48 Ways to Get Real 10K Free Followers on Instagram without buying

Friends, let us tell you that Instagram has become the cornerstone of many brands’ social presence, and with this I am driving profitable traffic to landing pages, increasing conversions as well as building an engaged audience Used to be.

If your Instagram presence isn’t as strong as you’re hoping for, it might be time to learn how to sharpen your strategies to get real, organic followers on Instagram. The bigger your audience, the more opportunities you have to engage with users and create unique experiences for them.

Friends, this organic distinction is important: sometimes it’s just the easy way brands take when trying to get more Instagram followers. That pay for likes as well as follower sites is everywhere, but these shortcuts are never worth it, and also because Instagram algorithms routinely get paid, that low quality accounts and Also it updates the interactions.

Not to mention, that number following on your Instagram itself ultimately doesn’t make any sense and friends as well if it doesn’t represent a busy fan that goes shopping, and with it It goes to your landing pages, and promotes your brand with friends and followers. And start building your presence the right way with these tips to get more Instagram followers than I do.
So that 48 ways to increase Instagram followers without buying
1. You Must Optimize Your Instagram Account
Friends, let me tell you that before you figure out how to get followers on Instagram, one of the most important steps is to optimize your account completely. And at the same time, think of your brand’s Instagram bio as the “homepage” of your account.

So with that said, without you bio, image caption, a proper username or profile image, how will people know that the account belongs to your brand? It may sound obvious, but your bio and image on Instagram helps build the foundation of your brand identity. Plus, the link in your bio is your only place to drive Instagram traffic to your site, and so your account needs to be optimized for that.

Tell that if you’re unsure where to link, and only try this marketing or product page that pertains to specific keywords, hashtags, and either campaigns on your Instagram account. And it’s okay to link to your homepage at the same time—but why not give users a cohesive experience when they visit the site from your bio? And that’s what led to the popularity of IG link landing pages that host relevant links to the last few pieces of content on a brand’s feed itself, as well as “link in bio” posts that direct visitors to the audience. Those links only help in that.

In addition, keep your username as search-friendly as possible, and stay close to what it usually means and as close to your actual brand name as possible. If your business name is long, shorten it to something that your audience can recognize. Don’t add numbers and special characters to your username, and if possible keep it in-line with other social media handles you already have.

Let me tell you that the best way to optimize your account is to create an Instagram marketing strategy and at the same time follow it. Download our free guide to your mobile to get started.
2. So He Keeps a Consistent Content Calendar
Friends, while trying to get followers on Instagram, the worst thing you can do is to post content at random, random times. And also if you’re lucky enough to get those users to follow you at the very beginning, and that’s why you don’t want them to forget that they follow you in the first place.

Please tell that to deal with this, maintain a regular posting schedule. In general, brands shouldn’t post too many more than a few times a day to avoid spam, but whatever your cadence, keep it up. And with that almost 200 million Instagram users log on daily, and friends that’s why to make your net even wider, just try to publish it a few times throughout the day.

Friends, in fact, our own research on the best times to post on Instagram indicates the top times to post only for many industries, and that either you can find the best in all the subject areas given below. He can only follow our research of the times:

Friends, sticking to the schedule will help you create a consistent experience for your followers and let them know about your brand. But if you’re wondering how you’ll remember to publish at these different times of day And with that, we’ve got you covered with Sprout’s scheduling and optimal timing features—read on for more details.
3. Friends, you can schedule Instagram posts in advance
Let us tell you that while the Instagram algorithm has changed to show users more content that they like, and at the same time posting at the right time to your post, it is not only the overall engagement they get. Can increase visibility.

There is a lot your brand can do to increase visibility, and now with Sprout Social, scheduling Instagram content is one of them. It should be noted that with our latest tools, we can help you schedule your branded content to you through a simple process.

Note that by pre-scheduling this content, your entire team can see the campaign and schedule it more efficiently. It’s always smart to have content ready in advance and with our Instagram scheduling tool, you can reach your audience while still maintaining a steady flow of that content .

And note that ViralPost analyzes yours owner account’s engagement history and algorithmically identifies the optimal time for you to post.

So perfect your Instagram content plan with Sprout Social

Friends, let us tell you that in addition to scheduling a full picture of your Instagram content calendar, Sprout offers many more features to complement your brand’s feed.

It’s worth sharing IG-approved views with your team using our asset library as well, and they either test our grid preview feature to make sure they’re there as well as your presence Every aspect of it is just right for your brand style.
4. Get Friends and Brand Advocates to Post Your Content to You
Let me tell you that when you are learning to get more Instagram followers, and at the same time it is important to know the value of your audience. And at the same time, the bigger the number of followers you have (organically), the more buyers and interested customers you will have.

