15 Top Instagram Reels Video Editor Application for Android and iOS Iphone (Free and Paid)

Friends, let us tell you that after Tiktok was banned in India and the company had to go through some legal hurdles in the US, people mass-crowded the Instagram reels. And that’s why Instagram now has over 100 million daily active users, and users are spending more and more time scrolling through the reel itself. 

So if you are one of the budding reel creators, we have put together a list of the best Instagram reel video editors for Android and iPhone. We’ve included Instagram reel video editors that don’t leave watermarks and are mostly free. So on that note, let’s go through the list and check out the best video editors for Instagram reels in 2022.
Instagram Reel Video Editor for Android and iOS (Free and Paid)
And this again, you can find the best reel editing apps for both Android and iOS. If you’re looking for stylish Instagram video editors for stories and posts, check out our linked article as well. In this article, you can expand the table below and go straight to the reel video editor of your choice.
1. Instagram App
The Instagram app itself is a great way to create an Instagram reel without having to download a video editing app. Although not multiplexed, the app has relatively multiplexed tools for editing an Instagram reel. Users can easily record reels and share them continuously. In addition, reels can also be recorded in parts using the Alignment tab that merges multiple clips into one reel By using this feature, the attractive miniature reel can be easily created on a large scale.
key features
adjust speed
add background music
set the clock
trendy filters
2. Inshot
InShot is one of the most popular reel video editors for Android and iPhone. It offers multiple aspect rates to fit the entire screen in portrait orientation. It actually supports custom aspect ratios, and you can generate fluent reels video base on your screen size. Plus, you can add textbooks like the basic Instagram reel video editor, change the source, add color effects, import music locally or from iTunes, and more.
In addition, you also have access to a long list of video-editing features, including trimming, splitting, cropping, zooming, flipping videos, creating slo-mo videos, or time-lapse. However, it is not everyone. The app actually lets you add animated stickers and emoji, memes and custom images. Inshot is a great Instagram reel video editor for Android and iPhone, and you should give it a shot.
Keep in mind, after several initial videos, Inshot starts watermarking the video. However, if you want to remove the watermark, you will need to get the paid version of the app. Otherwise, you can also opt for other free apps mentioned in the list below.
Download InShot for Android and iOS (free, offers in-app purchases)
3. Clips by Apple
Still, if you’re an iOS user, Clips is probably the only tool you’ll need to create unique Instagram reel videos. Apple has revamped the app limit and bounds, and it now lets you add Animoji to your videos, memojis, and a variety of animated characters. There’s also support for text, fonts, stickers, filters, and more. So yes, it’s a nice relief for the native reel editor on Instagram.
Furthermore, what makes Clips unique is that it allows you to add captions to your videos in real-time. Clips can feature captions in a variety of positions and styles as you speak, making your videos stand out from the rest of the crowd. So if you want to make funny and short videos on your iPhone, Clips is the perfect video editing app for you.
Download Clips for iOS (Free)
4. FilmoraGo
FilmoraGo is another great video editor for creating Instagram reel videos on Android and iOS. Like other video editors, it supports various aspect rates in illustration orientation and has some great editing features for reel makers. It includes some great video effects that I haven’t tried on other apps, the textbook tool is pretty cool, and I love the filters too.
Plus, from video trimming to voice-over and cropping to overlay, FilmoraGo has almost every point you could want in a professional video editor. This means you can make your Instagram reel videos look more professional. Also, keep in mind, FilmoraGo has a bit of a fast learning wind. You have to spend time on the app before watching and making reel videos.
Download FilmoreaGo for Android and iOS (free, offering in-app purchases)
5. Funimate
Funimate is basically made for creating videos for Instagram Reel, Shorts and other short video apps like Tiktok. It has a huge collection of effects and filters that you will not find on the Instagram reels. You can crop your video to remove unwanted portions, add stills, audio tracks, apply cool transitions, and more.
Keep in mind, in addition to video-editing tools, Funimate also runs a social media platform where you can share your Funimate videos and join a community of over a million. Still, if you like to create short and fun videos with custom animations and textbook effects, then Funimate may be the perfect choice for you.
Download Funimate for Android and iOS (free, offers in-app purchases)
15 Top Instagram Reels Video Editor Application for Android and iOS Iphone (Free and Paid)
6. Youcut
Still, YouCut is the app for you, if you’re looking for a free Instagram reel video editor that doesn’t add watermarks. It is only available on Android and brings a long list of features like Inshot. Also, the app does not show ads which is a tip.

