How to Deactivate or Permanently Delete Your Telegram Account Iphone Android

Here are the steps on how to deactivate your Telegram account and how to delete your Telegram account.

How to Deactivate or Delete Telegram Account on 
iPhone Android Smartphone

Telegram does not offer a straight forward procedure for Android users to delete their accounts. So that’s why, users must first go through the deactivation process itself.
Step 1: You open Telegram on your mobile and then you click on ‘Settings’ option.

Step 2: Then you select the ‘Privacy & Security’ option.

Step 3: Then next, scroll down to the ‘If only for Away section’ to delete your account automatically.

Step 4: And then now, select the time limit after which that your Telegram account will be disabled forever. And now you can choose between 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. (By default, Telegram has set this for 6 months only).

Step 5: Then once you are done, the app will permanently delete your account on Android and iPhone only if you do not use your Telegram account for the selected time frame.

Note to you: If this is your Telegram account remains inactive for the selected time frame, and that Telegram account along with messages and contacts will be permanently deleted.

Telegram is a solid messaging app that keeps your chats encrypted and packed with features. But if you’re switching to a new messaging app, it’s best to delete your Telegram account before you go.

Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t offer a direct switch and one that you can flick through in the app’s settings. So, here are the step by step guides that will show you how you can deactivate your telegram account and how you can delete your telegram account.

How to reactivate telegram account

Reactivate Telegram account:

Please contact this Telegram customer support team to recover you deleted account. And then you can be contacted through their help page. And that you provide all the documents related to your account to the customer executive for verification. And this user can also create a new Telegram account using the same phone number and username.

So that you can write request to recover deleted telegram account. Similarly, you can also recover your deleted telegram chats with the help of support group. You can mention the date and time when you lost or deleted your account. Can you elaborate on your problem and how it affected you.

It takes a few months to delete a Telegram account on Android and/or iPhone, and users may not want to wait that long. And that is, Telegram also provides the option to delete the account through any web browser.

Step 1: First you go to this ‘Telegram Deactivation’ page on any web browser using PC or Mobile.

Step 2: And then enter the phone number using which your Telegram account was created. And also do not forget to put the country code in front of the mobile number. And then click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Now then, you will get an alphanumeric code on Telegram mobile app. You enter the code to sign in to your Telegram account.

Step 4: Then you from the ‘Telegram Core’ section, click on ‘Delete account option’. And it will also ask you to give reason for deleting your account. (This is optional).

Step 5: And then finally, you need to confirm again to delete Telegram account. To end your own association with the app, click on the ‘Yes, delete my account’ option.

How to Deactivate Telegram from Android phone?

Deactivate Telegram account on Android Device:

  1. Open this Telegram on Android and click on Settings itself.
  2. Over there, select the Privacy & Security tab.
  3. Scroll down to This If Away for the section to delete the account automatically.
  4. and select the inactive time limit after which your telegram account will be disabled forever

How to reset telegram account

Reset Telegram Account:

  1. You log in to your Telegram account on your device and then select ‘Settings’.
  2. Click on ‘Privacy and this protection’.
  3. Scroll down and change this to ‘Delete my account if I’m away’ and 1 month.
  4. If that you refrain from using Telegram, that is your account, along with all your conversations and contacts, will be deleted after the one month period expires.

Adjusting the self-destruct settings itself gives you the option to change your mind within a period of inactivity. And just use the chat app and it will reset the self-destruct period.

Why you’re wanted to Delete your Telegram account

So even though Telegram boasts of some useful features, there are many reasons why you might want to deactivate your Telegram account. And here are some reasons why you might want to delete Telegram:

1. This Telegram is no longer the best app for you

With so many instant messaging apps available, there is a chance that Telegram is no longer the best messaging app for your needs. And maybe there’s a new IM app in town, and you want to transfer your conversations there.

2. Your friends are leaving Telegram

So maybe, some of your friends or family members are no longer on Telegram. That’s why he, you are just following him to new pastures away from Telegram to stay connected.

3. Telegram’s policies concern you

It is also possible that you are not comfortable with Telegram’s open policies and that of its wider community. And it is claimed by many reports that Telegram is a hub for illegal activities and hosts the channel and the one where users can easily download new movies and either music tracks for free.

4. You don’t trust Telegram

Telegram does not encrypt chats by default and its security model has been criticized by some. And in comparison to this, its competitor Signal is generally viewed with more confidence in terms of security and privacy.

What happened when you delete your Telegram Account

It is best to understand the consequences of doing this, even before you decide to delete your Telegram profile permanently.
How to Deactivate or Permanently Delete Your Telegram Account Iphone Android
And that when you delete your account, Telegram says it gets rid of all your chats and it’s data. And this your account is permanently terminated and your messages, as well as this contacts, are deleted beyond recovery.

And it’s only for the channels you create and the groups, even when you delete Telegram they will continue to function normally, and the existing admins will retain their privileges. And that if you are the only admin, Telegram will randomly assign an active member as the new admin only.

