How To Connect PS5 Controller To PC Minecraft Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to connect your playstation 5 controller to play minecraft game on your pc then you have come to the right post so today we have explained the whole process of how to connect ps5 controller to PC.

It is explained step by step and by using this process you can connect ps5 controller to pc very comfortably and play your games comfortably.

To easily connect playstation 5 controller with your pc to play your minecraft easily follow all these step by step steps mentioned below which includes:

1. Check compatibility: You need to make sure that your PC supports Bluetooth connectivity and also has a USB port for wired connection as the PlayStation 5 controller can easily be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. Can also be connected in different ways and can also be wired using or using a USB cable.

2. Enable pairing mode: And then if you’re using a wireless connection then all you have to do is press and hold your PS’s button and its create button at the same time until a light bar on the controller starts flashing indicating this. Makes sure that your controller is in pairing mode.

3. Bluetooth connection: And after that you navigate to the settings menu on your PC and then you open the settings of bluetooth and you enable bluetooth and click on pair bluetooth or other device with each other and then select the option of bluetooth.

And then where do you wait for your PC to find out your ps5 controller and then after the controller appears in that list on the PC, click on it to connect it.

4. Wired connection: And after that if you like or prefer wire connection then just connect your PS5 controller with your PC using USB C cable and Windows will automatically detect all the required drivers And set it right.

5. Verify connection: After your PlayStation 5 controller is connected with the PC, you must check it thoroughly whether this controller is working well or not and for this you open the Windows Gamepad setting of your PC and or you You can also use the gamepad test tool to make sure that all of the controller’s buttons and joysticks are working properly.

6. Launch Minecraft: Once your PS5 controller is properly connected with the PC, you can easily launch Minecraft on your PC.

7. Configure controller settings: And after that you reach in settings inside the minecraft game and navigate to its controller’s menu, on this setting you can customize your controller buttons as per your choice and you can also do it yourself and then you can Customize as desired and be sure to save those settings.

8. Start playing: Add and PlayStation 5 controller and with that configured, you can now start playing Minecraft on your PC using the controller very easily.

You have to remember that all these given instructions may be slightly different depending on your operating system or PC and specific bluetooth settings and also you have to make sure that you have a smooth gaining connection. New drivers and its updates are installed for the experience.

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