Apex Hosting Minecraft Price, Features, Reviews, Discounts Best Minecraft Server Hosting?

Apex Hosting Minecraft: Here is a comprehensive review of Apex Hosting with pricing features, reviews, discounts and comparisons with other Minecraft hosting platforms as well:

So today in this article, we will give you an in-depth analysis of some of the many features that Apex Hosting has to offer, and with this I will consider that this is a fair pricing package given by the platform itself. Are or are not.

So, is this Apex Server hosting the best Minecraft server hosting or not, and also read this complete guide and feature-wise comparison with other platforms to find out?

And also where it stands with other competitors in the Apex Hosting Minecraft market and with that this tutorial will help you to finally decide whether this Apex hosting is worth your money or not.

Apex Server Hosting Price

So all those pricing packages that they provide by Apex Hosting completely depend on how much RAM you will need for your server and with this I am giving it to the users. However, Apex Server Hosting provides this guide for you to choose the most suitable pricing.

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package for you and it is very important to note that If you are planning to install any additional plugins and mods either, and to top it all off you will need more RAM than expected.

1 Plan Name   Space RAM Price
2 Basic Servers 1 GB 1 GB $4.49 First Month
3 Basic Servers and Some Modpacks  2 GB 2 GB $7.49 First Month
4 Basic Servers and Some Modpacks 3 GB 3 GB $11.24 First Month
5 Basic Servers and Most Modpacks 4 GB 4 GB $14.99 First Month
6 Basic Servers and Most Modpacks 5GB 5GB $18.74 First Month
7 Basic Servers and All Modpacks 6GB 6GB $22.49 First Month
8 Basic Servers and All Modpacks 7 GB 7 GB $26.24 First Month

Apex Hosting Minecraft Discounts

Along with that in addition to this, you can easily get 5% off by taking only 3 months package or you can get just 10% off if you pay for annual package as well.

Apex Hosting Features

Domain Names

So while doing this set on the Minecraft hosting server itself, it is very important to decide on the domain itself, and with this, whatever domain name you get from Apex Server hosting, you can place that in it. Also it is an area code and with it where you are and also this domain name makes your site easily recognizable and that because only after your area code this domain will be labeled APEXMc.co .

And with this it will become the face of your server and thus it will help you a lot to attract even more players and grow your community with it.

User Interface

Plus it’s almost impossible to host a Minecraft server without an extensive user interface, and if an interface is too complicated to navigate, users will give up and look for alternatives. And it is fortunate that you do not have to worry about Apex Hosting itself and it also provides an efficient site and this is mainly due to its multicraft tool and its features.

And this tool provides a function and that which is very similar to its cPanel and thus also allows smooth management of the user interface. Additionally, its compatibility and overall rugged nature makes the platform itself compatible with almost all applications and mods available in the market.


It is necessary to have a very good database to run a smooth Minecraft hosting site, and with this, if the available database is not enough, then only this management of this game and also this Hosting will run into the chaos of both and thankfully Apex Server hosting provides users with just what they need in terms of databases and what they need.

And at the same time this hosting provider gives users access to a robust database system as well as it already has the MySQL system for reference and it is the only licensed logical database system in the world. At the level itself, it is very famous as one of the most reliable open source database in the whole world and depending on the package you choose and with this you have Apex Hosting as well as up to 4GB of memory. The only option is to take it.


So just like its database, depending on the amount you pay, it also gives you the option to choose between different storage capacities and with this, you also get between 1GB to 4GB of server space. You only have to choose.

And it’s the server location you choose that will ultimately determine the level of service you’ll get, along with other factors like the number of players it serves and the capacity of its servers. Therefore, if you want to make the most out of this platform, then we suggest that you go for the highest priced package only.


Along with this, security is one of the major concerns when hosting your own Minecraft server, and it is also important for the privacy of the players as well as the security of their data. Not only does it require a lot of extra effort, but without proper security protocols in place, you can’t expect your gaming community to grow at all.

And along with this, Apex Hosting’s network is very well protected from DDoS attacks, both small and large, and at the same time it ensures the safety of the players, and with this I also take care of it. And then it also offers a lot of security measures like SSL certificate to ensure optimum data security and privacy of it all.

In addition, if security is your primary concern, we recommend you to choose the highest pricing package as well because you can use it without worrying about it constantly. Will also be able to create servers.

Customer Support

Apex Hosting’s 24/7 customer support is probably its biggest and best reward for its customers as it has a well organized customer support system with 24/7 live chat. So if you are facing any issue or any problem with your gaming experience at any time of the day then you can easily contact their technical team at any time.

And with that we found the service to be exceptionally impressive and with that there are no long waiting times, and with that all issues raised are addressed on time as well that’s why So that you can get back to gaming as well.

Apex Hosting Minecraft Review

This is the same Minecraft server host, basically it is a company that it hosts your Minecraft game for you and your fellow players and either stores it in a way and shares it with you. If you decide to have your own Minecraft server, it is very important to settle on one that you can trust and will never let your trust break, and this is one You can only count on it for smooth gaming experience.

Benefits of having your own Minecraft Server:

  • With this, you get complete freedom to decide which Minecraft mods to install and what to leave with it.
  • And with this you can create your own small community and either your own gamers with your close friends and all your relatives as well.
  • And since you’re on your own server, you’ll only have to worry about all of the rules that will heavily affect your community.
  • So having your own Minecraft server can be a great learning tool as well as shaping young minds about this decision making as well as behavioral aspects.
  • Plus you can monetize your Minecraft server by setting up in-game ads and even a web store.
  • So with so many options to choose from, Apex Server Hosting is rapidly climbing the ranks to grab the title of the best and most admired, reliable and powerful Minecraft hosting server available in the market today.
  • Many thanks to their constant offering of discounts and all those special deals, and you can enjoy a loyal user base of nearly 100,000 all over the world.

And with this, it provides users with a practical cPanel type and multicraft tool feature, it provides both a domain managed and hosting server with it, which makes it convenient to manage your site and with it, it is a one It also ensures smooth gaming experience.

Along with this, it also provides this Minecraft server in major places like South America, North America, Asia, Europe as well as in Africa, and with this today’s platform is available from 70 countries around the world. It only serves as a hosting platform for upcoming players.

FAQs About Apex Hosting Minecraft Server Hosting

Is minecraft free?

Answer: No, Minecraft is a Microsoft licensed game whose cost varies depending on the platform version you prefer. The Windows version currently costs around $29.99 whereas the PS4 version costs around $19.99.

Is Apex Hosting free?

Answer: No, it charges users with an amount depending upon the package they prefer to purchase. The price starts at $3.99. They do however offer an introductory 25% off as a discount upon signing up.

What are the minimum requirements to host a Minecraft Server?

Answer: Your requirements will depend upon the number of players on the server, the higher the number the bigger will be the recommended RAM size. For example, if there are 10 players then a 1GB RAM is recommended.

Does Apex Hosting Minecraft cost money?

The company also offers very affordable prices, starting at just $4.99 per month for their entry-level package. Apex Hosting is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and feature-rich Minecraft hosting company. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

How much does it cost to host a Minecraft?

You’ll also find Minecraft Pocket Edition server hosting options, ranging from $0 a month for a basic server to $96 a month for 600 players. All Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition plans include multiple servers, backup, DDoS support, and free web hosting, domain and MySQL.

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