How to Turn On the Keyboard Light [ Backlight ] Windows & Mac, HP, Dell

What to Know: This laptop keyboard lighting changed the computing game and made it the only place for nighttime users to turn on power through the dark.

So that, you have a new computer and you are not used to many shortcuts that allow you to change just a few settings with the simple click of a button.

  1. You just try F5, F9, or F11 to turn on the keyboard light on your Windows laptop.
  2. On a Mac, press the More Brightness key (it kinda looks like a rising sun).
  3. Most modern laptops only have backlit keyboards, and that but a few budget models don’t have this feature.

So this article explains how to turn on the keyboard light on computers with this capability, including Windows as well as macOS computers.

So now let’s see how to get your PC working for you, how to turn on your keyboard light, how to turn off your keyboard light, and how to fix some troubleshooting errors.

How to Turn on Keyboard Light on Windows Computer?

These Windows computers assign a function key to control the keyboard light, but it is not the same key for every computer.
How to Turn on Keyboard Light on Windows Computer Keyboard:

Step 1: First of all locate the button that controls the keyboard light.

PRO TIP: This button can have an F-number, or it can include an icon and one that looks like three boxes with rays of light extending from the left.

Step 2: Then you press the button, i.e. F5, F9, or F11.

Step 3: If you are not satisfied with this brightness then again you press the button.

PRO TIP: So the most common keys to control the keyboard light on a Windows computer are F5, F9, and F11.

What if Window’s Keyboard Light Won’t Turn On?

So that if pressing the right key on your keyboard doesn’t adjust your keyboard light to turn on and either then you only need to change it in Windows Mobility Settings and either in your manufacturer-provided app.

This setting is not always available in Windows Mobility Settings itself, as it is an option control placed there by computer manufacturers And If you’re Don’t see The option in Window’s Mobility’s Setting’s so in this case contact your manufacturer for More informations about their proprietary app.

How to turn on And adjust the Windows keyboard Light Usings Mobility Setting’s:

Step 1: Press this Windows Key + X and then you click on Mobility Center.

Step 2: And then locate the Keyboard Brightness setting.

PRO TIP: This option isn’t available on your computer if you have no keyboard brightness setting, or no manufacturer-specific section at all. Contact the manufacturer for more information.

Step 3: Then you click on the slider and drag it to the right.

How do I light up a keyboard?

So if that your laptop or keyboard supports it, turning on the keyboard light is usually just a matter of finding the right button. In some cases, you may find that the keyboard light is disabled in your operating system settings and either it is an app provided by your computer’s manufacturer. 

The buttons or buttons that normally control your keyboard’s lighting may not work in this scenario. If so, you will need to enable the keyboard light in your operating system settings or in an app provided by your computer’s manufacturer.
How to Turn On the Keyboard Light [ Backlight ] Windows & Mac, HP, Dell
IMPORTANT TIP: Not all keyboards light up. Some manufacturers don’t offer this on their lower-end laptops or only include it as an additional cost option. If you can’t turn on your keyboard, and that is, check with the manufacturer to make sure it has an illuminated keyboard.

How to Turn on Keyboard Light on Mac

It’s 2 button’s Control The Keyboard Light on Mac’s and Macbooks And this one button lowers the brightness, and the other increases it. And that if the keyboard light is off, and you press the increase brightness key it will turn on. The Decrease button is on the F5 key, and so the Increase brightness button is on the F6 key on most Macs.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you have a Touch Bar, tap Show all this and then you tap the < icon to increase the brightness.

How to turn on keyboard light on MacBook:

Step 1: First of all, locate the Increase Brightness button.

PRO TIP: It looks like the sign of the rising sun with long light beams, and it’s placed on the F6 key or Touch Bar.

Step 2: Then you press the Increase Brightness button.

Step 3: Then if it is not bright enough, press the button to increase the brightness as much as it is necessary to achieve the desired level of brightness.

What if the Mac Keyboard Light Won’t Turn On?

While the Mac is designed to allow you to control your keyboard lighting with the brightness and dimming keys on the keyboard, and that can be disabled in the system settings. If you are not able to turn on the keyboard light, then only you need to check your system settings.

How to Enable Keyboard Lite in macOS:

Step 1: First you click on the Apple icon, and then you choose System Preferences.

Step 2: Then you click on Keyboard.

Step 3: And then check the Adjust keyboard light in low light box.

Step 4: If that you want to turn off the light when you are not typing, and then you turn off keyboard backlight after x seconds and then check the box.

Step 5: If your keyboard light still doesn’t turn on, make sure that the Use only F1, F2, etc., keys as standard function box is not checked.

