How to promote your Instagram page for free: Top 13 ways to promote your Instagram that Really work

Friends, it’s time to rethink the way you promote your Instagram account.

And friends, why now? Because the rapid growth and development of the platform means that what worked in the past will not give you the same kind of engagement today.

Let me tell you that based on recent Instagram stats, the visual space is becoming more and more crowded with brands fighting teeth for more and more customers.

And so as a result, it really pays to have that great strategy for brands to promote Instagram to their target audience as much as possible.

And that’s why in this guide, we’ve broken down 13 totally actionable ways to do just that. From customizing your posts and accompanying profile to rethinking your approach to content promotion, any combination of these tips is fair game when it comes to Instagram promotion.
And that 13 ways for you to promote your Instagram page
1. Speed ​​up the production of your content
Let us tell you that there is no shortage of Instagram content that you can publish only to fill your feed.

customer photos And that meme. All that bite-sized videos.

And it doesn’t just scratch the surface of what’s available to you.

Explain that you need to experiment to find out what performs best among your audience And at the same time, it means accelerating the production of your content and posting more frequently.

And with this, it is well within the platform’s best practices to publish to Instagram at least once a day. Heck, Topshop, and with it major brands like H&M he posts three times per day and that (if not more often).

Friends, as you roll out more content, it’s important to squeeze that much engagement out of your following by figuring out the best time to post it on Instagram itself.

And speaking of which, this is also why Instagram Stories are so valuable This off-the-cuff content essentially allows you to “skip the line” through stories and have it appear front and center in people’s feeds. What’s more, you can freely post this story after story without worrying about spamming your fans.

Friends the main thing here is that in terms of content Instagram one and that or so it moves much faster than it was two years ago. And that’s when brands should ramp up if they want to stay. In order to create content your audience will love, make sure you have a comprehensive strategy and are using the data to create more successful content. Download our Instagram Marketing Strategy Guide to learn more.
2. Cross-promote your Instagram posts on other networks
Let me tell you that the effort it takes to take the perfect snapshot and create a clever caption is not something that goes to waste.

And that you cross-posting your content to other social platforms is a no-brainer to get even more ROI from your Instagram presence.

For example, you can promote your Instagram content on Facebook and Twitter to maximize the reach of your content.

Friends, although cross-promotion is a smart move, keep in mind that each social platform has its own best practices. For example, Instagram tends to weigh heavily on the hashtag itself, while you may want to create a slightly different description for images posted on Facebook.
And that sound time consuming? It doesn’t have to be.
Notably, Sprout Social’s asset library enables you to store images, videos, and text in one centralized location for use across multiple social networks. Quickly find, edit, and publish straight from the asset library to deliver engaging posts tailored to the network you’re using.

And with that, don’t forget to use the scheduling and publishing tools to make your job that much easier.
3. Focus on People-Centered Content
Friends, let us tell you that although Instagram is a place to gain sales, yet it is first and foremost a place to share this experience.

The popularity of selfies on Instagram itself speaks for itself, and so does customer photos and photos of people using the products in real-world settings. And with that said, most of the appeal of Instagram is that brands are able to advertise in a more human way, without being bombarded with messages that read “Buy now!” Shout.

And with that on a related note, this is why user-generated content like customer photos is a goldmine for brands. Not only do people on the ‘gram love it when brands shout at them, but customer photos represent the firepower of marketing.Which proves that people dig your products.

But in order to spot and curate user-generated content for your feed, you need to understand how hashtags can help you promote your Instagram.
How to promote your Instagram page for free: Top 13 ways to promote your Instagram that Really work
And that kind of takes us to our next point.
4. Experiment with Branded and Industry Hashtags
It should be noted that both big and small brands should create hashtags to encourage that sharing as well as promotion on behalf of their followers. And it is not even rocket science to do so.

Guys, for example, this Ernie Ball, his #iplayslinky and #colorsofrocknroll hashtags, he shows it out loud in his bio and so clearly.
And that you see how it works?
Beyond your own hashtags, you should try promoting your Instagram by using more general, community hashtags specific to your industry like #6strings (music) or #unicornhair (beauty) Working on additional tags essentially makes your posts discoverable by tag-followers and at the same time quickly increases your reach.