As for features and functionality, the app has all the standard and advanced video editing features you could wish for. You can choose your specific aspect rate, change the background of the video, customize the colors, neatly clip, crop, and join multiple videos. The Textbook tool works relatively well, and you’ve got support for a number of font and text effects as well.
Not to mention, there’s a huge library of royalty-free music within the app, so that’s awesome. Overall, YouCut is an excellent Instagram reel editor for Android that doesn’t add any watermarks to edited videos.
Download YouCut for Android (free, offers in-app purchases)
7. iMovie
iMovie It’s professional grade videos Editor’s for iOS and mac OS And However, iMovie might be what you need, if you’re looking for advanced video-editing tools on your iPhone. Are you wondering if you can edit vertical Instagram reel videos on iMovie? The good news is that you can do this after the most recent update.
All you need to do is add a vertical video to the timeline and also zoom out the clip before starting editing. Now, you can go ahead and apply important editing tools with iMovie. The UI is fairly intuitive, as you’ve come to expect from apps developed by Apple. You can add videos and images, crop and trim them, add new transitions, apply sound effects from its library, and more.
There’s also support for filters, themes, textbook overlays, and video effects. To add, if you are an iPhone stoner, iMovie is an amazing tool for creating Instagram reel videos.
Download iMovie for iOS (Free)
8. GoPro Quick
Quik is our ultimate video editor for Instagram reels on this list. In case you’re ignorant, Quik is developed by the popular action-camera company GoPro. It supports vertical video editing and provides a bunch of professional and social-media ready presets for your videos. You can change video effects, change background music, add textbooks, customize palettes, punctuate a part of a video, trim clips, and more.
And yes you have All of the standard videos editings tool’s at your disposal And Having said all that, the best part about Quicken is that it brings a ton of video and transition effects that can move your videos to another position. Not to mention, it does not leave any watermark on the exported video. To add, if you’re looking for a free Instagram reel video editor for iOS and Android, Quik is a worthy choice.
Quick Install for Android and iOS (free, offering in-app purchases)
9. VN Video Editor Best Reels Video Editor Application
VN Video Editor is one of the best Instagram reel video editors on Android and iOS. It is much more advanced than Inshot and provides all its features for free. Yes, you guessed it right. This reel video editor app also does not add watermark. What’s more, there are no video or banner ads when editing or exporting videos. It’s like a cherry on top of a cutlet and a few more along the edges.
In addition, VN Video Editor offers reel-specific tools such as illustration video editing, multiple aspect ratios to choose from, background selection, multi-frame video make, and more. What I like is that it has advanced editing tools like multi-track editing, wind shifting, FX for video effects, BG for background improvement, freeze, filters, etc.
Not to mention, you have all the standard video editing tools like Trim, Split, Speed ​​up, etc. Those who want a music library of various sound effects will love VN Video Editor as it has a huge collection of sounds. Simply put, VN Video Editor is a perfect video editor for Instagram reel without watermark, and you have to give it a shot 
Download for free Android iOS (Iphone)
15 Top Instagram Reels Video Editor Application for Android and iOS Iphone (Free and Paid)
10. WeVideo
WeVideo is another notable tool in the list of top video editing apps. It is hassle free and can be used online on any device. You can create Instagram reel and Upload them to cloud storage. Multiple devices can be synced to edit Instagram reel wherever and whenever you want. It is a best Instagram reel video editor to create amazing short videos to make your profile more attractive.
Mac OS
key features
Cloud storehouse
Green screen effect
Stock images, Video, and music
Motion titles
Supports 4K resolution
11. Adobe Premiere Rush
An Instagram video editor like Adobe Premiere Rush is a largely versatile tool for creating engaging content. There are tons of great features to help the user create an Instagram reel that stands out from the crowd. You can apply a view or zoom effect to give the video a professional touch, or use the auto-reframe point to speed up the video. Color presets and attractive templates are also available to make creating Instagram reels creatively and easily.
Mac OS
important features
motion graphic
customizable title
Unique built-in template
Audio Ducking and Voiceover
color correction
Video transitions and animated titles
12. Kinemaster
KineMaster, an easy-to-use Instagram reel video editor, is well-loved by both amateur and professional editors. The multi-track editing tool lets the user view up to 9 tracks at once and blend layers to create stunning effects that grab instant attention. The Keyframe Vitality tool is also available for creating dynamic videos. Using the picture-in-picture effect, you can make Instagram reels truly immersive and unique.
key features
animated stickers
chroma key effect
high quality export
multitrack editing
voice Changer
keyframe animation
mix video
Reverse video or adjust speed
strong sound effects
eye catching filter
Audio Ducking and Voiceover
15 Top Instagram Reels Video Editor Application for Android and iOS Iphone (Free and Paid)
13. Splice
With Splice, you can create a reel that’s engaging and engaging on Instagram. Splice’s easy-to-use professional editing tools allow you to edit Instagram reels with ease and perfection. Enhance or produce exciting videos fluently. Add Hollywood-style accessories with a single click and share with your friends and family. Splice Fluent is one of the top video editing apps available. Even so, it’s limited to using on the iPhone or iPad only.
The main features
Customize Background
add outro
dynamic transition styles
pan and zoom effect
trendy filters and effects
huge music library
audio mixing
Add description
Customize playback speed
14. Videoshop
Still, Videoshop is your best bet if you’re looking for video editing apps that are important but easy to use. It has great features like exciting animated titles and stickers to create massively engaging videos. Plus, you can edit the Instagram reel by adding a visual touch to give your video a professional touch. Videos Hope allows you to add music or sound effects with customizable titles.
key features
Add custom sound effects like laughter, follower noise, etc.
animated title
Stop Speed ​​And Cane Burns Effect
Rotate, angle-shift, or resize the video
multi layered video
lip sync
add video effect
15. Clips
Clips allows you to add fun, engaging built-in captions to your reels. You’ll want to use this tool, however, if you want to produce 15-alternative reels where your captions appear as you speak (exactly like the motto) to accurately transcribe what you’re saying. Clips in does a really good job.
Captions are customizable and you can choose the color, font, size of your textbook. Clips are also great if you want to reel in with an intro or massage or outro message that appears at the dawn or end of a video clip.
It’s very easy to use and helps viewers understand what your content really is when they mute the sound. Not to mention that this tool allows you to add emoji, animated characters, fun stickers, and more.