Friends, the best way to get customers to follow you is to be present and present in front of them. And at the same time it’s important to be present on your own Instagram as well as others. And at the same time that you try to sponsor user-generated content to get your brand into customers’ feeds. Friends, you can easily do that by organizing Instagram contests to get your brand.

out to a large audience. Note that these types of campaigns create social proof by showing that your fans are investing enough to repost your content and either create it’s own UGC.

So this is another way to get your handle out to a very large audience. And at the same time, try to do what you can with the big Instagram accounts in your industry to share your content with your audience, and that notable influencer in your space, like that.

Friends that you just make sure that you are providing something valuable. The last thing you want to do and then do is look too overpriced. And also find that marketing collaboration with other businesses as well as those co-marketing plans in which you build your Instagram audience.
5. So That You Avoid Fake Instagram Followers
Friends, let us tell you that there is a big difference between an Instagram account with fake and legitimate followers. And with that, I may find it tempting to buy Instagram followers only, but Backlash goes even further with the growth of organic followers.

So do those fake Instagram followers:

  1. Cheating new followers: Friends tell you that if users come to an inactive Instagram feed with thousands of followers, then it will reduce the credibility of the account. He should not seduce people just to follow him. And at the same time I believe in him for better bonding and at the same time he make long lasting relationship.
  2. There is no ROI: it may sound easy to buy followers, and at the same time I will buy nothing but your acquired bots or unmanned new followers. And at the same time, people follow brands on Instagram for a reason—they like what they’re posting, or like your company in general. Are real spenders and bring monetary value to your business.
  3. Create minimum buzz: If you have 10,000 fake followers, how many people are going to comment, like and share your content? More than likely, these bots or fake accounts will be cleaned up by Instagram, removed and they will make your post to you like an engagement burial ground.

friends that real People have the ability to share, like, comment on and engage with your Instagram posts. In addition, these users enjoy and that is when someone on the other side is giving feedback.

For example, it’s that cosmetics takes time to answer various product questions, and it’s what results in users coming back, following them, and maybe even sharing it with others And also I think these interactions will always have more importance than the group of passive followers.
6. So that you show your Instagram everywhere
Friends tell you that unless you promote your Instagram, how will people find the account? And that first of all make sure that your Instagram account is listed along with your website and other social networks.

Let me tell you that visibility as well as creating that awareness is one of the best ways to be discovered. If you really want to get more Instagram followers, tell people where to find you. And with this you can add social media buttons to your website and blog as well as that to help you promote social shares on all your networks and also to show people that you too Where to find him on Instagram?

So tell that this is another great idea and that you do cross promotion on your social media accounts. And in addition, he regularly spreads awareness about the Museum of Modern Art via Twitter and his Instagram. Plus, you can easily take advantage of your own social network to direct users to your Instagram.

Friends, however, make sure that you are not saying that just for the sake of following. And friends that instead you should try to promote unique content on your Instagram and that so that users have it That is a reason to follow you there And let friends know that fortunately, with Instagram adding tons of new content like Stories, IGTV and Reels, as well as video features, you have a great opportunity to build that follower through creative content. it happens.
7. So You Want Post Content Followers
Friends, although it is easy to say this, but it is smart to learn and that what content your followers want to see And with that you’ll quickly find on Instagram that some content performs better than others so that’s why testing is a so importantly.

Friends, be it the filter, caption, content type or post timing, the smallest detail can make all the difference Keep your ears to the ground with the new Instagram trend so they know you’re posting popular content.

Note that to take your own analytics a step further, your brand should make this investment in Instagram analytics tools. And with that it will be easy to track, benchmark and analyze Instagram content across accounts.

Be confident in your content strategy by analyzing the various filters, captions and even more to find what works best with your audience. And friends. Tell me if you’re not sure where to start, and that’s when you try to analyze your competitors.
48 Ways to Get Real 10K Free Followers on Instagram without buying
And let’s say you shouldn’t copy your competitors directly, but it’s smart to pay attention to what they’re doing and whether they’re posting engagement-boosting posts And that little competitor research could go a long way in that And you can also use our Instagram Competitors Report to see what it’s doing for other brands in your industry.
8. So let’s start the conversation
Let us tell you that one of the best ways to make users aware about your Instagram is through conversation According to the 2020 Sprout Social Index, consumers want to engage with visual-first content such as photos (68%) and videos (50%), followed by 30% of those who want to engage with text posts. Huh Instagram is the perfect fit for this audience profile, and the one that combines engaging visuals with captions that can only be as appealing if you hone your Instagram caption copywriting skills.

Be aware that people continue to use social media as their contact reference for the brand itself, as well as whether it is for off-the-cuff questions and chats, serious customer care questions, and that or so be you for admiring your favorite brands and products. And for your business, you need to be that helpful as well as communicative on Instagram.