Friends, as mentioned in our guide on how to use hashtags on every social network, engagement happens on about nine hashtags. And with that, although you can certainly use less (or more), the thing to note here is that you should add at least a little of this.

Do not forget to take advantage of this hashtag analytics tool so Sprouts let’s your tracks & analyzed hash tag performances to find what resonates with audiences and optimize usage.

And with that, with Sprouts Advanced Listening, you can go beyond just this quantitative data to find qualitative insights related to hashtags, so that you can fully understand campaign performance and Can measure voice share. Additionally, you can identify related hashtags to dive deeper into the brand-relevant conversations that consumers are engaging in socially.
5. So That’s Tagging a Brand’s, Followers & location whenever you can
Be aware that tagging is a surprisingly effective way to promote your own Instagram.

No more, and that’s not all we’re talking about hashtags only.

Friends, let us tell you that for example, you can tag other brands and all those accounts with it in hopes of making yourself scream Given that notifications ping anyone who receives them, this is only a subtle way to encourage contextual tag promotion.

Friends, just like that, it’s within the etiquette and best practices of Instagram to tag anyone that you can start again. And friends, chances are they will be thrilled to be featured in your feed and share this news with all their own followers.

Make sure you don’t forget to tag the places too! For example, if you have a physical location for your business or regularly attend events, location-specific posts will allow you to find new potential fans and followers Huh.
6. Publish Instagram Content to the Site
Tell that when it comes to advertisements, what better billboards than your own customers?

Be aware that displaying Instagram content on the site is a great way to increase conversions Why? Because when people see the products they buy in a real-world setting, they know and that the brand in question has satisfied customers. And that is, consumers can better visualize and understand a product for themselves when they see it “in the wild”.

And let’s say, it is this lookbook that showcases user-generated content on product pages and that is the rise of its brand. Casper, for example, only uses an Instagram slideshow on the site to show it to his satisfied sleepers.

Of course, it all comes back to the need to promote your Instagram hashtags.

Apart from his Instagram bio, #TopShopStyle has been plastered to increase the exposure of his tag on the brand’s site and its marketing emails. The end result is more user-generated content and with it people promoting Topshop organically.
7. Create Your Creative TrademarkCreativity matters on Instagram.
Be aware that having some sort of niche or theme is a great way to inspire your Instagram content and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

For example, Yeti is known for having this feed filled with high-resolution photos of the outdoors featuring the thrill of enjoying their products.

In the meantime, oVertone also boasts a bold color-coded feed based on whatever shade of product they are currently promoting.

Friends, if you’re wondering what your creative trademark should be, and that’s it, don’t sweat it. There are tons of Instagram apps (like VSCO) out there that can help you add some creative flair to your photos By consistently using gradients, colors, and its filters, you can make your feed feel more like, well, you.
How to promote your Instagram page for free: Top 13 ways to promote your Instagram that Really work
8. So Worked with Influencers to get increases your reach
Let us tell you that as we mentioned earlier, Instagram benefits from being such a platform and that here brands can publish this advertisement without essentially showing the advertisement on the face of their followers.
Enter the rise of influencer marketing
tell friends that So simply put, influencer marketing entails a paying relationship with another Instagram account with a large, engaged number of these. All that audience of Influencers should ideally be your own mirror and that or that should allow you to tap into a new class of users that you’re so desperately trying to reach.

Friends, these are similar to Influencer ads, in the sense that relationships actually cost money And friends, however, finding the right influencers to sell products and grow your following can be an incredibly cost-effective way to do so.

Note that it can only find influencers through brand hashtags and manual search, or you can try an Instagram analytics tool like Tapinfluence and it can either search an in-depth database related to your business.

Remember: Friends, when identifying influencers, make sure they have a following that really connects with their content. And with that, an engagement rate calculator like this one from Phlanx can help give you peace of mind in just about any influential person.
9. Rethinking How’s You’re Presentation Your Products and Promotions
Let me tell you that this is a simple tip but definitely worth noting And with that I relate to that other type of Instagram promotion – and that with a fun giveaway or sale item and that can be incredibly valuable to your brand if done well.

Friends, that’s why when you promote your Instagram in these examples, and only then it is important for you to present your content.

You that Instagram thrives on anything and everything “new” And all you can do to create that hype feeling is that it’s a major point in your favor.

