Buying Apex hosting for the first time Then you need to know Apex Hosting Reviews

Apex Hosting Reviews: Apex Hosting is the only Minecraft server provider based in the United States of America and also has servers in about eighteen locations around the world, which means low latency. And to top it off, the company itself offers a pretty decent amount of server options.

as well as some top-notch features (such as one-click modpack installs, free offsite backups, DDoS protection, free subdomains, and more). plus it’s a user friendly version of multicraft) plus it provides all of this at a very reasonable price, plus what he builds and plus he makes them a must have for all the Minecraft fans out there It’s a good choice.

And this is Apex Hosting (opens in new tab) and this is the same US-based company and also the one that was launched in 2013 with a goal and that (as they claim) ” Only provide that highest level of customer support to our Minecraft server hosting clients.”

Moreover, they are registered in Florida (USA) and their head office is also located in Sunny Sarasota. Also, for data centers, currently users can choose between about eighteen locations around the world. You can, and that’s an excellent amount of choice, and it’s the only good way to keep latency to a minimum.

And this includes six locations in the United States as well (Portland, Las Vegas, San Jose, Dallas, Vint Hill as well as Miami), as well as one each in the following countries: Canada ( Montreal), Brazil (São Paulo), the UK (London)

as well as France (Gravelines), Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Frankfurt), and then Israel (Tel Aviv), Russia (Moscow), and the China (Hong Kong), Singapore (Singapore), as well as Australia (Sydney) and also Turkey (Istanbul).

This is the main Apex Hosting website that I have seen so far and it is not as visually appealing as other websites, and at the same time it is very easy to navigate without any questions.

Most of the things that you also want to know, and with this they are available in just a few clicks, so there should be no room for confusion and Apex Hosting claims that they So not only do they use state-of-the-art hardware technology to ensure.

that all their servers are lag free and they also have if we can say it “advanced” DDoS protection (opens in new tab), “robust” 1Gbps With the connection as well as the RAID hard drives they add, and that’s why your hosting experience should be as smooth as possible.

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Apex Hosting reviews

And also, if you want to learn more about Apex Hosting (and even more about Minecraft), head over to Apex Hosting’s official blog. Don’t forget to watch them and also share them on multiple social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (which includes this amazing Minecraft guide), Instagram, Twitch, Discord, Snapchat and even TikTok You can also follow this.

Absolutely Amazing Service

So this is absolutely wonderful service. And with that when I first bought my server it’s just that it’s all that’s amazing, no lag or either it’s nothing and with that I’m actually Totally forgot to cancel and also it’s like 4 months into the fresh period and that’s why when I also saw this another $70 bill and then when we can’t use it Was doing it.

and I was afraid that I would have no chance now and refund as well, but I called customer support and they gave me that refund in full! And with that, if you need a server, and that’s your people, and with that, they just took my 70 bucks and said it’s not a refund, and Plus this but instead of this they didn’t ask any questions, and it just gave me one, and I couldn’t be happier for that.

The Support was Awesome

So the support for it was awesome. And with this he gives me the exact information that he should also buy this server only for the same specific mod pack and with this the same other company told me that it will cost me 8 would be needed, and he was real with me and also he told me the real answer to 4. And that’s what I’m doing 6 because I can do it. So thanks a lot Darius 🙂

Okay so overall all the agents ar great!

So it’s all right to say that overall these agents are great, and in addition but I also need to give a shoutout to Nathan and then to Santiago. And plus they’re great agents and plus they’re always patient with me (I’m a total noob) and just take the time to research things. And that but overall, it’s an awesome support team!

Good Customer Service Reps

This Darius is very nice and excellent customer service representative and also very efficient in solving my problem as well.

Reliable and Helpful

So it’s uptime has been 100% and it’s easy to follow their own walkthrough and it’s comprehensive as well. And this is the only time I had to contact support (to correct a mistake on my part) and they resolved the issue within minutes of submitting this ticket. They did and at the same time they were very friendly.


So that’s me with Apex for a month! And also it is easy to navigate around the website and also it is only yesterday when I got into trouble and also they are ready to help me and also they are professional in matter He worked his magic. And he and I are happy with my own member Apex. And keep up that good work!

Amazing Service!!! :}

so this is the only world backup problem i had and with it where i tried to reverse the backup itself It deleted the wrong world, I contacted support and they responded very quickly and saved the world they deleted! And also its amazing support team!!! ,

So the service is amazing, plus this panel is so fast and it runs so efficiently! Plus the panel is super easy to navigate and the server is so lag free <– (the best part, lol) $19.99/month for a server like this isn’t bad at all! So I would also completely suggest using this server provider to host your own server!

The server runs smoothly without any TPS lag! And in addition, the service allows me to install this geyser as well as floodgate plugins for Java-Bedrock cross play without any problems! And plus this provider is 10/10 from itself, that’s just too much! And honestly, anyone sending a negative review is lying and is either mistaking this company for something else!

Incredible good Support Responds very

So this Zap-Hosting and also it has incredibly good support unlike some others, it responds very quickly. And with this it is also 24/7 and with that it helps you with anything and that server uses less RAM so now I also have a good server with less RAM He is able to run. So that’s just the saddest thing is that I can’t keep the simulation distance that high.

Stunning Service!

So unfortunately, I tried the same different game hosting company before and it was a nightmare. And besides, I’m an ex-Microsoftie, so that’s why I know what good tech support must be like! And with that, this Apex nails it perfectly. So just because I’ve done it for Microsoft doesn’t mean I know anything about game servers! Yes! And this is a total newbie.

And Apex Support has/has been stepping into every single part of the build with almost instant answers to all my questions. So how do they do this?? And at the same time, although I’m sure it’s only a few of them who are quite stupid, they always treat each and every question with this respect and also with the full answer. So after my own past experience, I can’t say enough how grateful I am for their A+ service!

Apex is Awesome

Best of all, Apex is awesome because it’s the best host to hand it over to, and I’ve only done that with a handful of people over the years. And this with an even more ‘knowledgeable’ support team and one that responds promptly as well as productively and also so that with each communication it makes further progress.

And at the same time, this is one thing and one that I have found lacking in other hosts as well. And this team is the same time with the same resources as well as it is efficient as well as it is the same successful and Along with this, she knows everything there is to know about hosting a lag free server network as well. And at the same time.

I am very glad that I found him. And it’s the Apex team that’s done everything they’ve done so far, and that’s something I really appreciate, and I also look forward to continuing our partnership, either in the years to come. I hope

I am very impressed with Apex Hosting

So I am very impressed with Apex Hosting. So with that I recently struggled a lot to set up a minecraft server with a different service and with that for a few days after little success It was also a turnaround time, so with this Apex, I was able to get the job done in a matter of minutes.


So is Apex a good host?

So it’s user interface is simple, and while it’s still attractive, it offers ample storage. So Apex and it not only provides a very dynamic database to host your own Minecraft server, but it is also very safe to use. With consistent up-time, that’s our top recommendation for the platform itself.

Is Apex Hosting Free?

Hosting a Minecraft server itself is not free, and that too because it requires expensive hardware, bandwidth, and at the same time, a single professional staff, and whatever better services they provide, and Be it able to maintain the customer support as well as it is great.

So is 2GB of RAM enough for a Minecraft server?

Plus it’s only 2GB – a pretty great plan if you’re planning on adding just a few base plugins or mods as well as growing your player base on your own server. And also it’s 3GB – Use this plan as well if and with that you plan to install medium sized modpacks and either this plugin pack. And with this it’s only recommended for up to 25 mods and plugins.

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