So guys, try to answer as many questions or comments as possible, and with that, because it could mean the difference between gaining a new customer, a follower, or improving your relationship with your audience. And with that our index research has also shown that 89% of consumers will buy from a brand after following on social, and friends they do so in order to convert a visitor to a follower in your profile It is important to secure the necessary attention as well as that of loyalty.
9. So find those hashtags and convert those
Friends, let us tell you that this is one of the most tried and true ways to get followers on Instagram through hashtags. And at the same time it has allowed us to expand our social reach And it’s just that as a marketer, you want to build your community by gaining followers and with that hashtags provide just that.

Friends, tell that this is for starters only, find such hashtags and those that are not very populated. And let us tell you that social media examiners explain this theory and how the hashtag #love has more than 184 million pictures attached to it. And at the same time it is no easy task to try and highlight your Instagram content in the sea of ​​millions of pictures as well as that video.

Let us tell you that you have to find such hashtags, which are most likely to be checked by the people of your target audience. And with that said if a relevant connection is made, and that’s when these users will be more likely to follow your account. And at the same time, that unique, branded hashtag is a way to group posts around content that is relevant to your brand and campaigns as well.

Friends, for example, M&M does a great job of focusing the hashtag on an event and the one they are participating in. By using hashtags like #mmspotlight, the brand targets its audience more directly and at the same time creates awareness where the Spotlight concert event takes place.

Friends, let us know that understanding how your hashtags perform on Instagram, and at the same time, it is equally important to use them And in addition, with Sprout Social’s hashtag analytics tool, you have direct access to hashtag performance and usage data to see what’s doing the best.

Let me tell you that in the hashtag universe itself, don’t go blindly, know what you are tagging and also me so that you can follow yourself.
10. So that you please your Instagram followers
Friends, last but not least, when you make your Instagram followers happy, and only then you see the payoff in the growth of the audience. We’ve just given you tons of tips for brainstorming and scheduling content, so treat them in a way that makes your brand sound real. In other words, avoid sounding needy, sales-driven, and either robotic.

Friends, let us tell you that for many accounts, this means spraying those posts and those that are legitimately designed to bring smiles on the faces of followers and build customer relationships, Don’t forget to provide content to your followers as if they were friends on your personal feed: and that can include posting memes, inspirational content, and either interesting photos or re-sharing artwork and Plus I’m the one (credited perfectly) that can give you followers during the day so he gets a little bit of a psychic.
11. So That’s a Thoughtful Instagram Marketing Strategy
Friends, let us tell you that in order to use any social network effectively, you need to have a clear plan.

Friends, this is a great goal to start getting more Instagram followers And with that, but only followers will not give you a successful Instagram account. And at the same time, getting those followers should be part of a larger plan and one that aligns with your business strategy and social marketing objectives.

Let me tell you that think about the reasons because of which you want more Instagram followers And with that what exactly do you hope to achieve? And that’s probably what you want:

  1. so you increase that brand awareness
  2. promote product sales
  3. That’s it. You drive traffic to your website.

And that keeping you focused on these business-oriented goals will help keep your Instagram account consistent And at the same time, it will help you tell a compelling brand story that attracts new profile visitors and at the same time helps build (and keep) loyal followers.
12. So That’s You’re Defines Your Target Audiences
Let him ask himself a few questions about who you are trying to reach:

  1. So how old is he?
  2. And also where do I live?
  3. And what do they do for that job?
  4. And when and how do they use Instagram?
  5. What are their pain points as well as the challenges they face?

And friends, let me tell you that answering these questions will help you create the right kind of Instagram content to reach only those people on Instagram who are most likely to follow you And with that hey i this you Will also keep focused on the needs of your target audience so that you can consistently deliver the type of content as well as the one that makes them want to follow you for a long time.
13. So She Creates A Coherent Brand Story And Aesthetic
It may be that you want to satisfy curiosity by showing it and how your product is made. And that’s either you share an employee’s vision for humanizing your brand. And at the same time if you want to establish your brand in an aspirational way, and only then you can try to reflect the lifestyle of your customers and that or that achievements.

Friends, it doesn’t matter what you want to achieve, and at the same time it is important to maintain a consistent brand personality and look.

Friends, you can easily recognize your post at a glance. And at the same time, he thinks of his Instagram grid as a cohesive entity You can always use Instagram stories to share content that doesn’t exactly match the look and feel of your main feed.
14. So You Use Keywords Only To Make It Appear In Search
Tell that before people follow you on Instagram, and with that you have to find them, A lot of text is not searchable on Instagram. And friends, in fact, only two fields contribute to search results on Instagram: name and username.

So tell you that your username is your Instagram handle. And also I think it’s a good idea to tailor it to the handles you use on other social networks, because it also makes it easier for people to find you. And with that you use your own brand name and that you either use variation of your name, which is used only by people when searching for your brand That is likely to be done.