PRO TIP: And that if the box is checked, it will let you adjust the keyboard light, instead of just increasing the brightness, Fn + increase the brightness.

How to turn on Lenovo ThinkPad Keyboard Backlight?

And to check if the system backlight is configured with keyboard, and then check keyboard space button. Then search the backlight itself in the user guide and either in the hardware maintenance manual to see if a specific model has a backlight.

How to turn on Keyboard Backlight ThinkPad:

Step 1: And if there is a light icon on the space button and (see image below), it means that the system is configured with backlight only.

Step 2: If there is no light icon on this space button, it means that the system is not configured with backlight.

Step 3: Then you press Fn + Spacebar on the same keyboard to turn the backlight on or off.

Step 4: This Keyboard Backlight Has Three Modes: Off, Low, High. And then use Fn + Spacebar to change the mode of keyboard backlight.

Step 5: In the ThinkPad R, T, X and Z-series laptops, select ThinkLite as shown below.

How to turn on/off Panasonic CF 30 keyboard backlight?

This keyboard backlight is actually very simple, and so this process should only take a minute or two.

Turn Panasonic CF 30 keyboard backlight on/off:

Step 1: You power up your Panasonic CF 30, and then let Windows boot up.

Step 2: And this keyboard press “Function” and “F12” at the same time to activate the backlight.

Step 3: Press “Function” and “F12” again only to cycle between the different brightness options. There are four different brightness settings, and this is the fifth setting for “off.”

How to Turn on Backlight on HP Laptop Keyboard?

If it’s your HP notebook computer that has a backlit keyboard, and you can, take a look at the top bar of your keyboard and then locate the F5 button. This button may also be labeled Me with a backlight icon.

Simple on/off and either, on some models, you can adjust the brightness of the backlighting but in addition, it can be configured to control your PC itself, depending on your computer model.

Turn on Backlight on HP Laptop Keyboard:

Step 1: First you backlit keyboard via F9 or F11 button instead of F5 button. they practice together

Step 2: Then the Fn + F11 operation to turn on the Backlight keyboard light.

How to Change Color Backlight HP OMEN Laptop Keyboard?

To change backlit HP OMEN laptop keyboard color, follow these 6 steps:

  1. You open the Omen Gaming Hub from your Windows taskbar and either through the Windows Start menu
  2. Select “Lighting” on the left navigation sidebar
  3. And then you in the upper right corner, make sure you have selected “Keyboard”. And then you will see three available modes: Animation, Static and Off
  4. Select “Static” to that manually assign specifics color to this specifics area’s of The keyboard The “Template” dropdown menu will reveal six different preloaded templates and a “Custom” option that allows you to design your own keyboard split. So Theses pre existing template’s will be included WASD, FPS or MOBA, MMO, P1-P6 & all of keys.
  5. After selecting this one template, you’ll see a color guide at the bottom of the Omen Gaming Hub that will allow you to specify colors on your own with a basic guide of advanced color options of your choosing.
  6. Press “Apply” and then marvel at your colorful keyboard setup!

How to turn on keyboard light Dell

The very easy way to determine if your computer is equipped with a backlit keyboard is to look at the F10, F6, or Right Arrow keys (located in the lower right corner). If any of these keys do not have a light symbol printed on them, then your computer does not have a backlit keyboard.

Step 1: First you press the F10 key.

NOTE: And when nothing happens while pressing the F10 key,

Step 2: Press and hold the Fn key and then you press the Esc key, and try again.

Step 3: Press and hold the Fn key and then you press the F6 key.

Step 4: Press and hold the Fn key and then you press the F5 key.

Step 5: Press and hold the Fn key and then you press this right arrow key.

NOTE: This is the right arrow key, and the one in the lower-right corner.

How to turn on keyboard backlight ASUS?

So this backlit keyboard only gives you some illumination for working and typing in dark environments, and you can adjust the brightness level only.

Turn on Keyboard Backlight ASUS:

Step 1: The backlit function key is the F7 key. And if it’s available, and then it can

Step 2: Then you backlit by pressing the FN and F7 keys (FN+F7 keys) at the same time.

Step 3: Then by continuously pressing the FN+F7 keys the keyboard backlight and then finally the backlight brightness.

Step 4: Then you FN+F3 keys continuously reduce the brightness to this.

How to change backlit keyboard color?

The Leaderboard for Success with the HP OMEN Laptop That Unhappy Gamers also have the option of messing with the color of their backlights. And it’s no secret that gaming laptops often come with funky backlight features that add a definite edge to the spirit of any competitor.

