Top 3 The Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting & The Best Free Server Hosting for Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where you have to enjoy this great adventure with limitless possibilities like mining, building safe zones, fighting, and also looting your own enemy’s safe zones, and much more.

One also gets gaming experience of Rs. And with that it has come a long way since its launch to become one of the most popular sports in the world today.

So with this, it’s usually they, people play it on their own PC, and with that they are unaware of the fact that it’s better gaming as long as you’re connected to a server. That experience can also be had and at the same time we do not want you to miss that experience.

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So that’s why today in this article, we have put together a list of the very best free Minecraft server hosting providers for your benefit.

What is Minecraft Server Hosting?

So whether he’s running a large online Minecraft community or just playing with his own friends, hosting your Minecraft game on a reliable server will make sure that your gaming experience is up to date. The experience will only get a boost and along with it top security and backup it will also ensure that your achievements are well saved.

This is usually why gamers choose servers over PCs, because it runs smoothly on servers, and they also have some limitations of PCs – they can lag in the middle of a game, and this can be difficult. Also, it can completely ruin the gaming experience.

So along with this, there are many service providers in the market that provide free Minecraft servers, as well as those that you can use easily and then enjoy the game even more or more!

The Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

So just for your convenience, we have filtered out some of the best free Minecraft server hosting providers out there so that you don’t have to put in as much or more effort in that search for free server hosting.

And here is the list as follows.

1. Aternos

So get this best-in-class free Minecraft server hosting with full customization right here at Aternos and experience the best gaming experience either with your friends or within your community.

In addition, these Aternos servers are equipped with fully automated data backups, so you don’t have to worry too much about your own data and all those game achievements – Everything will be safely and securely stored in their backup storage.

In addition, it has served more than 74,000,000 users since its launch, and more than 1 million gamers enjoy Minecraft every day.

Aternos Features

So let us now discuss some of its very important and prominent features, as well as the one that has placed it at the top of our list.

FULL CUSTOMIZATION: So with this the Aternos servers also have full customization settings so you can very easily configure them as per your requirement and at the same time it optimizes the server resources to boost the user performance. The same customization can also be done very easily.

Automatic Backup: Also, their systems are equipped with automatic data backup settings to ensure that your data as well as game achievements are completely safe on their servers, no worries! Not there.

DDoS protection: So this DDoS means that it is a Distributed Denial of Services attack, and with this, it is done to disturb the users only and with this, either it consumes the server resources. Can crash and either it can eat up all your resources as well so at the same time this Aternos server is completely very secure against DDoS attack.

Easy Integration Settings: So it provides Aternos Minecraft-optimized servers and with that it becomes much easier to integrate with Minecraft as well.

Dedicated Minecraft Servers: So this Aternos gives you that personal server that is assigned only to you and also has no one to share your resources with.

2. Servers Pro

So the very first thing that caught our attention once we landed on the Server Pro website was its simple as well as user-friendly website interface – we found that it Everything is very well labeled and it’s very easy to navigate through the features, the pricing and all the other sections as well.

So with that we put all our efforts to research the services of Server Pro and with that I found that it is one of the leading free Minecraft server providers and with that I can provide you the It also offers plenty of server options to choose one of the best servers according to your needs – thanks in part to its widely distributed data centers.

So apart from Minecraft, you can play many other games on their servers as well like this Counter Strike, Left4Dead, as well as this Starboard, Among Us etc.


The best and the best thing about this Server Pro is that it provides you the server with the latest as well as the most advanced hardware technologies so understand that this is just for example, it will give you ultra-smooth It also offers the latest NVMe SSD disk space to provide storage capacity.

Servers Pro Features

So here we are, in this section itself, we will discuss some of the key features and also what differentiates it from other service providers in the market.

Multi-Admin Option: So in addition to being a very easily configurable server, you can have complete control of your own server and share it with your friends as well. Can play this too.

LATEST HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY: So at the same time it uses or uses some of the best latest hardware to give you the very best performance and gaming experience at the same time.

DDoS Protection: And also if you have created this a community, and also your servers are very prone to DDoS attacks and also those whose purpose is to attack this with a quick attack from fake users. It has to destroy resources only but don’t worry because this also gives you complete protection against DDoS attacks.

Plugin Installer: So this also offers to integrate your own server with any plugins that you want to boost server performance as well as your gaming experience. want to use it.

Premium Storage: And it also offers up to 80 GB of NVMe SSD storage and that too is easily upgradeable with their premium plans.


So create this custom gaming server with and get this great gaming experience with this instant setup as well as this pre-configured server – and just share it with your team or your community Join as well and start enjoying your game even more with it.

So it is enough just to create your own account on their website, and with this you can also use their gaming servers without any cost, even with premium features!

This is one of the top picks for beginner level gamers, as well as those who either don’t have enough money to buy a dedicated gaming server but are also very interested in playing games like Minecraft. Let’s keep And along with this, we have also discussed about its features, professionals and in order to understand the authenticity of their service in detail All its oppositions have also been discussed.

Minefort Features

So to get an accurate idea of ​​whether their servers are reliable or not, let’s take a good look at all their key features today.

Free Services: Apart from 1 GB of storage, it also has its own servers and it offers a lot of unique features for free.

PLAY WITH TEAMS: So in addition to this, you can also create a team of up to 10 players in Minecraft and enjoy the game without any restrictions.

Full FTP Access: So in addition to this, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which transmits files between servers as well as clients, as well as full FTP access, which is easy to install. It also allows new plugins and also uploads all the media files on your own server.

LATEST HARDWARE TECHNOLOGIES: So this Minefort uses a lot of latest hardware technologies like NVMe SSD storage as well as to give you that blazing fast performance.

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