Please note that it can be whatever your name is and whatever you like, maximum 30 characters. Also, keyword stuffing is never a good idea, but it can be useful to include only your most relevant keywords in the name field to improve searchability on a search basis.
15. Use only this relevant hashtag to reach new users
Friends, tell us that we have just said that your Instagram friends, the text of that post is not searchable But hashtags show up in Instagram search And friends, this means that using hashtags wisely can also be a good way to get those followers on Instagram for free.

Be aware that including relevant hashtags can help people find your content after a search or after clicking on a hashtag from any other kind of relevant post. Instagram users can also follow hashtags, and friends, this is because your hashtag content may appear in the feeds of people who don’t yet follow your account.

So in addition, you can include up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post, and that hashtags are often more effective based on quality rather than quantity. And friends, do some experiments to find out how many hashtags work best for your particular account.

Avoid hashtag gimmicks like #likeforlike, #tagsforlikes, or #followme. These may only temporarily boost you into followers, and also me that but they will most likely be bots or people who are just interested in coming back. And not only will it help you build a meaningful, engaged audience on Instagram, but it won’t help you much.

Instead, focus on using that specific highly targeted hashtag for your photo, product or business, and that’s what stylist De Campling, like me, does in this #wfh shot.
16. Optimize Your Instagram Bio and Profile So That You
Note that two-thirds of Instagram business profile visits are from non-followers. Q Plus those new visitors are all potential new free Instagram followers – but only if your bio and profile make them click the follow button. Celebrate for And friends that if your profile is vague, incomplete and that either it is not attractive, and that then they will not do it.

So in addition to the name and username fields mentioned above, your profile includes your website (a clickable link) as well as your bio.
48 Ways to Get Real 10K Free Followers on Instagram without buying
Make the most of 150 characters in your bio to convey your brand identity and show new visitors why they should follow you. And also what kind of content can I expect them to have?
17. So That You Embed Instagram Posts In Your Blog
Let us tell you that you have already seen some of those embedded Instagram posts in this blog itself. Each embedded post is clickable, and allows users to go directly to that related post, and that or that Instagram profile.

And friends, let me tell you that embedding your Instagram posts in your blog makes it an easy way to showcase your Instagram content and also drive traffic to your Instagram profile so That’s as we have a already discussed to the every New visitors to yours Instagrams profiles is a potential new Instagram follower.

Friends, that’s because, for example, let’s say this blog post was about LinkedIn demographics. (Not so, and with that, but of course we have a blog post on LinkedIn Demographics.) And with that, we might just include an infographic to share some of the most important demographic details.
18. Then you post content that needs to be shared again
And at the same time, when you’re thinking about content that can help clarify your own blog post, and that’s the only thing you’re going to think about the content that it is. Other types of people may also like to share.

Let me tell you that people who like to share a good infographic, friends, that’s why it can be a good option. If someone sees your Instagram post embeds in your blog, and only then you are exposed to a new audience of potential followers.

Friends, let us also think about creating such content that people would like to share again in their Instagram stories. Plus, anyone in your Story can re-share your Main Feed posts. And again, it’s clickable, so anyone who wants to know more can click through to your original post. Friends, this is another easy way to increase your reach to new audiences as well as potential new followers.

For example, here’s what it looks like when the same Hootsuite post about LinkedIn demographics is shared on my Instagram story.
19. Instagram nametag that you use
Note that your Instagram nametag is a scannable code that allows Instagram users to follow you immediately. We said earlier and that offline communication content also gives a chance to promote your Instagram account. Plus it’s an easy and effective way to promote your account on offline content like Instagram nametag slips, signage as well as product packaging.

Friends, let us tell you that your nametag is also a great way to get new followers in real time at networking events and conferences. Plus the people you connect with in person can scan your code and follow you, friends, without having to type in your handle. For easy access, print it and affix it to your name badge holder.

Find your Instagram nametag by tapping on the three lines icon at the top right of your Instagram profile and selecting Nametag.
20. So aim to be featured
Friends, let us tell you that these feature accounts are only Instagram accounts and those that curate and reshare other users’ content based on that hashtag and they either tagging, And she has a huge following on some of these accounts, and she can send that new stream of Instagram followers your way just by sharing one of your posts with them (with your handle).

Friends, let us tell you that it is a feature account for almost every niche and interest on Instagram. And with that, as soon as you do your hashtag research, and with that you’ll start uncovering them, and friends, as suggested in Tip 5 And at the same time, some of them can be very specific.
21. So Aim for That Explore Page
Friends, let us tell you that the Explore page is what you see when you click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagram app. And also, according to Instagram, it’s where you can “find photos and videos, as well as the ones you’ve liked from accounts you haven’t followed yet.” “

Let us tell you that the Explore tab includes Instagram Posts, Stories and IGTV. And with that, users first see a grid of content selected by the Instagram algorithm. And with that, I’m the only one who has the option to dive deeper into specific content topics using the topic channels at the top of the screen.

Friends, tell that half of the Instagram accounts go to Explore every month. And at the same time it is a huge opportunity for brands looking to increase their audience.

