Apex Pro Hosting: How To Quick Reset Your Cpanel Login Password Easy Step-by-Step

Apex Pro Hosting is a very good Minecraft server provider based in the United States and has servers in eighteen locations around the world, which means low latency and also offers a good amount of server options, providing just a few of the top features and all of that (such as one-click modpack installs.

free offsite backups, DDoS protection, free subdomains as well as a user-friendly version of Multicraft) and all of that at a reasonable price, which makes And that just makes them a great choice for all the Minecraft fans out there.

Apex Pro Hosting This (opens in new tab) is a US-based company that was launched in 2013 with one goal and that is to (as they claim) “host our Minecraft servers”. Provide that highest level of customer support to the client.”

They are registered in Florida (USA) and their main office is also located in Sunny Sarasota and for data centers as well, currently users can also choose between eighteen locations around the world. And with that being an excellent amount of choice it’s also a great way to keep latency to a minimum.

How to Change Your apexprohosting CPanel Password

And this tutorial will teach you how to change your Apex Pro Hosting cPanel password so first of all please remember to make your password strong and secure with it and also this tutorial will assume that you are logged in to your own client area and Also, if you are having trouble doing this please refer to the tutorial entitled “How to login to the Customer Area”.

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Apex Pro Hosting Quick Reset And Change Your Cpanel Login Password:

  1. Step: First of all after you log in to it, at the top of the page you will find a link “My Services” and click on it to go to the next page.
  2. Step: And then on the very next page you’ll find a list of the hosting account(s) we have with you. And also find the account in which you want to change the cPanel password and also from the very right side of that account list you will find that same little icon under “View details” and with that I Click on the icon and then you go to the next page.
  3. Step: And its scroll down the page and then you will find your current username and password combination with it, and the field where you can change your password in cPanel as well so make sure you use that for FTP access in your account You must be changing your password as well.
  4. Step: So now you can also exit cPanel by closing your browser and either using the logout button in the top right corner and with that you remember, if you’re using a public computer so always logout from cPanel before closing it for security reasons.

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