Aita For Telling Daughter I Love Her Sister More that’s True Love

To tell a young child that you love his or her brother or sister more than him or her can have a profound effect on his or her self-esteem and emotional well-being, and promote the health of relationships and a sense of security within the whole family.

It is very important to be partial with him and it can prove to be very harmful for his mental emotion, so give equal love to all the children and do not tell the small child that you love his sister or brother more than him. can have a very harmful effect on him.

Because whatever we put into the mind of small children today, they remember that thing forever and if we say in front of small children that we love their younger brother or sister more than them, then their mind His self-esteem will be hurt a lot due to which there will be a negative effect in his mind and this effect can prove to be harmful for him.

That’s why give equal love to children and never love one less than the other in front of them, behave in the same way so that they will know that our parents love us equally, no discrimination between us We do not do this because if we start discriminating in front of our children, then the children will also grow up to do the same with their children because their mental condition will not be so strong.

And they will go to each other and start discriminating against their own brothers and sisters and become enemies in each other’s faces. They will feel that mummy and daddy love me more and that’s why a feeling of hatred towards each other will arise in their hearts. Will go and which will increase day by day, they will become mentally ill, they will feel that there is something missing in me, that’s why parents do not love me.

Where my sister loves brother more than me, it will affect their mind very deeply with their emotions and it will be very harmful for their health, so never talk to children in front of children, which can prove to be harmful to their mental effect. It happens negative things should not be proved very harmful for their.

Mental condition and you should talk positive in front of children and inspire them to love everyone because of which their heart is ever towards anyone their brother sister here Let there not be any feeling of hatred towards anyone and they should help each other.

Small children are loved more by their parents and children also obey everything that their parents teach them, because children do not understand that too much, so they consider their parents as their teachers and ask them. Lee Ho remembers this all his life, so if only his parents expose the negative discrimination in his mind.

So the children will also become like that, there will be a deep impact on their mind and they will start remembering their own shortcomings that why my parents love my sister more than me and may be because of this she will become mentally ill. So positive things should be awakened in children and negative discrimination should not be done in front of children at all, they should be given good education, this is the ultimate duty of parents.

Because children are true to their mind, they obey their parents, so in their mind, whatever you say in front of small children, they will consider them as true and if you tell them that you are more than their brother or sister. If you love someone, then the children’s mind will be broken and they will be mentally disturbed under the negative influence, it will be very harmful for the little health, which should be talked positively as much as possible in front of the children.

And they should be kept away from ever discriminating nature and they should be inspired on the right path and they should be taught to help each other due to which they will learn to help each other and love will be awakened in their heart and mind But there will be a vehicle of positive energy and he will move forward in his life and with a good thinking.

He will also teach his children to help each other, love and keep themselves happy and not do bad to anyone, don’t do this to everyone. He will tell all the things to his children and it will be very good for him and his children and they will move ahead in life.

Make a positive impact in the mind of the children i.e. speak positive things and keep them away from discriminatory things and show them that love everyone and help everyone and don’t do discriminatory things in front of children and teach good things to children so that they Learn to help everyone and keep moving forward if you are not happy in your life.

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