And that is, how can you make your content appear on the Explore tab? And at the same time I think it’s not easy Luckily, we have an entire article dedicated to helping you figure it out.

Friends, let us tell you that by selecting Explore as an ad placement, you can also pay to appear in the Explore feed.
22. So Tag Relevant Users
So that’s You’re can be tags Instagrams user’s features in yours photos with the an @-mention in your caption or by using Instagram’s tagging functionality within a post. Either way, they’ll receive a notification when you do.

So that’s Tagging someone’s encouraged them to the engaged with their posting and share it with their own following so That’s Yours posting will be also appears on The Tagged in the tab of their Instagrams profiles.

So that’s You can also be tag relevant user’s in yours Instagrams Stories so Then, they can re share the content to their story with just a tap or two. If they do, everyone who views their story sees your username and can click on your account.

You’ll notice that we’ve said that you should only tag relevant users. It’s not a good idea to tag someone just to get their attention. Tag only people who are shown in your photo or relevant to the content of your post.

Some users potentially relevant to the tag may include:

  1. customers
  2. suppliers
  3. Other relevant business
  4. coworker or employee
  5. someone who taught you a skill or shared something you shared in a post
  6. whatever is seen in the photo
23. Encourage Others to Tag You
Friends, let us tell you that this is another way to introduce your Instagram account to a new audience and that you ask other Instagram users to tag you And with this, when they tag you in a post, their viewers see your handle and they can click on it if they want to know more.

Friends, let me tell you that this is a great place in your bio only to ask people to tag you on Instagram.

For example, Visit USA asked Instagrammers to tag them for a chance to appear on their account itself.
24. So He Follows Relevant Accounts
So friends tell that you should tag people in Instagram posts only when the content is directly relevant to them But you can follow anyone and anyone you like Plus, when you follow a user on Instagram, there’s a good chance they’ll check your feed.

If your Instagram feed is filled with compelling content and one that is relevant to their interests, they are likely to return the favor.

Remember, social listening is a great way to find conversations that are relevant to your brand. And let’s say that from there he can very easily identify influential users (a.k.a. influencers) to follow you. It’s a good idea to follow the followers of those top users as well.

Friends, there is also a “Suggested for you” section of Instagram to find relevant accounts.This is an excellent resource. It’s between the posts in your feed, and it appears on the right side of the screen on either you computer.

Friends, you can also access Instagram’s suggestions by going to his profile, then clicking on the three bars in the top right and clicking Find people And along with that, here you will find a list of popular Instagram accounts that have been algorithmically selected for you.

Note that but keep in mind that you shouldn’t be following too many other accounts too quickly. And at the same time, your follower ratio is important for credibility. Your follower ratio is the number of people who follow you compared to the number of people who follow you.

And tell me, don’t play that game where you follow people just to get their attention, then unfollow after following you. It’s not only good for your Instagram reputation, and so on because it’s really a blow.
25. So He Joins Existing Communities
Friends, like all social media networks, Instagram is all about the communities built within it. And with that he wants you to join those communities.

Tell friends that you join in liking, as well as commenting on and sharing the content of other trusted users in your community. and besides that Avoid comments (like “Awesome post!”) and ones that sound like they came from bots.
48 Ways to Get Real 10K Free Followers on Instagram without buying
And that two-way attention (and potential new followers) only
He helps to draw he:

  1. And they’ll only get notifications when you like and comment on their posts, and they can also view your profile to return the favor.
  2. And also I want other people to see your comments and also if they find them thoughtful or interesting and only then they can see your profile.
26. So That You Work With Influential People In Your Niche
Here’s an important stat for anyone wondering how to get more followers on Instagram: 60% of consumers say they follow a brand on Instagram, and Also I whom they promote by an influential person, as well as someone they trust.

Friends, to help you, we have got that complete guide on Influencer Marketing itself.
27. So It Collaborate With Other Brands
Don’t be afraid to reach out to other brands just to see if there’s a way you can do this together on Instagram itself The right kind of support included can only help you get more Instagram followers for everyone.

Friends, think of brands or other businesses with whom you already collaborate in other ways, as well as in a local business improvement association or shopping area like me And with that, how can you do that together on Instagram itself?
28. So You Embrace Instagram Stories
Let it be said that we have already mentioned the stories in many tips, and also I but it is worth calling this feature in particular. And with that you simply put, if you want more Instagram followers, and that’s all you have to use Instagram Stories. In addition, half a billion Instagram accounts use Stories every day, and they account for 45% of the most viewed stories from businesses.

It should be noted that the people who use these Stories are extremely engaged. And also, according to Instagram, only one in three stories results in a direct message.

Friends, you can use the hashtags and location features in your stories to get in front of people who don’t already follow you And at the same time it is still an underused way to get followers on Instagram for free.
29. So Make the Most of That Stories Highlights
Friends, let us tell you that story highlights give you this one opportunity to introduce your brand to the people who come to your profile Pack those highlights with tons of information and the same content to show new visitors why they should click Follow.