So how do I turn on the keyboard light on my Lenovo laptop?

Press Fn+Spacebar to turn the backlight on to its lowest setting. Just keep pressing Fn+Spacebar to cycle through the brightness settings. You can Control the Keyboard backlights with this Lenovo’s Vantage software.

So how do I turn on the keyboard light on my Dell laptop?

Press Fn+F10 to turn the backlight on to its lowest setting. Keep pressing Fn+F10 to adjust the brightness to 50 percent, 75 percent, 100 percent, and back to 0 percent.

What key can I press to turn on the keyboard light on my HP laptop?

How you turn on the backlight for your HP laptop depends on your model. If the keyboard has a backlight key, it will be in the top row and will have a backlight symbol.

How to brighten up the screen on my laptop?

You use the screen brightness keys on your laptop’s keyboard to adjust the screen brightness. And That’s Alternatively, go to the Window’s Actions Center on taskbar or move The Bright-ness sliders so that you can also go to Settings> System> Display> Brightness and this color.

How to Adjust Brightness on Backlit Keyboard?

So your productivity depends on several factors that can either make or break your flow. Sometimes it’s the brightness of your screen or your keyboard and that can put you off either it can exhaust your sensitive retina.

To adjust the brightness on your keyboard backlight, double-press the backlight function key to dim the light. And this button alone serves as your one-stop-shop for all keyboard light operations.

How to turn off backlit keyboard?

And that once dawn hits and the natural sunlight lights up your keyboard, you may find that you don’t even need to turn on the keyboard lights. To turn off the backlight on your laptop keyboard, press the same corresponding keys that allow you to turn them on.

This can then be a simple F5, F9, or F11 key press, and either this dual action Fn + F5, F9, or F11 key press.

How to turn on backlit keyboard?

If it’s your HP notebook computer that has a backlit keyboard, and that’s it, then take a look at the top bar of your keyboard and locate the F5 button. This button may also be labeled with a backlight icon. And you will get keyboard lighting operational magic just by clicking on this button while holding down the Fn button at the bottom row of your keyboard.

And it can be a simple on/off and either, on some models, you can adjust the brightness of the backlighting itself.

Also, depending on your computer model, your PC backlit keyboard can be configured to control the backlit keyboard only via the F9 or F11 buttons instead of the F5 buttons. Practice the Fn + F11 operation simultaneously to turn on the backlight keyboard light.

How To change the brightness on keyboard backlight?

So however, you can use the Fn + Space hotkey to set the keyboard brightness to either medium or it’s high brightness. So That’s it if you’re press Fn + Space once, the driver turn on The backlit keyboard with that medium brightness. By pressing Fn+Spacebar, the brightness becomes high again.

How do I change my keyboard backlight timeout?

To set this keyboard backlight timeout only, follow these steps.

  1. You open your PC Manager, click on the Settings icon and then you select Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility (or System) > Keyboard and choose your preferred time under Turn off the backlight when there’s no activity (and either Turn off when there’s no activity).

Why does my keyboard light turn off every now and then?

The keyboard backlight dims and then flashes again. It may be necessary to press the fn (function) key at the same time to activate the backlight key. And that if the backlight only stays on/off for a few seconds, the backlight timeout setting itself may need to be configured in the BIOS itself.

How can I lighten my keyboard in Windows 10?

You first open the Windows Mobility Center, and then you will see a few options. To enable the backlight, move the slider at the bottom right of the Keyboard Backlight tab. And click on tabs to access additional options. Enable keyboard lighting and choose the brightness you want.

How To turn on the keyboard light on a laptop?

To turn the backlight on and off only, press Fn + Spacebar on the keyboard. This keyboard backlights has 3 modes: Off, Low, High. And this keyboard only use Fn + Spacebar to change the backlight mode.

How to I adjust the backlight on my laptop?

You open your Start menu or the Settings app from the Start screen, select “System” and select “Display”. To change the brightness level, click or tap the “Adjust brightness level” slider and then drag. If you’re using Windows 7 or 8, and you don’t have the Settings app, this option is available in Control Panel.

So how do I change the backlight time on Windows 10?

  1. First you reboot it and start tapping on Esc or F10 and enter bios.
  2. Click on Advanced then you built-in device options.
  3. Scroll down to Timeout on Backlit keyboard.
  4. Hit Space and then select Options.
  5. Press Esc and then save its settings.

Keyboard light shortcut

This can then be a simple F5, F9, or F11 key press, and either this dual action Fn + F5, F9, or either the F11 key press.

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