Exclusive Leak: Epic Games Store Users Uncover the Next Mind-Blowing Free Game

It’s that next free game from Epic Games that hasn’t been revealed yet and we won’t know until Thursday, and that but based on some of the clues that Epic Games has already shared, and that People come to the store just to claim their free game, and they can already find out what’s being given away next door. And based on the single teaser he shared.

it looks like this next game could be Midnight Ghost Hunt, as well as the ghost-hunting game that’s been out for over a year now. is accessible and with this it is only on the PC platform. And that’s just a working idea anyway, and but but we’ll know for sure tomorrow morning at 8am PT what that other next free Epic game is.

Now the teaser in question was shared on Epic Games Store social and it’s a quick video with it and it’s got a bunch of different icons and it’s like you gotta turn it off If you want to see them very closely. And also that some of those icons are a little harder to assign to parts of Midnight Ghost Hunt than others, but those are pretty easy to understand, so they’re also a pretty clear idea of Presenting what that game would be.

So now we see an icon that looks like a spectrophone and with it the one that ghost hunters use when they track down ghosts, and for example, the one in the screenshot below Can also be seen in-game. And all that’s of the other notable teases with included an image of a radar device.

as well as and the one used to track the General directions of the ghosts in Midnight Ghost Hunting. And with that, however, it’s the most annoying clock is a clock that’s going to strike the very midnight, and with that, when chaos breaks.

out in the game and its ghosts are in a compromising position. be able to go. And also this one Reddit user put together an all-in-one image showing off these teasers, as well if you want to see them up close.

Now that’s pretty quickly understood by users of the Epic Games Store in just a short amount of time, and with that, whether or not Midnight Ghost Hunt qualifies as a mystery game, now about (Mystery games are usually advanced versions of Epic Games’ weekly freebies. And there are often AAA games as well).

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a worthwhile purchase in its own right and it definitely Only it makes sense as a free gift. And also this is a 4v4 game and that’s where four people play as the ghosts and its that four as the hunters, so now if you have those other people with you it’s a free game to download You might as well have that whole team of four you already have, if you’re willing.

Now it’s got dedicated servers back at the end of March and a lot more content with it and it’s because Coffee Stain Publishing and Vaulted Sky Games celebrated that one year anniversary of the game, so now even though You may have tried it before and weren’t a fan, and it’s well worth watching again now or with a whole team.

And with said, that’s Epic Game’s should reveal it is The next free mystery Game on Thursday Around the 8 AM PT, And So Now just be sure to checking back to see if that’s next free epic game. The game is actually this Midnight Ghost Hunt and or if the players will be surprised by anything and that completely.

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