how to create an impressive Instagram business bio. And with that, to improve your searchability and reassure customers that you’re the real deal, and get it verified on Instagram.
3. Audit Your Overall Instagram Views
And that’s where you see your highlight covers, profile photos and posts. And that is, are they united in spirit and tone? You don’t need a perfect grid, but the general view of your profile page should be all that on-brand.
Instagram Audit: The 10 Best Easy Steps To Do performing successful Your Instagram Audit
And even with the different post types, Unbirthday manages to keep his branding the same throughout the account.

Tip: Be inspired by following those brand accounts and those who are doing it the right way.
Auditing Instagram Content
And with that, it’s time to dive into your stuff. Here, we look at the quality, mix of your content and what goes with it, your captions. Auditing your content only helps in reviewing the performance of your content marketing strategy Another benefit is that it keeps your own content from becoming stale or, worse, irrelevant.
4. Check Content Quality and Relevance
As a highly visible platform, the quality and relevance of the content are very important on Instagram And with that, without that catchy post, your captions won’t be read. And without the relevant post, you’ll be unfollowed in no time.

Do you use high quality images and videos? And that are they optimized for Instagram? To keep track of your images and access them easily, this Sprouts asset library Use reri. Plus, you can edit and use them on multiple social platforms without leaving Sprout.

And according to the Sprout Social Index, Edition XVII: Accelerate, 46% of consumers say and that audience engagement makes a brand best-in-class. In order to keep your followers engaged with your content, it must be relevant to their interests And with that you check your top performing posts and audience demographics And are you serving the content it’s most interested in?
5. Check Your Instagram Content Mix
Keep in mind that your Instagram content mix includes both the topic you choose and the format I’m in And with that in your own feed post, do you just promote sales for your company or do you educate? And with that in those feed posts, is that a good mix of carousel and that IG video?

And to take advantage of that, Instagram has many different media formats. And with that, you don’t want to be left behind and that while other brands prefer a video marketing strategy Among other formats, including Reels, Shoppable Post, Lives, Stories and more, you have so much to choose from.
6. Audit Your Instagram Captions
Make it a point to grab attention with high-quality media and stick to landings with equally high-quality captions. And with that, re-explore this top-performing post for ideas on what resonates with your audience. Then, make sure it matches your brand voice. If it doesn’t, and that’s only then it may require you to either change the way you write your captions and either it or it to modify your brand voice.

Grove Collaborative uses a mix of questions and educational material in its own post It may be too many words in his caption itself but he is broken up with line breaks and all that emoji of it.

Tip: Friends, if you are stuck on writing catchy captions, then check out caption ideas that generate that great engagement from your followers.

Let’s say this Instagram admin and auditing analytics

And this last part of the audit focuses on the specifics of Instagram Here we delve deeper into analytics and how they affect your account. And this part answers questions like:
Instagram Audit: The 10 Best Easy Steps To Do performing successful Your Instagram Audit
Am I posting at the right time?
  1. Like what hashtags is he actually working on?
  2. And why should I do an engagement audit?
  3. How do I audit my Instagram followers?
7. View your posting frequency and schedule
Friends, it is necessary for your posting schedule to know when your followers are online and they are busy According to Sprout analysis, the best time to post on Instagram is Tuesday from 11am to 2pm. And with me that from Monday to Friday at 11 am.

And just to make it easier for you, Sprout’s own ViralPost algorithm tells you when is the best time for you to post. Based on engagement analysis of your own accounts, ViralPost suggests optimal send times And that timing may change as you get more followers, hence the need for audits.

Tip: Let us know that scheduling your Instagram posts frees up your time and encourages collaboration that’s Reviewing how’s easily scheduled your posts to encourage audience engagements.
8. Analyze Your Hashtags
Remember that when used properly, Instagram hashtags have the potential to grow your brand.

It should be noted that using Sprout’s Instagram Business Profiles report, you can see how each of your hashtags performed And friends, let’s see if there are similarities between high-performing hashtags These trends can reveal what and with that content topics you should explore further.

Let us tell you that bullet journal may be a brand but it has also become a method of journaling which is wildly popular. And together that users document with hashtags that they are using the brand and that or not.

Tip: And note that there are different types of hashtags out there See which Instagram hashtags are best for your brand.
9. Audit Your Instagram Engagement
Friends, have you seen that your engagement is getting shorter? Without that much engagement in your posts, you lose out on your opportunity to build your community as well as increase brand awareness.
During an engagement audit, ask questions such as:

  1. So are you following appropriate brand accounts and engaging with their posts?
  2. And that is, are you responding to both comments and DMs?
  3. Do you leave those comments or start conversations on posts from other that accounts?
  4. If you have accounts tagging you, do you track and collect user-generated content with it?
  5. Are you the one keeping track of his most engaged followers?

Friends, let us tell you that this food system uses a mixture of UGC and influential collaboration in its stories. With these saved in Highlights, anyone can view them and be inspired by what others have done with their food arrangements.

Tip: See how your own competitors have boosted your own Instagram engagement.
10. Your Instagram Check Followers
Be aware that while Instagram discourages bots and fake followers, some still slip through the cracks And with this I then audit Instagram followers to see what their interests are and if any of them are fake You do the same for influential people to work with and connect with.

And that’s where you get demographic data from your basic Instagram Business Profiles report. And with that post performance report, you’ll know whether your content is in line with their interests and that one doesn’t either.

And he doesn’t want a bunch of bots to be followed. Using a tool like Modash, enter your username and it will expose fake followers. Plus a side benefit is that you’ll also get that information about potential influencers.

Friends, when it comes to influencers, now is the time to set up an influencer marketing strategy Follower Audit will bring out the accounts and the ones you want to work with Diversify your strategy by including creators and micro-influencers. And both of these are proven to increase your brand awareness.

Tip: Let us tell you that everyone wants more Instagram followers but some people want to do that work only to get them. Learn about those tips to increase the number of your Instagram followers.
Do your own Instagram audit
So friends take that. In just ten steps, you’ve completed your own Instagram audit. And with that, it requires an audit every now and then to make sure your strategy is being successful It only audits for superficial issues like an out-of-date profile and fake followers.
Instagram Audit: The 10 Best Easy Steps To Do performing successful Your Instagram Audit
And for you to start your own Instagram audit, check out this handy template
So what are the steps taken to conduct this social media audit?
How to do a social media audit

  1. And you track all your social media accounts. ,
  2. And you make sure that each account is complete and on brand. ,
  3. And you identify your best post. ,
  4. and evaluate the performance of this. ,
  5. And that you track the results over time. ,
  6. and calculate your return on investment. ,
  7. And understand the audience for that network. ,
  8. And you decide which channels are right for you.
How do influencers conduct audits?
Steps to run this Instagram Influencer Audit

Step 1: And verify the quality of this influential audience. 
Step 2: Measure Influencer Reach and Engagement Metrics with it.
Step 3: Tell that it is going to affect to a great extent.
Step 4: Tell it to review the demographics. 
Step 5: Perform it and make an effective risk assessment. 
Step 6: Specify the campaign and measure the impactful ROI.
So how do they audit on Instagram?
Remember, to do this Instagram audit, you must first consider your business goals and along with it the KPLs (Key Performance Indicators), as they are the foundation on which you build your strategy From there, and you can do that audit of your entire Instagram presence, from your visual aesthetic to the hashtags you use.

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