Choose a video editor and create Instagram reels on your smartphone
So these are some of the best Instagram reel editors for Android and iOS in 2022. We have compiled a list of both free and paid apps, some are iOS only, but most of them are available on both the platforms. We have also mentioned several video editors that do not watermark videos for free. So go ahead and choose one of these apps to get started with video creation on the reels. You can also learn how to use Instagram reels and remix reels via our linked in-depth attendant. Anyway, it’s all from our side. However, also take note below and let us know, if we missed any other amazing video editing app.
Frequently Asked Questions???
How do you make iPhone reels?
Instagram reels can be created entirely within the Instagram app, but you can also use third party apps to give yourself more creative options.
Step 1 Install Instagram. Also install Instagram from the App Store if you don’t have it already.
Step 2 Find the reel.
Step 3 Choose the duration.
Step 4 Record Video.
How do you get reels on Instagram iOS?
Instagram App for Android and iPhone
  1. Tap your profile picture or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap on the top right, also click on Settings.
  3. Tap on Privacy, also click on Reels and Remix.
  4. From then on, you can manage your preferences for each type of video.
Which video editor is best for Instagram reels?
7 Top Video Editing Apps for Instagram Reels

1) Inshot. That You knows reel works best for vertical videos.
2) Clips. The Clips lets you painlessly add fun, engaging built-in captions to your reel..
3) Adobe Rush. That Adobe Rush it’s a Well knowing Social videos Editor’s.
4) Kinemaster..
5) Filmorago..
6) splice
7) WeVideo
Which mobile is best for Instagram reels?
Top Phones for Shooting Short Videos and Reels on Amazon India

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. Video recording isn’t just about every camera—software, image stabilization (whether digital or hardware-based) and displays play an inversely important purpose.
  2. apple iphone 12
  3. Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G
  4. iQOO 7 5G
Can Android make a reel on Instagram?
Opend The Instagram mobile device application on your Android’s or iOS device. Tap on your story from the Home screen or swipe in from the left to open the Instagram camera. From the options below, press the reels. Press the capture button in the middle to record your reels.
Which app is best for video editing for Instagram?
Inshot is another widely used Instagram video editing app that lets you cut and trim videos and add music, text, and effects quickly and fluently.
  1. inshot
  2. Viva Video.
  3. Splice
  4. Vimeo Create.
  5. Adobe Premiere Rush.
  6. Capcut.
  7. Philto.
How do I edit Instagram reels?
  1. how to challenge
  2. Open Reel Maker.
  3. Tap the 1x icon on the left.
  4. Choose the speed at which you want to record.
  5. Press and hold the record button to start recording.
  6. When you are The done click the arrow icons to proceed to the editing screen.
Did Instagram Remove Reels 2022?
Instagram tells us it will now be rebranded as “Instagram Video” and will host “Instagram Video” formatted content alongside Instagram Live Video. But this reel will not host the video.
What are the new Instagram reels?
Instagram reels are videos that can be longer than 60 seconds Similar to TikTok, Reels offers a set of editing tools that allow the user to create engaging and fun video footage. Reels can include multiple video clips, pollsters, captions, interactive backgrounds, stickers, and more.
How long can Reel stay on Instagram?
60 Second Instagram Reels are short-form, vertical videos that can be longer than 60 seconds. Instagram users can simultaneously record and edit videos and print clips set to music and share them on their feeds, Stories, and Reels’ Explore page.

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