Friends, that’s why you make full use of cover photos on your highlights too Porter Airlines is just as good as it gets with a custom icon featuring its beloved mascot She does a good job.
30. So Build This AR Filter
Friends, let us tell you that these are AR Filter Photo Effects for Instagram Stories and also the ones that Instagrammers can only use to modify the pictures taken through the front and back cameras of their mobile phones. Huh. Those posts with puppy ears? They are done with AR (Augmented Reality) filters as well. They’re like “Which [vegetable/pizza/emoji/etc] are you?” Post? And along with that, I also use those AR filters.

Friends, let us tell you that any Instagram user can now create AR Filter. And note that the filters you create will remain in a section of your Instagram profile marked by a face symbol And friends, if your filter isn’t promotional or branded, it will also appear in the Instagram Stories effect gallery, and I can also find that Instagrammer.

So how does creating an AR filter help you get more Instagram followers? And that’s when someone uses your AR filter, and that’s when your account name appears in the top left corner Tell friends that it is clickable, and with this it can bring more new visitors to your profile itself.
31. Post Consistently
Tell friends that your current followers want to see content from you And friends, that’s why they followed you in the first place.

Friends, as we have already mentioned, when users interact with your post, and that is only this increased engagement Gives you some nice algorithmic love. And friends, that’s why giving your existing followers something great to interact with can only help in bringing in new Instagram followers as well.

Friends, tell me how many times you should post it? An analysis by Tailwind found that daily posting would “grow that number of followers up to four times faster than if he posted less than once a week.”

32. Post at the right time
Friends, let us tell you that yes, Instagram uses algorithm instead of chronological feed. And at the same time I say that although time is still important, and also I because it is one of those signals and that which the algorithm accepts.

It should be noted that the social team at Hootsuite found that the best time to post on Instagram is between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. PST, and that they either do it again on weekdays at 4-5 p.m. PST. Is And with that I am but the habits of your audience may be different from ours It’s best to use a tool like Hootsuite Analytics that can show you the best time to post to your audience based on past engagements, impressions and whether or not it’s traffic.
33. Schedule your posts and stories
Friends, tell me that the best time to post is not that convenient time to be on Instagram? It also uses social media management tools like Hootsuite to schedule and publish them directly to Instagram.

Friends, by scheduling your posts in advance, you can plan an integrated Instagram grid that tells a comprehensive story. And it also allows you to dedicate that much time to just creating this excellent caption, instead of just trying to come up with something funny on the fly.
34. So He Runs Competitions
Friends, tell that if your admission process involves asking people to follow you and at the same time asking them to comment on any of your photos by tagging them, and that is, contests on Instagram you will also get that. She can only help in getting a lot of followers.

Tell friends that this tagged friend will also see your post and along with this you can choose to follow your account.

Friends, tell that you, as a part of your competition, only by encouraging user-generated content, it can also help you in reaching more people People will know about your contest from posts made by your friends. And at the same time, it is an effective way to build trust with new followers as well as attract more attention to your page.
35. So You Consider Advertizing That On Instagram
Friends, tell us that it is okay, this is not the way to get free Instagram followers at all. With that said, Instagram ads can be a powerful way to reach new followers by getting your content in front of people who might otherwise not see it.

And friends to you. Let me tell you that unlike buying followers, using Instagram ads with a small investment so that quickly gaining more Instagram followers quickly is a completely legitimate only and with it That is the only effective method.

You then target your audience based on location, demographics and even key behaviors as well as interests so that’s Your can be also the created lookalikes Audiences based on the people’s who already interact with your business.

Friends, let us tell you that apart from feed, you can place this ad in Instagram Stories and Explore feed only For all the details on how to create and post an Instagram ad campaign, as well as how to post it, check out our comprehensive Instagram advertising guide.
36. So that Instagram Insights learn from
Friends, this Instagram analytics tool will give you data on impressions for each post along with reach, engagement, top posts and much more. You can also get demographic information about your followers including gender, age, as well as location.

Friends, let us tell you that reviewing this data on a regular basis can be of great help to you in identifying the areas where you can adjust your strategy as well as that so that you can get more information about Instagram. But he could get help only in getting more followers.

Let me tell you that one of the important things to keep track of is what time of day your followers use Instagram, and friends, that is so you can post when and when people use it. be most likely to see your content and engage with it as well. Data nerds who want to delve deeper may also want to consider social media management tools like Hootsuite, and the best time to post for you based on impressions, engagement, and traffic. – plus your follower growth as well as a slew of other useful performance metrics.
37. So That You Optimize Your Bio
Friends, tell you that it should take maximum advantage of those 150 characters. And in addition, your Instagram bio tells potential followers who you are, as well as what you are about and what actions they expect people to take once they visit your profile.