Friends, for example, just check out how Glossier surprises her followers just a day before she drops her much-anticipated eye cream.

Friends, this Uniqlo publishes highly publicized Instagram promotions and its content, including this call-to-action for followers to see their exclusive merch.

Friends, as a rule of thumb, think “so what” before you hit “publish” for your promotions on Instagram. And friends, doing so will ultimately encourage you to write more compelling captions.
10. Run a Contest or Giveaway
Let me tell you, here are some foods for thought: Brands that run competition grow their followers 70% faster than those that don’t.

As you can see, competition and giveaway-related posts from many brands get that high engagement and it’s no accident. Done right, social media contests can result in followers and fans, and friends though they can also attract freebie-chasers We recommend running that one-time contest promotion on Instagram itself just to test the waters and determine if the contest is something you’ve been wanting to try out in the long run.
11. Optimize Your Profile for Promotions
Friends, it’s essential to “look the part” as you work through how to promote Instagram to new fans and followers.

And that also applies to brands that systematically want to get that huge amount of attention.

So friends let us have a look at what makes a customized Instagram profile. The good news is that they aren’t the very flabby pieces of your profile to worry about.

And with that, Orlando’s East End Market is a prime example of a simple yet customized profile. That’s it, for starters, their username “eastendmcat” is short and cute, while it’s easy for locals looking to find it.

Please note that their bio ticks the box for a customized profile, which includes a clear profile picture, and this compelling bio, branding hashtags, and trackable URLs. Everything about this Instagram bio tells us what to expect from his feed and that’s how we are at the right place.

Friends, they also show their email and phone number, which should be considered if you are running a business account. He also tags other businesses and events on the East End regularly to expand the reach of his profile. Oh, and that’s not to mention his terrifying visual stuff that he loves his local followers.
12. So Takes Advantages of The Instagram Story and it’s latest Featured
Let us tell you that these stories are by far the most popular feature of Instagram.

Friends, although it is used by over 500 million users every day, brands should take advantage of stories as often as possible while promoting them on Instagram itself For many businesses, that means publishing user-generated photos and behind-the-scenes content. Plus, the beauty of Stories is that you don’t have to worry about your visuals being polished or “perfect”.

Friends, he said, when it comes to stories, creativity still matters. Among the latest features of Instagram, stories are always at the center of them. For example, new interactive stickers such as this so new quiz sticker represent new ways that you can engage with followers as well as make for a brand more unique and interactive type of Instagram promo.

Keeping up with Instagram just means staying active and on top of its latest features. And friends, that if you’re regularly publishing stories and seeing what other brands are doing, and that’s what you’ll always be aware.
How to promote your Instagram page for free: Top 13 ways to promote your Instagram that Really work
13. Consider Running a Paid Campaign
Friends, last but not least, don’t neglect the potential of paid promotion on Instagram itself.

After all, social media is becoming pay-to-play in a big way. As part of Facebook’s extremely intensive advertising platform, you can use Instagram’s lucrative advertising options to win new customers.

There are several Instagram success stories, including this example from Dunkin’ Yeh and the one that cleverly uses both stories and accompanying videos to grab the attention of its users.

Friends, first familiarize yourself with today’s Instagram advertising specifications, and then either make sure you have the necessary tools to see how all those paid efforts stack up against your organic Instagram presence. Huh.

This is what Sprout’s paid tools for Instagram only enable you to compare the performance of individual campaigns to gain insight into the ROI of your overall strategy or to optimize appropriately. He also ranks his top campaigns based on video views, and more so on conversions, impressions, engagement, etc Highlight it easily.

And that’s more ways for you to increase your Instagram reach
Instagram provides brands with tons of avenues to discover content and engage with audiences. Make sure you’re covering these essential best practices as well as these guides:

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  6. And with that said, when it comes to Instagram promotion, there are tons of tricks for you to use.
And hey, that’s a good thing.
Friends, in order to ensure that your feed stands out, it means understanding the best practices of the platform and evolving along with Instagram Sticking to all of the suggestions above, And developing new Instagram post ideas, can help you maximize your engagement while still promoting your Instagram to new followers and customers Huh Take this free trial of Sprout Social to give our Instagram tools a hands-on experience.

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