And this in addition, Telegram will not allow you to set up a new account with the same phone number again, at least for a few days. And that aside, deleting an account that’s been blocked because of spam-related activity won’t remove the ban.

So, and this guide is not for users and those who want to clear all their conversations on Telegram. For that only you can open Telegram app and select the chats which you want to delete by long press. To delete the highlighted conversation, just tap on the Trash bin at the top.

Alternatively to that, you can try to reach Telegram’s customer support and request them to just delete all your chats from their servers.

How To Exports Your Data Before Leavings Telegram

Telegram does not allow you to temporarily close your own Telegram account. And this is once you delete telegram, and that’s why you can’t undo the action and can’t revive your account and either you can read your old texts only by logging back in.

Thankfully, and this Telegram offers an export option on its desktop client and that if there are any conversations and those that you want to save for future reference only.

To use it, just install the Telegram app on your PC and sign in. Click the three-bar in the top-right corner itself to reveal the navigation menu and select Settings. And that scroll down till you find the Export Telegram data option.

Enter that and it selects the type of data, and the one you want to export. And you can specifically choose which chats to remove, whether to exclude public channels, whether the archive should include videos and/or GIFs, export formats, and more. You even have the ability to download only those stickers and those that you have sent on Telegram in the past.

Click on Export and then this, depending on the size of your data, Telegram will complete the extraction within a few minutes. Tap Show this my data only to view the file.

Is it time to delete Telegram?

This Telegram is a very capable messaging platform and one that is available on many platforms. And this however, if you have decided to leave Telegram, and then these methods are to delete your Telegram account and keep your chat data only on your computer. Will help you preserve locally.

If you’re still looking for a new home for your digital conversations, and that’s all, there are several Telegram alternatives you can try.

How To delete my Telegram account permanently?

  1. First you open the Telegram web portal.
  2. Enter the mobile number associated with your Telegram account and then press ‘Next’
  3. Enter the code and then press ‘Sign In’
  4. And click on delete account option.
  5. Click the Delete This My Account button.
  6. Then confirm.
  7. And check that your account was deleted.

Is there any deactivation in Telegram?

So that you cannot deactivate your Telegram account temporarily. Your only option is to leave your Telegram profile inactive. And that if it helps, you can uninstall the Telegram app from your computer and this phone itself.

Does Deleting Telegram App Delete Your Account?

Yes. Simply uninstalling the Telegram app from your Android and/or iPhone device does not delete your Telegram profile. As a result, people can still see this Telegram profile of yours.

How is Telegram secure?

So this Telegram’s normal private and group chats are not end-to-end encrypted, only incognito chats. This means that your conversations and personal information can then be stored on Telegram’s servers and can be accessed by staff and third parties. Friends, if you want complete privacy, just use the incognito chat option of Telegram.

Can you reactivate inactive Telegram account?

That’s only, you can write request to recover deleted telegram account. And similarly, you can also recover your deleted telegram chat with the help of support group. You can specify the date when you lost or deleted your account. Can you elaborate on your problem and how it affected you.

Has my telegram been hacked?

So in it’s settings click on Devices. You will see all current sessions (top panel) and then all active sessions (bottom panel). Check if all these tools belong to you. If you see a device that you don’t recognize, it’s likely that someone hacked into your Telegram account.

What happens if I reset my Telegram account?

And this resetting the account will completely delete all its data and chat history. When you log in again after resetting it, it’ll be the same as logging into a new account the first time. And the error message you are seeing is when someone tries to log into an account multiple times (for security purposes)

What happens to my chats when I delete Telegram?

So uninstalling your Telegram app on any platform does not delete your Telegram account. And that when you log back into a platform, everything will still be there Just remember this golden rule: Telegram deletes a message or post only when no one has access to a copy of it.

Can people see my number on Telegram?

So this you on Telegram, you can send messages in private chats and groups only without showing your phone number. By default, your number is visible only to people you’ve added to your address book as contacts. And that you can do it in Settings > Privacy & Security > Phone Numbers and modify it.

Why is Telegram harmful?

That while any app can be targeted by the wrong people, Telegram’s secure reputation and loose moderation have also been known to attract criminals in the past. “Telegram is a popular amount of darkweb criminals and other malicious actors, and that is because of its perceived security,” Dr. Owenson said.

How many times can I delete my Telegram account?

And that if you delete your Telegram account more than three times in a short period of time, like a few days, then your number is locked and you can’t sign up for Telegram for three weeks. If Telegram sends a delete account message inadvertently, ignore it; And that someone can enter your mobile number wrong.

What does a deleted Telegram account look like?

And there are a few different ways to tell if someone has deleted their Telegram account. And first of all, as mentioned, if someone has a Telegram account deleted it’s their profile picture and user. The name will change. Their profile picture will turn into a ghost icon and their username will become “deleted account” on Telegram.

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