So that you should include this in your Instagram bio itself:

  1. So along with that what you do and that’s a clear description of
  2. And at the same time that touch of your personality
  3. and also call to action (shop, read more, contact us, etc.)
  4. and this is a link

Friends, let us tell you that your in-bio link is your only clickable link on Instagram, and friends, so use it wisely. Some businesses only include a standard link to their website, while others regularly change it to reflect recent posts. But if you want to make it easy for yourself, and only if you want to take advantage of link-in-bio tools like this Shop Grid, which allows you to turn a link into a list of links itself.
38. So That’s You Finding Yours Best Timeline to the Post on Instagram
Friends, note that we didn’t say how to find the best time to post on Instagram? The truth is, there’s no universal answer to when to post on Instagram, and there’s no universal answer to whether it should reach the most people There are.

So he’s the first to use Instagram Insights to find out when your audience is online. From your Instagram business profile, tap the “Insights” button, scroll down to “Your Audience,” then tap “See All.” From there, most of your audience Just scroll down to find the active time.

Friends, you should also consider when your content will be most relevant. For example, this step-by-step recipe video may only perform better outside of work hours because people are more likely to cook. On the other hand, a coffee shop post may do well around 2 pm. And with that I am when people go through the afternoon slump. Use that as well and track engagement with different posting times.
48 Ways to Get Real 10K Free Followers on Instagram without buying
Friends, if you are looking for some additional guidance on how to post, Buffer’s reply feature gives you these three posting time tips to maximize your reach on Instagram.

39. Friends, you post that on Instagram continuously
A 2021 study of 14 industries shows that businesses share an average of four Instagram posts per week. And with that I do but we recommend posting at least once a day. And also the brands that come in regular flow with Instagram posts see the best results And also, according to a study by Tailwind, those who post profiles on a daily basis tend to grow their Instagram followers much faster than those who post less frequently.

And also, with Instagram’s algorithmic timeline, consistency is a key element in getting your posts to see. And it’s that if your posts are shared regularly and I get good interaction with it, and only then this algorithm of Instagram can possibly tell friends that it’s your post in your followers’ feed only. He will show it above all else.

Friends, this is of course, the quality is always more important than the quantity. And with that said posting too often doesn’t necessarily translate into higher engagement rates. And at the same time, focus on creating content that resonates with your target audience as well—more on that in section 9: and that you engage with your audience.

Friends, that scheduling tool allows you to post continuously every day without having to worry about posting directly from the app And at the same time, it’s time to discover our favorite Instagram scheduling tools (free and paid) with scheduling tips and how to schedule Instagram posts to increase engagement as well. Take a look at this.
40. So That You Know How The Instagram Algorithm Works
Friends, many Instagram users were initially nervous about making this switch from a chronological feed to a ranked timeline. And with this, although since the change, the average post has been seen by 50 percent more followers than before. And that’s all, forget about learning to beat the Instagram algorithm. Instead, focus on learning how to use this system for your own benefit as well.
And there are also those six factors that determine what appears in each person’s timeline: interest, timeliness, relationship, frequency, following as well as how I use it.

So let’s take a look at what each of those factors mean, and here’s a quick description of it:

  1. Interest: Tell that based on the past activity, how much does a person think on Instagram only when he likes a post?
  2. Timeliness: And also I know how recent that post is
  3. Relationship: And the accounts to which a person connects regularly
  4. Frequency: And also how often a person uses the Instagram app
  5. Following: Please tell that this post is from the accounts that a person follows only.
  6. Example: And with this, how much time that person spends on Instagram itself
  7. The goal of Instagram’s algorithm: is to display only this very best content for each individual user And guys, that’s why, and that while it may seem like a lot to worry about six different factors, the best thing and that you can do is consistently high quality Creating content.
41. At the same time, find your brand voice and create unique content
Friends, let us tell you that those people do not follow your business on social media, and they do so because they can see the sales pitches And at the same time, they follow your brand because they enjoy your personality as well as the content you create.

Friends, it may be that the work he does for one business is not suitable for your branding-even when you are in similar industries. And tell friends that for example, in both Juggling Daisies hobby farm and such and such farm, you consider yourself to be a unique farm. Juggernaut Dice is all about funny stories, cute pictures and great content And at the same time I’m That Meantime, this and such form has another, even more stoic, harsh style that includes curse words and humour.

Friends, ask yourself what you want your tone to be. Funny? informative? Flickering? mad? And at the same time, it should reflect your personality and what you are most passionate about. And friends, he believes in such and such farm sustainably grown produce, and friends, that’s why many of his Instagram posts talk about his farming methods. What’s the topics do you a addresses with yourself Instagram contents? Everything you share on your business account should reflect the personality and beliefs of your brand.
42. Write Great Captions
So these nice pictures of you attract people’s attention M—Great Instagram captions just keep it that. And let us tell you that these captions give you a chance to provide more context about the photo you are sharing and either the video or the description of it Plus, using keywords in captions can be a great help to you while you only see it in search results on the app.

Friends, tell you that the Instagram caption can be up to 2,200 characters. And with that, of course, every caption doesn’t need to be read like a blog post. And at the same time, I just play around with it at different lengths. Some pictures short and with it, me she, with cheeky captions make a good pairing with two emoji, and friends, while others could only benefit greatly from something longer and more reflective.

It’s worth noting that the average length of Instagram captions is increasing, and so do I, but most brands still don’t go anywhere near that 2,200 character limit In 2020 itself, this average was estimated to be 405 characters, up from 142 in 2016.
43. Research and Use Hashtags
Friends, let us tell you that we have searched for hashtags a lot on the blog, and with that, but it seems that nowhere on social media they are as important as they are on Instagram The right hashtags can expose your image to a larger and more targeted audience, and Instagram users don’t get hashtag fatigue in the same way as they might on other networks.

Friends, let us tell you that start by finding this hashtag and the one that your target audience likes Display Purpose, as well as free Instagram tools like AutoHash, help you find these relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts For example, for display purposes, you just type a few words about your image, and then it will recommend top hashtags to use.
44. So friends, analyze your results
He’ll tell you how to get more followers on Instagram, and one way to find out is to see how your current fans react, Plus you can monitor a lot of Instagram metrics directly in the app with Instagram Insights or through third-party analytics tools like Buffer.

And also I ignore vanity metrics like likes and comments. And friends, instead of that, think about what the metrics tell you. And friends that for example, this if you are testing a new hashtag, and that only if metrics like new followers and reach give you the value of that hashtag only if that is what your current followers like. Will tell more than that. And friends, however, if you’re experimenting with different posting times, these impressions can give you an idea of ​​when they’re most likely to see your content. And friends, that will determine your ultimate goal, which metric matters the most.

Watch for trends. Tell me, does it only get a lot of impressions and that connection to a specific type of image? Post that very few of those images and see how your followers react. And with that I like some hashtags more than those and those that don’t follow you? And with this, I use those hashtags as much as possible and with this keep an eye on new followers.

Friends, let us tell you that this is our Instagram Analytics guide to learn more about Instagram metrics as well as how they can be used to promote their marketing strategy.
45. So That You Use It To Find Your Voice
If you’ve been posting on Instagram for a while now and it’s not getting the social traction you’re looking for, switch it up! And tell friends that change the type of content you are posting, and give a different tone to the caption. And with that again, look at the analytics, and see what content people are engaging with.

Friends, let us tell you that you can also see the brands that you want to emulate on social media, and at the same time I can include some new ideas Once you identify the content and voice that resonates the most with your audience, publish more posts like this one.

PMG PRO TIP: Friends, those experiments are worthwhile only when you are taking the time to analyze what works and what doesn’t. Friends, let us tell you that it is only for this, that only it can be effective to switch to a business account. And in addition, Instagram provides benefits that are not tied to your personal account, such as in-depth performance analysis, insights on your followers itself, and its advertising tools.
46. ​​So You Stay on That Brand
Friends, it is true that too much use can hinder the growth of your following, And with that, I’m personally guilty of going “off-brand” all the time. And at the same time I do that as a painter, but there are times when I get bored creatively, so I just do something different with my style for a short period of time and I start losing followers. Building a solid brand is about consistency. 

And at the same time, after following you long enough, it’s me that people tend to expect something specific from you—something they enjoy. Huh! And also, while peppering is important in new types of material (as you might find a golden nugget out there), and with that, once you find it your place, And that too without a well thought out strategy, don’t get too far from it.
47. So you must be that active
Tell friends that you are active on Instagram? And do you like, comment on, and like photos of other types of people, and also I add to their content regularly? And with that, it’s a great way to get that attention, and at the same time, especially if those positions are followed very closely by people in your target market. 

That said, and with that said, if you’re very active, and that’s why you can actually look like a spammy bot to Instagram’s algorithms, and they can ding you There are a lot of really nasty people out there and the one that automates these random comments just to show you on influential channels with the URLs of your websites etc And with that we see it on the PMG blog and delete them immediately, So the key point here is to continue that level of consistent—but socially acceptable—interaction.
48. So you don’t follow just to follow
Tell friends that it is tempting,And with that but don’t do it. And also that if I see someone with 7,450 followers, and since but they only have this following of 7,500 people (thanks to that commenter Andrew for pointing out the exact numbers here), plus he usually uses it But that means their content isn’t really that high quality—and at the same time, they’re just trying to pad their number of followers.

and with that, every single person they come across. By clicking on the follow button. And friends, it takes time and patience to build an engaged audience. And with that, if you really have a social media strategy for your B2B brand, and only following others to follow you will not give you the desired results.

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